Miami (FL), Notre Dame reschedule 2024 football game for 2026 season

By Kevin Kelley -

The Miami Hurricanes and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have rescheduled their football game in 2024 for the 2026 season, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald has reported.

Miami was previously scheduled to travel to take on Notre Dame at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind., during the 2024 season. Per the report, the Hurricanes will now make that trip two seasons later on a date to be determined in the fall of 2026.

The game was likely rescheduled in concert with a move made earlier this year by the USF Bulls. Miami was previously scheduled to visit USF in 2027, but the Bulls announced in February that the game was rescheduled for Sept. 21, 2024.

That move gave Miami five non-conference games in 2024, one over the limit. The Hurricanes are slated to open the season on the road against the Florida Gators on Aug. 31 before hosting back-to-back home games against the Florida A&M Rattlers on Sept. 7 and the Ball State Cardinals on Sept. 14. The rescheduled game at USF on Sept. 21 is now Miami’s fourth and final non-conference game of the season.

Notre Dame is now down to 11 opponents on their 2024 football schedule, which means they will need to locate a replacement contest. The Fighting Irish are slated to open the season at the Texas A&M Aggies on Aug. 31. Other opponents for Notre Dame in 2024 include NIU, Miami (Ohio), Louisville, Stanford, Florida State, and Virginia at home and Purdue, Georgia Tech, Navy (in East Rutherford, NJ), and USC on the road.

Miami and Notre Dame are next scheduled to play at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., during the 2025 season. Other future games are tentatively scheduled for South Bend in 2028, 2031, and 2037 and in Miami Gardens in 2032 and 2034.

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Hey, Kevin. Your article reads as if USF had some unilateral authority to drop a game onto Da U’s 2024 schedule. Is that really the case?

Seems unlikely that ND will be able to replace this game with something of approximately-equal caliber on only 13-15 months’ notice.

Probably be another MAC school or maybe HBCU. Either way, Notre Dame’s 2024 schedule looks lame other than A&M.

Probably going to be another MAC school or possibly HBCU. I’m sure NBC will be thrilled with that. ND needs to join a conference. Scheduling will be an issue soon. That stinks. Would love to have the Canes and Irish play.

Dave- Who knows how USC and FSU will be especially after Caleb Williams leaves. But two Mac schools and average, VERY, average ACC teams along with Navy and Stanford. Yeah not buying it. Hearing Army will he the replacement game. Don’t —-h when come playoff time Notre Dame sees itself on the outside. Get tired sometimes hearing from Irish fans about how tough their schedule is. Two MAC schools? And enough with playing Navy- They cut block and cause a lot of headaches and injuries for ND. The 50s are over.

Army would be amazing. (Army fan)

Notre Dame should be playing FCS Catholic schools to help them out.

No one knows the future, but year in and year out, Florida St. and USC are quality football programs. If you followed the game, you would know that.

If Army is the replacement game, then it looks like something will have to move.

ND’s two open dates at present are Oct 5 and Nov 2.

Army is playing Rice on Oct 5 and Air Force on Nov 2. I’m guessing that date against AFA, traditionally in early November and wedged against the Falcons’ MWC commitments, is reasonably ironclad.

Revisiting this one, Kevin.

The ACC announced Notre Dame’s games against conference members for the next 20 years in May 2017. Your story covering this was dated May 11, 2017.

So the 2024 Miami at ND game carried seven years’ advance notice, which is plenty but obviously not an outlandish number given that many series are scheduled a decade or longer in advance.

In summer 2023 — more than six years of the seven-and-a-fraction between announcement and gamely — Miami figures out that they have too many non-conference games and somehow the ND game is the casualty.

How does this happen? What are the penalties for this? The ACC should drop a ton of bricks on Miami, which has absolutely hosed the Irish given the importance of this home game to ND’s 2024 overall and home schedules. And what’s the likelihood ND can replace this game with equivalent quality — seemingly very low!

Sebastian the Ibis should end up on somebody’s Thanksgiving dinner plate!!

Thanks for spending additional time on this and for your perspective on the points I have raised.

The issue with Notre Dame is they are private and we can’t get any info from them. So we don’t know exactly when these scheduling changes actually occur.

And the ACC keeps adjusting Notre Dame’s opponents and won’t respond to my requests for an updated list of games.

Thanks for your response, Kevin. And sorry to hear that ND and the ACC aren’t more engaging to the work you do that so many of us are incredibly appreciative of.

So am I then correct to infer that this Miami postponement may actually have been known a year or two or three ago and that ND has consequently had a much longer period to try to work out a suitable replacement game?

It could have been known for some time, I just don’t have any concrete info. This isn’t the first time that Notre Dame or the ACC shuffled their previously announced opponents.

Thanks, Kevin.

I guess upon closer review we can see that an ND-Louisville game was moved from ’26 to ’24 and this Miami game has been moved from ’24 to ’26. Maybe the Miami postponement was the catalyst for the Louisville acceleration. You covered the Louisville acceleration, or preponement, back in mid-February as part of a broader array of Louisville schedule moves.

Here is Dan’s educated guess for 2025 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Schedule. 8/30 Villanova 9/6 At Boston College 9/13 Texas A&M 9/20 Purdue 9/27 At Arkansas 10/11 Syracuse 10/18 USC 10/25 At Pittsburgh 11/8 Navy 11/15 North Carolina State 11/22 Clemson 11/29 At Miami Furman Paladins will be FCS replacement opponent for Penn State 9/13/25 & UMass Boston College will play 11/1/25.

Would like to see Virginia Tech At Blacksburg,VA be Notre Dame Opponent replacing Miami & be scheduled on 9/28/24 & scheduled Home Game vs Louisville 11/23/24 & Syracuse play Rutgers now that Army withdrew.

Would like to see Notre Dame/Florida State switch a week earlier than usual on 11/2/24 & would make a perfect evening game under the lights.