Big Ten releases revised 2020 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Big Ten has released a revised 2020 football schedule, which includes 10 games against conference opponents only.

The 2020 Big Ten football schedule will begin on the weekend of Sept. 5 and culminate on Saturday, Nov. 21. Each conference member will play 10 games and will have two open dates (byes).

The first two contests are Ohio State at Illinois on Thursday, Sept. 3 and Indiana at Wisconsin on Friday, Sept. 4. This season’s Michigan-Ohio State game is slated for Saturday, Oct. 24 in Columbus.

Here is more on the Big Ten’s revised schedule structure from their release:

Games can be collapsed into bye weeks

Uniform bye week on Nov. 28

Cross-division games are currently scheduled for all schools in Week 1 (Sept. 5) and Week 12 (Nov. 21)

Schedule constructed in a way that allows season to start as early as the weekend of Sept. 5, but also provides the ability to move the start of the season back to Sept. 12, 19 or 26 through strategic sequencing that allows games to be moved to a latter part of the schedule

The 2020 Big Ten Championship Game remains scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind. The game can be moved to as late as Saturday, Dec. 19, if necessary.

All Big Ten teams can begin preseason practices on Friday, Aug. 7, or earlier, if permitted under NCAA guidelines related to first dates of scheduled competition.

2020 Big Ten Football Schedule (revised)

Thursday, September 3
Ohio State at Illinois

Friday, September 4
Indiana at Wisconsin

Saturday, September 5
Maryland at Iowa
Minnesota at Michigan State
Nebraska at Rutgers
Northwestern at Penn State
Purdue at Michigan

Saturday, September 12
Illinois at Nebraska
Iowa at Purdue
Michigan at Minnesota
Michigan State at Maryland
Penn State at Indiana
Rutgers at Ohio State
Wisconsin at Northwestern

Saturday, September 19
Illinois at Indiana
Iowa at Minnesota
Northwestern at Michigan State
Ohio State at Purdue
Penn State at Michigan
Rutgers at Maryland
Wisconsin at Nebraska

Saturday, September 26
Indiana at Ohio State
Maryland at Northwestern
Michigan at Rutgers
Michigan State at Penn State
Minnesota at Wisconsin
Nebraska at Iowa
Purdue at Illinois

Saturday, October 3
Michigan State at Michigan
Minnesota at Nebraska
Northwestern at Iowa
Penn State at Rutgers
Wisconsin at Maryland

Saturday, October 10
Indiana at Minnesota
Iowa at Illinois
Nebraska at Ohio State
Purdue at Wisconsin

Saturday, October 17
Illinois at Northwestern
Maryland at Penn State
Michigan at Indiana
Ohio State at Michigan State
Rutgers at Purdue

Saturday, October 24
Illinois at Wisconsin
Iowa at Penn State
Maryland at Indiana
Michigan at Ohio State
Nebraska at Northwestern
Purdue at Minnesota
Rutgers at Michigan State

Saturday, October 31
Indiana at Rutgers
Michigan State at Iowa
Minnesota at Illinois
Northwestern at Purdue
Ohio State at Maryland
Penn State at Nebraska
Wisconsin at Michigan

Saturday, November 7
Illinois at Rutgers
Indiana at Michigan State
Maryland at Michigan
Ohio State at Penn State

Saturday, November 14
Nebraska at Purdue
Northwestern at Minnesota
Wisconsin at Iowa

Saturday, November 21
Iowa at Ohio State
Michigan at Northwestern
Michigan State at Nebraska
Minnesota at Maryland
Penn State at Illinois
Purdue at Indiana
Rutgers at Wisconsin

Big Ten Football Schedule

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Comments (4)

There is one Thursday (Ohio State @ Illinois) and on Friday (Indiana @ Wisconsin) game during the opening weekend.

So the big ten isn’t going to have their biggest rivalrys in the final scheduled week like pac 12 I don’t get that at all

All of the games on 11/21 are cross-division games. One last resort if division foes need to postpone a game, and later weeks are already full of make-up games, would be to wipe out these less-important games on 11/21 and use that as an additional ‘open’ date for more essential make-ups.

If the UM-OSU game does get played it needs to be at night, now that it’s not in November no excuse not to have it at night