Georgia Tech to open 2019 season vs. The Citadel

By Kevin Kelley -

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will open the 2019 season vs. The Citadel Bulldogs, has learned.

Georgia Tech will host The Citadel at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta on Aug. 31, 2019. The Bulldogs will receive a $400,000 guarantee for the game, according to a copy of the contract obtained via an Open Records Request to Georgia Tech.

The Citadel is a member of the Southern Conference in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Last season, the Bulldogs upset South Carolina 23-22 in Columbia and finished 9-4 overall. They also made it to the quarterfinals of the FCS Playoffs.

The addition of The Citadel tentatively completes the 2019 non-conference schedule for Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are also scheduled to host USF (Sept. 7) and Georgia (Nov. 30) and travel to Tulane.

However, the status of Georgia Tech’s 2019 game at Tulane remains up in the air. Earlier this month, the Yellow Jackets announced that their 2018 home game vs. Tulane was canceled and that the 2019 game in New Orleans “is to be determined.”

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Because Notre Dame.
Although, it would be rather simple for the ACC to just say… the schools with regular SEC games (Ga Tech, FSU, Clemson) would drop out of the Notre Dame rotation, and then they could go with 9 conference games + 1 SEC -OR- Notre Dame rotation. I wouldn’t consider WFU-Vandy or U of L-UK as “have to happen every year games”, would you? The big 3 games though are un-negotiable by those schools. That still leaves 11 ACC members for Notre Dame to rotate with. That’s probably better anyway, as then on average every other year, a full ACC member gets Notre Dame either at home or on the road.

Count ND as a conference game, problem solved. They’re in the rotation just like all other schools from the other conference.

Shep— The Tulane game in 2019 looks to be canx… So the OOC games in 2019 look to be the Citadel, USF, either a 9th conf game or another P-5 School for an 8-2… Will find out soon enough!!!

Pathetic. No 9 conference games for a 14 team conference. You sound and schedule like another chest-thumping conference.

What’s the matter? Was NE Oklahoma A & M booked? Well at least that’s one team of Bulldogs they have a chance to beat!