Notre Dame, UConn could play at Fenway Park in 2014

By Kevin Kelley -

Notre Dame and UConn could play a 2014 football game at Fenway Park in Boston, The Day has reported.

The game would be considered a home game for the Fighting Irish, who recently announced they would stay independent in football but play five ACC games per season.

Back in March, Boston Red Sox executives indicated that they were pursuing a high-profile college football game for Fenway Park. Although the Irish have been less than stellar on the field lately, they are a nationally recognized brand that would bring attention and fans to the game.

And since UConn is only about 85 miles away, the Huskies offer local interest and could also bring a sizable crowd to Fenway Park.

In order to book this game, Notre Dame will likely have to do even more schedule shuffling than we indicated last week in our Notre Dame future football schedule analysis.

The Fighting Irish already have 11 games scheduled in 2014, and need to add three ACC teams to fill their five-game requirement. The addition of a game against UConn at Fenway Park would put Notre Dame at fifteen games, meaning three current games would have to be postponed or canceled.

Opponents that could be moved off of Notre Dame’s 2014 schedule include Northwestern, Purdue, Rice, and Temple.

UConn doesn’t have any schedule conflicts, as they currently have no announced non-conference games for the 2014 season.

In the two schools first and only meeting back in 2009, UConn beat Notre Dame 33-30 in South Bend.


When notified of the possible match-up against UConn at Fenway Park, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly told reporters “I think it’d be cool. I’d like to do it.”

Later, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick released the following statement:

“We have work to do on our future football schedules, given the announcement last week relative to our upcoming Atlantic Coast Conference relationship,” Swarbrick said in the statement. “However, media reports today that we will play Connecticut in Fenway Park in 2014 are inaccurate.”

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“although the Irish have been less than stellar lately”…………..did you even see the game vs Michigan State?

“And since UConn is only about 85 miles away, the Huskies offer local interest and could also bring a sizable crowd to Fenway Park.”
Whaaaaaaat??? Notre Dame could play a team of nuns at Fenway Park and fill a 35,000 seat stadium.

I’m with you Kro. Kevin does NOT understand the national following nor tradition, nor excellent season they are having so far.

“UCONN will bring a sizable crowd to the stadium” LOL!!!

Thanks for your comment. Sorry you disagree with the generalization I made regarding their play of late.

Also, selling their alottment of ticketsay have been a better phrase than “sizable crowd.” After all, it is a baseball stadium.

I do understand ND’s tradition. Nothing was a slam against the Irish. In fact, we have given them a lot of coverage lately.

Shocked that Notre Dame would agree to a Neutral Site game in a venue w/fewer than 55,000 seats………

Also, this looks like it is another sign UConn will be making the jump to the ACC. This would be one of ND’s 5 ACC games. It will probably be an off year with BC so by having them play UConn at Fenway, they can still get a game in the Boston market.

Awesome take. Did not even think about that. Would make total sense for UCONN to jump and for ND to want this game as part of it’s 5 game requirement.
Also, the size of the stadium is not the issue here. Heck, the NHL can sell out any site in the world for it’s Winter Classic, yet still chose Fenway. The TV viewership would be huge for any ND game at Fenway Park. Y not Wrigley after that???
Go, Irish!

If UConn is in the ACC by 2014, no need for ND to change their schedule. We all know the ACC said “we’re not adding anyone else”…but if you believe that, I have an oceanfront condo in West Virginia I’d like to sell you!

If the ACC adds anyone, its going to be Louisville, just wait and see. And when ND’s TV contact with NBC runs out, they will be a full memeber of the ACC in football. If you don’t beileve me, bring on the hate.

UCONN is ACC bound. Duke and BC would only agree with Calhoun retired. Notre Dame will join in football too. Now that.everyone is on tv every week they are no longer special, in fact their higher admissions standards have left them unable to compete with the big.boys now that they can no longer sell the point that they are on tv ever week.

Any date in October would be great at Fenway for a ND game. It will not be in use by the Red Sox!!!

Yeah Nd not steller latly when I read that I looked at the dAte then I was glad it was Sep.23 or i wouldn’t go on this website again

The football field in Fenway usually runs out to right field . If the game is scheduled after the last date of the World Series they could add almost 10000 portable seats in left field making the seating capacity more attractive.