Clear Your Schedule – This. Is. August.

By Brian Wilmer -


It seems like yesterday, and it seems like a century ago.

I was working for another outlet at the time, and that outlet mentioned a college football site that needed writers. I followed the lead, and ended up here. Thank goodness I answered that call.

In the years since, I’ve enjoyed the chance to “talk ball” with many of you. I’ve also had the privilege of writing a weekly column. The problem I now face is that I feel I’ve written that column as many times as I can write it in the manner in which it’s been written.

Sure, many things have changed in those years. With the introduction of FCS to our site, I’ve been able to broaden my scope there a bit. I’ve also been able to take a look into some non-P5 games, and look at a few of the games you won’t see covered on every college football program and site in existence.

It’s time to flip the script. Clear Your Schedule:  The Next Chapter, if you will.

I have some ideas. I might do a Sunday or Monday thing, instead of what I’ve been doing. I might make it funnier. I might not. Whatever I do, I could use your help. If you have any ideas for how to make Clear Your Schedule more compelling, I’m all ears. Share those thoughts in the comment section, or click the handy little Twitter follow button and follow me there.

Whatever direction this feature takes, the one thing I do know is quite simple. We’ll have college football from now until 2020. The wait is down to a few measly days. The tailgates are being planned. The bands are practicing. The pads are popping. It’s in the air.

This. Is. August.

Comments (2)

definitely do a post–games column and do it with a bit of snark but with solid info of course. now, son, get to work.

hotty toddy

How about a survey on the brand of beer sold inside and just outside of college football stadiums.