UCLA replaces future Georgia, Auburn series with Utah, California

By Kevin Kelley -

The UCLA Bruins have announced several changes to their future football schedules, including the cancellation of two SEC home-and-home series and the addition of series against two former Pac-12 opponents.

UCLA was previously scheduled to play a home-and-home series with the Georgia Bulldogs, beginning on Aug. 30, 2025 in Pasadena, Calif., and concluding on Sept. 5, 2026 in Athens, Ga.

The Bruins were also set to host the Auburn Tigers on Sept. 4, 2027 before returning the game on Sept. 2, 2028. Both the Georgia and Auburn series have been mutually canceled, according to the announcement from UCLA.

In place of Georgia in 2025, UCLA will begin a home-and-home series with the Utah Utes at the Rose Bowl on Aug. 30, 2025. The Bruins will return the trip five seasons later on Sept. 30 at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah.

UCLA begins play in the Big Ten Conference this fall, while Utah will compete in the Big 12 Conference.

UCLA has also scheduled a four-game, home-and-home series with the California Golden Bears. The two schools will meet at California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif., on Sept. 5, 2026 and Sept. 2, 2028, with games at the Rose Bowl on Sept. 4, 2027 and Sept. 15, 2029.

Cal begins plays in the ACC in 2024.

The Bruins also confirmed two games against the UC Davis Aggies that were previously reported. UCLA will host UC Davis on Aug. 27, 2027 and then again two seasons later on Sept. 1, 2029.

UCLA’s home game against UC Davis in 2027 was previously moved from Aug. 28 (Week Zero) to Sept. 4, but has now been moved back to Aug. 28 to accommodate the newly scheduled California contest.

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No surprises here. Expect more cancellations of future series between former Pac-12 teams and eastern teams, especially series scheduled with SEC teams, because the SEC teams want to make room for a 9th conference game.

The scheduled 2026/2027 California-Florida series will probably be cancelled. Maybe it already has been and that just hasn’t been announced yet.

The Washington-Tennessee series will be axed. The Utah-LSU series might go away.

*leaves conference of teams nearby, then schedules games with same teams from jilted conference*

What are we even doing anymore?

What they are doing is making the best of a difficult situation caused by Fox deciding to move USC and UCLA into Fox’s Big Ten.

Everything that happened after that was caused by Fox knocking that domino over.

Cal-UCLA should be happening every year. Games in Pasadena would be played in September and Games in Berkeley on Thanksgiving weekend.

Sorry Mean Man Big Ten like all Conference games be played on Thanksgiving weekend UCLA-USC should be included too every Thanksgiving NOT just odd number years.

TOUGH Mean Man if USC want to be part of Big Ten they have to live by the rules & also Mean Man you are going have to accept changes in College Football and unfortunately you have handle it horribly & I am very unhappy with it also you will have to deal with me pulling for ND-USC play in September just I have to deal with you pulling for UM-OSU play at night.

Main reason I want UCLA-USC play every Thanksgiving weekend & Notre Dame-USC play in September is I am a Fan of Big Ten scheduling formula nine conference three OOC & I like when they play OOC games in September & Conference rest of the way & speaking of conference games I really how they do Thanksgiving weekend games like Northwestern-Illinois,Michigan-Ohio State & UCLA-USC which I’m hungry to see more & more of for Southern California CFB Fans.

I am blessed & happy to accept changes in CFB landscape & only thing I want to remain the same is current Big Ten scheduling format now with additions of Washington,UCLA,Oregon & USC.

Interesting that in 2025 UCLA replaced Georgia with Utah while Georgia replaced UCLA with a G5 team – Marshall

Probably because Georgia is only required to play one P5 out of conference. They still have Georgia Tech.

And Utah needed its required P5 non-conference game in 2025 after the BYU game became a Big 12 contest.

To Kevin Kelly Georgia-Georgia Tech would make excellent playing in September & I would really like to see SEC go all conference on Thanksgiving weekend especially Georgia-South Carolina & Kentucky-Florida.

Here are My Big Ten Football schedule to look like during Thanksgiving weekend.



Michigan-Ohio State


Penn State-Michigan State





I am a Fan of Big Ten scheduling formula nine conference three OOC & hope with the additions of Washington,UCLA,Oregon & USC that they continue to do all conference games during last weekend of CFB regular season just like they have before & have Notre Dame-USC start paying in September where all OOC games should be played during that month & have Conference games in October & November that would make lots & lots of sense.

UCLA adding Utah and California to me is a smart move. The old Pac12 schools should still play a few of each other, when possible. I know also that Georgia and Auburn are looking to shed some opponents to make the mo e for the SEC to go to 9 conference games. Like I have said before with the Big Ten now at 18 schools and the SEC at 16 it only makes sense to play more conference games. I still would love for these big conferences to go to a 10 game conference schedule.