California, Florida cancel future home-and-home football series

By Kevin Kelley -

The California Golden Bears and Florida Gators have canceled their future football series, it was announced on Wednesday.

California and Florida were previously scheduled to begin a home-and-home series at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Fla., on Sept. 19, 2026. The series was set to conclude at Cal Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif., on Sept. 4, 2027.

According to a release from California, the series with Florida has been canceled. It was not mentioned whether the cancellation was mutual or if any sort of fee will be owed by either school.

The cancellation of the series with Florida was made in conjunction with Cal’s announcement of the addition of a four-game, home-and-home series with the UCLA Bruins. Cal and UCLA begin play this fall in the ACC and Big Ten, respectively, after both departed the Pac-12 Conference.

Cal and UCLA will meet at California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif., on Sept. 5, 2026 and Sept. 2, 2028, with games at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., on Sept. 4, 2027 and Sept. 15, 2029.

With Cal’s move into the ACC, the school likely wants to play regional games in the non-conference. As for Florida, the SEC appears to be moving to a nine-game conference schedule in 2026, which necessitates the cancellation of several future games across the league.

Cal also announced today that they have moved a home game against the UNLV Rebels in 2026 from Sept. 5 to Oct. 3 that season. The game is part of a four-game, home-and-home series that appears to have been modified to just two games in Berkeley.

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Z-Man you are being way to mean at College Football & you are bullying & putting way to much pressure on them you are so darn selfish one game involving power four team is enough they do not need anymore plus there going be more traveling involved with CFB Teams & you Mean-Man is a coward.

I was very happy that Georgia Bulldogs cancel their series with UCLA plus I am pulling for SEC going to nine game conference three OOC schedule & really like to see Georgia-South Carolina play on Thanksgiving weekend & have Georgia-Georgia Tech play where all OOC games should be played in September & same thing goes for Florida-Florida State & also Notre Dame-USC which I am 50-50 on future of that series.

Good for you Richard Z-man is a really mean person cares nothing however himself shame on you Mean Man Do not be concerned about it Richard you are all good.

Too bad that this series was canceled. It would have been a pair of interesting games between two schools on opposite sides of the country. That said, it’s good that Cal and UCLA are playing again. Those schools should be playing each other.

I agree Cal and UCLA should play each other, but it is probably being canceled because of the SEC going to 9 game conference schedule. But like I have said before big conferences should go to 10 conference games.

Cal will now have periodic conference games at FSU and Miami, as well as plenty of them in the four states directly to the north. Playing non-conference games within that same footprint and 3000 miles from campus does seem tough to justify …. and then there are whatever adjustments Florida needs to make if the SEC really is going to the nine-game conference schedule.

Just want to let you know Kevin Kelly Dan just was having fun with Jesper with same answer Super Bowl Champion Head Coach Bill Belachick on my favorite words of all time “We’re on to Cincinnati” however substitute Las Vegas in this one.

I’d love to see this match-up. Certainly understand with Cal already traveling 3 timezones 3-4 times a year for conferences games, they don’t need to add another. Plenty of old Pac12 rivals who are now out of conference games.

Always cool to see random inter-regional series like Cal vs Florida, but… seeing Cal vs UCLA get some non-conference games on the slate instead makes sense both since they both will be traveling a ton more in conference play, and for the history of that rivalry.

After their loss at Utah in 2023 (the first FL true away game since 1991), thus end’s Florida’s foray into out of FL/SEC territory nonconference games.