Welcome to the new FBSchedules!

By Kevin Kelley -

Welcome to the new FBSchedules.com website! Our site is now completely responsive for mobile and features a new logo and menus.

Notice that I didn’t say “all new.” Some of the same layout details remain similar to our previous design, including the desktop version of the football schedules and the article layout.

You’ll notice small design changes in those areas, including the use of the Google Open Sans font, the removal of many borders and lines, and new social sharing icons.

So what exactly is new? Let’s take a look:

FBSchedules Logo

Our new logo is the fourth logo we’ve used and I think it’s the best yet. Clean, simple, and bold! The logo was selected after reviewing several design submissions from various artists at 99 Designs.

Desktop Menu

The desktop menu is essentially the same as our previous menu. However, the new menu includes headers on the college section to better separate the conferences from the postseason schedules and other schedules.

Mobile Menu

Our previous mobile menu was simply our desktop menu adapted to mobile devices. It was basically a stop-gap measure.

This new menu is designed specifically for mobile and touch devices. You’ll also see this menu on a desktop/laptop computer if your browser window is narrow.

College/NFL Team Pages

The college and NFL team pages, such as Alabama and Denver, are now fully responsive for mobile phones and tablets.

College/NFL Schedule Pages

College and NFL schedule pages used to just compress and drop the helmet images on mobile. Now we have a new responsive design for mobile and desktop at certain browser widths.

Now you get the same information and helmet logos on mobile as you do on desktop.

Well that’s pretty much it. Let us know what you think of the new design, and if you see any quirks or bugs, let us know that too.

We did our best to test for as many bugs as possible, but there’s always a chance one or two slipped through.

And don’t forget the 2016 college football season begins tonight! It’s Cal vs. Hawaii in the Sydney Cup in Australia, live at 10pm ET/7pm PT on ESPN.

Comments (18)

Looks fantastic. I would love to see FCS schedules featured here as well, but the new design looks great!

I miss the comments out by the side so to see if any have been added, now you have to click on the article then click the comments. Not complaining, just made it easier to see if you wanted to go back to the article.

You guys are awesome. You saw a hole in the internet and filled it. Thank you for such an awesome website!

Dont care for it. It looks like a cruddy mobile site. The old version was much cleaner. There is too much empty space now.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but saying the old mobile site was “much cleaner?” That’s not true. It was the desktop schedule crammed into the screen with the images dropped.

No, I’m saying the desktop version now looks like a crappy mobile site. Look at all of the wasted negative space that now fills the page. You can’t even go to a college teams futures schedules and get the entire thing on one page w/o scrolling down to see the rest. It’s awful for people using computers.

My browser window size and screen resolution are fine. Changing them does nothing to fix the issues I have noted. I have even checked on different computers at work. The desktop site still looks like a poorly done mobile site and the main culprit is all of the wasted negative space. The only thing that kinda sorta helps is zooming out via view on the browser. I am using Firefox. What browser are you currently using? Perhaps this site looks better on something else?

Thanks much. I know it’s a little thing but I really think it will make a huge difference. After trying the mobile version, it is much easier to select teams so that’s a pretty solid upgrade.

Personally, I liked the old font better. Now everything is so huge. Also, I liked when you could click on a year link right above the non-conference schedule. Now you need to scroll up to click on the schedule for a given year.

What happened to the weekend TV schedule, that listed all college games on one form. I would print that off and have it so I could easily see when and what channel games were on — it was an awesome feature. Maybe it is still there but I can’t find it! Thanks.