Future, past composite football schedules now available at FBSchedules

By Kevin Kelley -

Future and past composite football schedules are now available at FBSchedules!

It’s been a few years since we migrated the football game information over to a database. With that accomplished, our developers were finally able to complete the coding to allow for users to view past and future composite football schedules.

For FBS college football, our composite weekly schedules date back to 2008 and as far forward as there are games scheduled, which is currently the 2039 season. College football bowl schedules are available back to the 2008 season.

Our FCS schedules, including the playoff schedules, currently date back to 2015, but we are working on the data back to 2008.

Our composite NFL schedules now date back to 2008, and we will be able to easily add more past seasons as we move forward. Of course, there are no future NFL schedules with dates, only opponents, so the current season will always be the latest.

Canadian Football League (CFL) goes back to 2006 and, like the NFL, there are no future composite schedules.

If you’re a fan of the USFL and/or the XFL, we also have past composite schedules for those leagues as well, although there is currently only one for each.

For all of the composite schedules, you can navigate through the seasons and weeks using the dropdowns at the top of each schedule (see below).

Below is a complete list of the composite football schedules now available at FBSchedules.com:

Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS)

College Football Bowl Schedules

Football Championship Subdivision (FCS)

FCS Playoff Schedules

National Football League (NFL)

NFL Playoff Schedules

Canadian Football League (CFL)

CFL Playoff Schedules

United States Football League (USFL)


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Coolest thing since the Ice Age. Thanks so much. Flat out hip…uh, whatever you kids say now.

Loved going back to the Bowl Game schedule for 2008 and seeing some of the sponsors (magicJack sponsored a game?!?). I loved the minor bowls that hung around until a week or so after New Year’s Day and gave us an appetizer lead in before the NFL Wild Card on Saturday and a little desert to end the weekend on Sunday Night.

gulp the 2039 season that means kids most that year will graduate high school and or start college then

while at the same time kids this year in 2023 turn just 2 so not even ready for kindergarten for another few years