TCU to play at Texas on Thanksgiving, WVU at Iowa State moved to Friday

By Kevin Kelley -

The TCU Horned Frogs will play at the Texas Longhorns on Thanksgiving, according to the 2012 Big 12 Football Media Guide that was released today.

Texas will host TCU at Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium on Thursday, Nov. 22. TCU, who officially joined the Big 12 on July 1, replaces Texas’ annual holiday weekend game against the Texas A&M Aggies.

Word first surfaced in December that the two schools might meet on Thanksgiving, but this is the first time that the Big 12 Conference has acknowledged the change.

The Longhorns lead the overall series against the Horned Frogs 61-20-1. The two schools last met in 2007 in Austin. Texas won that game 34-13.

Kickoff time and television coverage for the TCU at Texas game will be announced at a later date.

Prior to that contest, TCU and Texas played home-and-home every year from 1927 through 1995 as both schools were members of the old Southwest Conference.

The Big 12 Media Guide also lists a date change for the West Virginia at Iowa State match-up. The game has been moved up one day and will now be played on Friday, Nov. 23 at 3:30 p.m. ET (ABC).

West Virginia will be playing their first season in the Big 12 and has never faced Iowa State.

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Excellent! Glad we got something good to watch on Turkey Day aside from the No Fun League.

I remember years ago when Arkansans would talk about their big rivalry with Texas. Texans would always quickly reply “Arkansas is not our biggest rival, that is Texas A&M!” I am sure Oklahoma was a close 3rd back then. Where the heck was TCU on that old Totem Pole? This would be funny if it was not so sad!

Oklahoma has been Texas’ biggest rival since I’ve been alive; so 60 plus years, never Texas A&M. Let go of your Texas hate. They moved on, so should you.

DKR, you have no age on me. My comment clearly states “years ago.” Arkansas was in the SWC with Texas for 75 years, Oklahoma was not. Anyone that knows football knows the higher relevance of a conference rival. Your comment is not just wrong, it is absurd! I have no hate for Texas, half my relatives are Texans. You got the hate and I think I know what it is about. Anymore from you I will tell you what I think of the Big 12. That bunch is not even a poor reflection of the SEC.

I think you are mistaken if you think A&M has been Texas’ biggest rival anywhere in the past five decades. And the conference rivals always trumps comment actually made me laugh out loud. Who is a bigger rival for Michigan, Sparty or Notre Dame? Who was a bigger rival for TCU in the MWC, SMU or BYU? Who is a bigger rival for Utah, BYU or Colorado?

I wrote what I heard Texans say over and over about their A&M game, I am not lying. Your questions to me justify what I wrote! The Universities you question have their biggest rivals within their states or conferences. Michigan’s biggest rival is Ohio State. I guess TCU’s biggest rival was BYU within the MVC, SMU was and is not in the MVC but is within Texas with TCU. Utah and BYU are both in Utah and play a big game they call the Holy War. What are you laughing at, your argument makes what I said more feasible!

How preictable is this trash? A&M fans are mental cases. Truly, you Aggies won’t be missed. Enjoy you days in the SEC as you get your butts kicked week after week. Good riddance to trailer park trash.

A&M/TCU series
Texas A&M 56 wins
TCU 29 wins

I’d like to know the Texas/TCU series record. I’m sure it’s REAL even. Some clueless people on the internet.

It is what have you done for me lately, not how good teams were when face mask had two bars.

Read the article…
The Longhorns lead the overall series against the Horned Frogs 61-20-1.

Texas all time records head to head thru 2011 by way of

Texas leads A&M 69-37-5
Texas leads Oklahoma 56-42-5
Texas leads Arkansas 55-21
Texas leads TCU (via this site) 58-20-1
Texas leads Texas Tech 46-15.
Texas leads Baylor 71-24-5
Texas leads Rice 71-21-1
Texas leads SMU 47-22-4
Texas leads Houston 16-7-2
Texas leads Oklahoma State 22-4

Any other major rivals think they’re better than Texas all time??? Cause there arent…

The only teams that have a winning record over Texas with more then 3 games played…

Syracuse (0-2-1) last game in 1993
Notre Dame (2-8) last game in 1996
USC (1-4) last game in 2005
Vanderbilt (2-7-1) last game in 1928
Penn State (2-3)last game in 1996
Kansas State (5-7) (this one is yearly now – and the only one that hurts…)

Texas A&M has drawn crowds of 80,000 for decades. TCU can barely draw half that with the big success they have enjoyed in those two-bit conferences. Years ago, I repeat years ago for senile DKR, TCU, Baylor, SMU and Rice did good to put 15,000 in their stadium for SWC games. That is exactly what killed the SWC. Comparing TCU to Texas A&M is foolish!

TCU of 2012 is not TCU of 1995. They sold out their stadium with season tickets this year.

Pigiron, you don’t have a clue. The Texas/A&M rivalry is only a memory now. How refreshing to now have a fine nationally ranked T.C.U. team to compete against this year. Goodbye to the ol’ Aggie clods!

It still should be Texas v. Texas A&M at the end of November……just like Florida/FSU, or Ga.Tech/Georgia, or Clemson/S. Carolina…….

Dude TCU will always be competitive. They have 4 straight 10+ win seasons and a 2011 Rose bowl title. and a 10-3 record this year. They will compete in Big 12 trust me!! n

I am excited. A Longhorn fan but I love what GP has done with TCU. Guys welcome to the Big XII. I think this could turn in to a great thanksgiving rivalry

UT’s biggest rivalries were traditionally Arkansas and Oklahoma. Back in the day when ABC had the exclusive contract with the NCaa, an individual team could only appear on TV twice, plus a bowl game. Both of UT’s games were nationally televised, one against oklahoma, and one against Arkansas.

AM has always played in Ut’s shadow, and typically would appear on TV playing Rice or Baylor on an ABC regional telecast.

AM has suffered from penis envy since their football program began, and this is still the case despite the change to the SEC.

How is West Virginia doing as a new member of the Big 12? To early to tell? any thoughts? Could rivalries develop and if so with whom?