XFL schedule 2023: TV, opening weekend matchups, rules and more

By Kevin Kelley -

The XFL Schedule 2023 kicks off this weekend and features all eight teams of the revamped league in action.

The first edition of the XFL played its only season in 2001 and was a joint venture between the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and NBC. The league was brought back in 2020 by Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced its cancellation midway through the season.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia, and RedBird Capital later purchased the XFL out of bankruptcy for $15 million.

The 2023 XFL season kicks off on Saturday, February 18, with the Arlington Renegades hosting the Vegas Vipers at 3:00pm ET and the contest will be televised by ABC. Later on Saturday, the Houston Roughnecks host the Orlando Guardians at 8:30pm ET with television coverage on ESPN and FX.

Week 1 action continues on Sunday, Feb. 19 with the St. Louis BattleHawks traveling to face the San Antonio Brahmas (3:00pm ET, ABC) and the Seattle Sea Dragons playing at the DC Defenders (8:00pm ET, ESPN).

XFL Schedule 2023

* All times Eastern.


Saturday, Feb. 18
Vegas at Arlington – 3:00pm, ABC
Orlando at Houston – 8:30pm, ESPN/FX

Sunday, Feb. 19
St. Louis at San Antonio – 3:00pm, ABC
Seattle at DC – 8:00pm, ESPN

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The XFL consists of eight league-owned teams split into two geographic regions. Below is the division alignment along with the team names. Click on the team names to view their schedule:

North Division

South Division


The XFL Playoff Schedule begins on Saturday, April 29 with the first semifinal at 7:00pm ET on ESPN. Then on Sunday, April 30, the second semifinal contest will be played at 3:00pm ET with television coverage on ESPN.

Winners of the two playoff games will advance to the 2023 XFL Championship Game, which will be played on Sunday, May 13. The game will be televised at 8:00pm ET by ABC at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.


The XFL will be similar to other American professional football leagues, but there are some differences. As in most American football, touchdowns will be worth six points and field goals will be worth three points.

The main differences will be on the kickoff, point after touchdown, punt, double-forward pass, and overtime. Those rules are listed below with explanation from the XFL:

Extra Points

  • Tiered extra points are back
  • Teams will have three run/pass only options for extra points following a touchdown
  • 2-yard line = one point; 5-yard line = two points; 10-yard line = three points
  • Defense awarded same number of points for a touchdown

Game Timing

  • The XFL will operate with a 35-second play clock, which begins following the previous play
  • Clock will start following incomplete passes and out of bounds plays prior to two-minute warning of either half
  • Clock will stop following first downs after two-minute warning of either half.
  • The first and second half will be split by a 10-minute halftime
  • Three timeouts per team per half


  • Teams begin play five yards apart – kicking team at opponent’s 35-yard line and return team at own 30-yard line

Options to Keep Ball

  • Teams will have two options to keep the ball after scoring:
    • Traditional onside kick (any time during game) or
    • 4th and 15 conversion from own 25-yard line (4thquarter only)

Double Forward Pass

  • If a team completes a forward pass behind the line of scrimmage, that team may throw a second forward pass, as long as the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage
  • Once the ball has passed the line of scrimmage, no forward passes are permitted
  • The first pass may fall incomplete rather than becoming a fumbled lateral.


  • Consists of alternating attempts from opponent’s 5-yard line
  • Three attempts per team (two points per score) or until winner is decided

Instant Replay

  • Centralized replay with all plays subject to review from Replay Official
  • Replay may correct errors on non-reviewable plays, player safety at any point during the game, and any issue in the last five minutes of regulation plus overtime
  • Head coach may challenge one on-field ruling per game, including those involving a foul or potential foul
    • Final ruling made by designated members of officiating department in central location

For additional XFL rules including timing changes and common sense rules, check out the complete list at XFL.com.