College Football Playoff Rankings for Nov. 10 Released

By Kevin Kelley -

The College Football Playoff Rankings for Nov. 10 have been released by the Selection Committee, and the Clemson Tigers remained in first place.

Clemson is followed by Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. Just outside the top four are Iowa and Baylor.

Four Group of Five teams are in the College Football Playoff Rankings this week. Navy is 20th, Memphis is 21st, Temple is 22nd, and Houston is 24th.

College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 10)

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Notre Dame
5. Iowa
6. Baylor
7. Stanford
8. Oklahoma State
9. LSU
10. Utah
11. Florida
12. Oklahoma
13. Michigan State
14. Michigan
15. TCU
16. Florida State
17. Mississippi State
18. Northwestern
19. UCLA
20. Navy
21. Memphis
22. Temple
23. North Carolina
24. Houston
25. Wisconsin

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee will release their Top 25 rankings each week on Tuesday through Dec. 1.

On Sunday, Dec. 6 at Noon ET, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee will announce the Selection Day bowl pairings and Playoff Semifinal pairings.

CFP Rankings Release Schedules

  • Nov. 17 – 9:30pm ET, ESPN
  • Nov. 24 – 7pm ET, ESPN
  • Dec. 1 – 7pm ET, ESPN
  • Dec. 6 – Noon ET, ESPN (Selection Day and Playoff Semifinal teams announced)

2015-16 Bowl Schedule

Comments (27)

Who in the top 25 did Ohio State beat?
I do believe Alabama has beaten Wisconsin (25) and LSU (9).
When OSU plays Michigan and Michigan State, get back to us.

Iowa beat Wisconsin @ Wisconsin #25. They also beat NW @ NW #18. They also beat Pitt…. I don’t see you raising the same question there. Your logic is flawed, my friend.

David, respected question. I have OSU #1 just because they have won 22 straight, have had QB problems all year but can find away to win, with that said they have struggled most of the year & I am no one to defend the Buckeyes at all. They still have big games coming up with Mich St & Mich. I do agree with you, who have they beaten minus a declining Va.Tech. As for Bama, they will be favored in the rest of the games for the year, they also beat @#8 Georgia & @#11 Texas A&M when at the time was great teams (I believe). But with one loss Bama does not seem to play their best when favored by double digits, that scares me. Not sure how they are going to look this week @#17 Miss St.

What they were ranked at the time doesn’t matter. People need to stop using the as a way to determine good and bad wins. It’s outdated and flat out wrong, unless, and this is a big unless, when a team loses their star starting quarterback. For example, Oregon early on in the year was a good team. When MSU beat them, that was a quality win (albeit VernonAdams was still hurt). But when Vernon Adams went out officially, Oregon sucked and was 3-3. Now with Adams back, they are 6-3. So MSU’s win against them is a good win. This is similar to Alabama’s win over Georgia. Georgia had Nick Chubb in the game, then he went down… However, Alabama’s win over Texas A&M means nothing, as A&M is horrible — that OOC win over ASU is also horrible as ASU is one of the worst Pac12 teams. Also, Bama’s lost to Ole Miss is bad (lost to Memphis, Florida and Arkansas). I’m sorry, but Bama’s only good wins are: Wisc (who also lost to Iowa), GA (with Chubb), and LSU… To get respect, the SEC either has to play 10 Power 5 regular season games, which means 2 Power 5 OOC games, or 1 Power 5 and 9 conference games. None of this should include the SEC championship.

Common, I don’t trust Iowa, reason why. Five years ago the Hawkeyes knew they did not have to play Mich, Mich St, Penn St or OSU but they still dialed up N.Texas & yes, one of your favors a FCS team in Illinois St. Iowa beat did a respected Wisconsin team this year going though a new coach, they beat a Pitt team that is now 6-3 & may lose 1-2 games this year. Northwestern started the year off great beating Stanford but then got shutout my Michigan & smashed by Iowa back to back weeks so how good is Northwestern really? This isn’t logic, its my opinion & to many I will be wrong. Like when you said there is bias for the SEC & you would be shock if LSU wasn’t #4 or at worst #6, their #9! They fell 7 spots down, that why I don’t see SEC bias, at least not with the committees voting. I do respect if you feel Iowa is one or two & I myself have them winning the rest of the way but once they get to the BIG Championship & have to play the likes of OSU or Michigan St (may be Michigan but I doubt it) they will get smashed(my opinion, not fact) just like Wisconsin did last year in the BIG game. Iowa has had it easy in the BIG this year. You luv to mention cupcakes all the time & I see Hawkeyes cup caking their way into the BIG game but if they do win out & make it to the playoffs then I will come on here & say I was wrong & apologize to you, no problem! You can hold me too it! Congras on Iowa being 9-0, good for them.

For the record, when Iowa scheduled North Texas, Michigan State and Michigan were in Iowa’s division. The conference did not realign until last season when they added Maryland and Rutgers.

I’m not even an Iowa fan.
–Do I think Iowa’s schedule is weak judging by how the press, experts and fans judge college football? Yes.
–Do I think Iowa’s schedule is actually a lot stronger than these so-called experts like to share their opinions without balanced facts? Yes. I am actually very bullish on this Iowa football team. They will have played 10 Power 5 Conference games compared to every SEC team (outside of South Carolina). You can’t honestly say Alabama has a more impressive resume just because SEC. You have to play an equal schedule.
–Do I think Alabama is good? Yes. They’re Alabama. They’re awesome. But I also think they haven’t earned the right to be #2 as they currently are.
–Do I think Alabama will win out and deserve to be in the CFP at the end of the year? Yes.

Judging solely by eye test, my top 4 would be:
1) Ohio State 2) Clemson 3) Alabama 4) Baylor 5) Iowa 6) ND 7) Ok State

Judging by just record to date, with losses meaning something, and wins against FCS/Group of 5 teams not counting:
1) Clemson 2) Ohio State 3) Ok State 4) Iowa 5) Baylor 6) Stanford 7) Alabama

Judging by record to date counting wings against FCS/weak group of 5 games
1.) Clemson 2) Ohio State 3) Baylor 4) Ok State 5) Iowa 6) Alabama 7) Stanford

Shawn, true but that never stopped Michigan from scheduling ND, Utah or Bama. It did not stop Michigan St from scheduling ND, Boise St or Oregon. People luv to bash the SEC for OOC but I look at Iowa schedule the last ten years & I see weak OOC added with Zona, Pitt & Iowa St. Granted, the Cyclones are Iowa’s rival but when is the last time Iowa St was great? Really good? Okay, just good? Point being all conferences schedule easy wins, not bashing, just saying.

Common, I don’t think co-call experts know what to think of Iowa, they have not really been challenged. They barely beat Wisconsin & Pitt, Northwestern might be their biggest win with style, they struggled with Indiana last week & I’m not sure really how the next three games fair for them but good luck. I understand you luv the 10 Power 5 Conference games but not sure how Iowa St & Pitt is going to help Iowa if they keep losing, same as you would say about Texas A&M or Ole Miss for Bama. As for Bama can understand why the committee ranked them #2 & I would say their resume is more impressive, not because of the SEC but because of the last eight years, teams they have beat, Bama normally loses one game a year regular season, they have been ranked in the top 6 of all CFP since 2014, no other team has been in the top 10 every release. If your basing an equal schedule on Iowa playing one more P5 team then Bama I would claim that is unfair since Iowa St is 28-55 in the past 8 years.

Then I don’t think you will ever understand, because you are judging through the eyes of an SEC fan. When you say Iowa struggled against, Iowa, I hope you realize that the great Alabama also STRUGGLED against Tennessee and Arkansas, despite both games being at home.
I don’t know how you can defend Alabama’s OOC schedule, either, especially when they are as great as they are. I don’t care if others are playing weak OOC, which by the way, Iowa’s OOC schedule is harder than every other team in the SEC except for South Carolina. You can make a solid argument for some of the SEC East and it’s fair to point out that Bama usually plays a decent P5 neutral game every year, but 2 OOC games is almost always tougher than 1 — that you can’t argue with.
Also, Pitt is good at football. I don’t know why you keep bashing them. Their 3 losses are to Iowa, ND and UNC, combined 2 losses.
You act like Iowa hasn’t been challenged, but last I checked, the Big 10 West has the most ranked teams in any division. Wisconsin lost to Alabama and Iowa. NW lost to Michigan and Iowa, but they also beat Stanford and Duke.
Also, Alabama lost. Why doesn’t that mean something for a team that will have played 3 weak OOC schedules, and once again, an overrated 8 game conference schedule?
The past is exactly that… The past.
Your arguments, although filled with passion, are filled with hypocrisy and more emotion.
I’m just using the facts as they currently are THIS SEASON. For the record, if you want to bring up the recent past, Bama hasn’t won a meaningful bowl game in 3 years, and the SEC West went 2-5 in bowl games, with the 2 wins being the worst 2 games. Just saying.

I’m not bashing Pitt, I just don’t think they are as good as you say & I have them losing 1-2 more games, looking at their schedule it seems they struggled with everyone except for Akron. Yes, Bama struggled with Arkansas & Tenn but what top ten team has not struggled? The Big 10 West has the most ranked teams in any division is false, they only have two, no Iowa has not been challenged. Yes they beat Wisconsin & Northwestern but the jury is still out on the Wildcats. As for 2 P5 OOC games are better then one decent neutral site game, I think I would rather have Bama or any SEC team play a big neutral site or H/n/H then have to play the likes of Iowa St every year but Iowa has them & Pitt on future schedules so good for them. I do think some of the FCS or MAC/MW teams play tougher though. If an 8 game conference is overrated then where does that leave Iowa? & does that mean Iowa is overrated if they lose one of the next games? I don’t think Texas A&M is horrible or the Bama win over them was nothing, I also think Ole Miss has a good team the last two years, well better then the Cyclones or Panthers. I view the SEC different then you but I also praise the PAC-12, BIG, BIG-12 & ACC when called for. Lately you seem to find nothing but problems with the SEC, I don’t. Once again, good luck with Iowa, I have my apologize ready if the time comes.

Big 10 West Ranked Teams:
#5: Iowa 2/4 Power 5 OOC (1 home, 1 away)
#18: Northwestern 2/4 Power 5 OOC (1 home, 1 away)
#25: Wisconsin 1/4 Power 5 OOC (1 neutral, much closer to Bama)
Total 5 of 12 Power 5 games.

SEC West Ranked Teams:
#2: Alabama 1/4 Power 5 OOC (neutral, much closer to Bama)
#9: LSU 1/4 Power 5 OOC (1 away)
#17: Mississippi State 0/4 Power 5 OOC — I forgot to list Miss St as the 3rd ranked team.
Total: 2 of 12 Power 5 games.

Of the two divisions, who has a harder OOC schedule?

Overall, Big 10 also has ranked: #3 Ohio State, #13 Michigan State, #14 Michigan
Overall, SEC also has ranked: #11 Florida
That’s 6 ranked B10 teams and 4 ranked SEC teams.

When you say, how good is Northwestern for beating 1 loss Stanford and then getting smashed by Iowa, what you should be thinking is, “Wow, Iowa must really be pretty good! I can’t believe I didn’t think that, especially after saying “smashed”!!!” (Note, they also beat Wisconsin @ Camp David, a notoriously difficult stadium to play, a la Death Valley.)

Also. I don’t really have an FCS problem, as long as a Power 5 conference team schedules a decent OOC schedule. The only one who has a strong OOC schedule in the SEC is South Carolina (2 Power 5s, 1 AAC/MC, and 1 FCS)

Sure, you can complain about the “weak” OOC Ohio State schedule, but from my eyes, as well as most other people’s eyes, it’s no weaker than Alabama or any other team in the SEC. I’d even argue that it is much tougher than Bama’s, as Ohio State played @ mediocre Virginia Tech and 3 perennial top Group of 5 teams from the MW and MAC conferences. (From best to worst in G5 conferences, it is: AAC, MW, MAC, C-USA, Sunbelt.) Alabama played teams from C-USA, Sunbelt and FCS. Come on, man. Don’t even try to say Ohio State’s schedule is weak.

Right now, I don’t have a huge problem with Bama being ranked higher than Ohio State with the schedule they’ve played to-date since Ohio State has played 1 less Power 5 game, but after Bama plays their cupcake game the second to last weekend, the committee better drop half the SEC teams in their rankings, or else there will be some shouts of SEC bias like none other.

The problem is the four team format. When the conference championship games have been played, everything will be clear except for which Champion or two to leave out. In my opinion, an eight team playoff can’t be far off.

I laugh at all the B12 whining going all over the TV, ESPN, internet, etc…Here’s a hint play somebody OOC. 2 of your supposed top 4 teans played no P5’s OOC. All of your top 4 played FCS schools. Baylor and Ok St, the 2 remaining undefeated in B12 have the 2 worst SOS to date in the B12. Baylor’s SOS is freking 94, the worst of any P5 school and worse than 29 G5’s.

Couldn’t agree more, but not exactly with your logic:

1.) Yes, B12 has weak OOC schedule, but they play 9 conference games, which is 1 more than the SEC. Laugh all you want on that, but last I checked, 9 conference games is tougher to win than 8 conference games.

2.) Also, many of the SEC, especially the SEC West, has just as bad an OOC schedule. That is not arguable. The West played (Wisc, Louis, TxTch, @Syracuse, ASU) in addition to losses to Toledo and Memphis. That’s not exactly something to be pound your chest and chant SEC about. The B12 plays (Minn, Tenn, ND, Cal, IowaSt, Ark, Maryland, Rutgers) in addition to losses to Toledo, Memphis, SDSU.
South Carolina plays the toughest OOC schedule in the SEC almost every year.

3.) The SOS scale argument is flawed because it doesn’t take into account balanced conference schedules and power 5 teams.

Here is where I agree with you though:
Although the Big 12 will have played a harder regular season schedule with 9-10 Power 5 games unlike every other SEC team… the SEC champion (and runner-up) will have played 9-10 Power Conference Games as well. And that championship game is almost always against a top 10 (definitely top 25) opponent. The only way for the Big 12 to have a chance to get to the CFP is for every team to play at least 1 Power 5 OOC opponent. And the teams with a chance to be in the CFP, they definitely need to play 1 top Power 5 opponent. Otherwise, you will be sitting at 5 and 6 at the end of the year again and again, unless you win out.

Some still insist on making the mistake that all conferences are equal. They aren’t. The SEC is just plain tougher to win than the Big 12. I don’t care if the Big 12 plays one more conference game. It doesn’t matter. If Alabama played Vanderbilt this year to get to nine conference games, you really think that makes a difference? Of course not. And the committee knows that. They aren’t bias toward the SEC, but they realize that there are teams good teams should beat and teams good teams should struggle with. It doesn’t matter if they are in a Power Five or not. By that criteria, playing Houston should be easier than Kansas and that’s not the case this season.

But for everyone chasing the SEC, which is indeed everyone, that’s all they have. One more conference game. Until the conferences are all the same, which will never happen, extra conference games are meaningless.

You still don’t get it. How can you compare teams in the SEC to other teams when they don’t play anyone else but the SEC? You can’t. Oh, you want to say recent history? Well, the SEC hasn’t won a major bowl since 2012. Last year, the west went 2-5 in bowl games… This year, your 2nd best team is Arkansas, and they lost to Toledo and Texas Tech. LSU barely beat Syracuse. Auburn beat an FCS team in OT! Ole Miss lost to Memphis, who is 4th best team in AAC. I’m sorry, but your SEC superior ideology is flawed… Also, don’t you remember what the Big12 did to the SEC last year??? Or the rest of the conferences? TCU crushed Ole Miss. GT ran over Miss St. Wisconsin manhandled Auburn. Should I keep going? I’m sure you remember tOSU dominate “the greatest team you’ve ever seen because SEC” Alabama.
Come on, Joe. Be reasonable. Even Nick Saban has admitted that playing 9 conference games is much harder than playing 8 conference games. It makes sense. How hard is that to understand? Especially when a team like Vanderbilt nearly beats Florida, but also beats Mizzou and Kentucky. Any team from any Power 5 can beat anyone from their division on any given day. If you can’t admit that, then I’ll assume you believe in Santa Claus too.

Common sense has everything but…

So, playing Kansas is exactly the same as playing Alabama. Both are Power Five schools, so there are flat equal across the board.

Just like playing Army is exactly the same as playing Houston or Navy. All are group of five teams and are perfectly equal right down to the ounces of water in the water bottles on the sidelines, I guess.

But, anyone that knows anything about football knows that’s not true… yet, here you are continuing to pass that line off like it’s in the Bible and written in red ink.

You have little understanding of the game or how scheduling works. You just see Power Five and think that a team is playing the best the world… er, UNIVERSE, has to offer, when that’s not the case.

Arkansas is a case of a team that has turned things around recently. So saying they lost in September means nothing. Losing can happen for a multitude of reasons, but as a person that’s not a fan of the SEC, I am sure you’re used to those.

Look, if I was Ohio State, I wouldn’t mind playing Indiana and MInnesota every year, either. But don’t expect me to be impressed by that.

Your logic is flipped upside down.

I am not comparing Alabama to, say Kansas… I’m comparing Alabama to Oklahoma, Vanderbilt to Kansas and Arkansas to Texas Tech.

I’m also saying a team like Kansas/Vanderbilt/Colorado is much better than 95% of Group of 5 teams. That’s my point.

Yet the SEC would rather play the weak 95% of Group of 5 teams than play another Conference game. They also would rather play no more than 1 Power 5 team (except for SC).

Does that make sense? If not, why doesn’t that make sense? Finally, how can you defend 4 weak OOC games? Please do not say: 1) the SEC beats itself up (note: every conference does), 2) FCS schools need money (note: they did fine 10 years ago without you).

No program that expects to contend for the old BCS now CFP fails to schedule a p5 OOC. B12 school like Baylor and this year OK st did. Baylor does it every year by design b/c they expect to need all cream puffs to be bowl eligible, they should not be rewarded for it. B12 school like Tx and OU always have a P5 OOC, sometimes 2. Ou and TX have P5’s scheduled yearly for te next 8 to 10 years. Baylor has Duke series and then 2 cream puffs scheduled yearly for a decade. If you really want to play P5’s you schedule them first in advance and fill in the G5’s later like Ou, Tx, Ohio State, USC, Michigan, etc,,,,the true programs that have NC expectations.

You might not like the SEC games against P5’s, but they actually scheduled them something. Btw, SEC OOC is the 2nd worst, with B12 being the worst. So, not great to argue comparing to the 2nd worse.

Second, I was on here griping about SEC schools last year who were in the CFP hunt that failed to play a P5 OOC. I think any team that doesn’t play a P5 OOC should be eliminated from day one by the committee, regardless of conference. I personally think FCS games should be eliminated too.

Btw, B12 teams besides OU and TX are trying to game the system. B10,P12, have or will have 9 conf games, P5 requirement, and conf champ game. They will play 11 P5’s to make the CFP while B12 schools like Baylor wnat to play 9(no OOC) and want to be considered. I personally think a 1 loos Stanford should trump any B12 school this year if it happens. They will have played 12 of 13 games vs P5’s…wins over #4 ND, #10Utah #18 UCLA, a 8 or 9 win USC(likely in top 25 by the end, possible 8 win Oregon. 7 win Cal, 7 or 8 win Was St. The only loss will be a top 25 NW who will be a likely a 8 or 9 win team, with only losses to CFP teams ranked ahead of them

This guy gets it.

We understand why teams like Miss St and Baylor don’t play any Power 5 OOC. It’s because with 6 wins, they go bowling. That means they only need to win 2/3 Conference games in addition to all of their weak OOC games.

If a team does that, then they should have to win out to be in CFP. And if they share the same record and have similar resumes but the other team played 1 more P5, then that team with more P5 should be rewarded with a higher ranking.

Thank God the SEC has mandated their teams to all play 1 Power 5. Now they (and the ACC) need to turn the conference into 9 conference games like everyone else. With that, then the good teams should schedule a tougher 2nd and 3rd OOC game, maybe an AAC/MW team, a road game, or another middle of the road P5 team looking to bolster their resume, ie (Virginia, Wash St, Minn, Texas Tech)

You playoff ranking guys are very bias against houston before you talk about schedule I will tell you they beat Louisville by a field goal (acc)the next week louisville loss by a field goal to who clemson no.1 you say and vanderbilt (sec) loses to houston by 34 points nobody else beat vcandy by that margin just ask the florida gators is vandy tuff you even have navy and temple rated higher.but when it comes down to it you guys never any houston team any respect

I have Houston as a Top 10 team right now with the possibility to be in the CFP semi final should there be a 2 loss team mixed with them. Also, remember that Houston still has 2 big games to prove themselves. If they win them, then I think they are in (with a 2 loss team).

You need to root for 3 things to happen:
1.) For ND to lose to Stanford (and Stanford to lose to USC/UCLA in Pac12 champ).
2.) A 2 loss SEC team. (You’ll have a much easier shot if the East wins their conference championship game.)
3.) Ohio State wins out. (Or Iowa wins out, beating MSU or Michigan in conference champ game.)
4.) With 2 1-loss B12 teams, committee chooses undefeated Houston.

Final CFP choices should everything play out for Houston:
1.) Ohio State 2.) Clemson 3.) Oklahoma 4.) Houston

Results from CFP:
SEC, Pac 12 and ND all miss playoff. ESPN freaks out. Calls for 8 game playoff. More ESPN chatter. SEC gets swept in bowl games. ESPN says they only lose because they got screwed from CFP. 2016 Preseason Top 25 are filled with only SEC teams.

When Iowa beat Wisconsin they became rank all it takes is one
Win or 1 loss to change a season like the Hank Eyes

Have you watched the Hawkeyes? They are really, really good. Only a handful of teams can beat that team.