American Athletic Conference Announces Early Season 2013 Football TV Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The American Athletic Conference has announced their early season 2013 football TV schedule, which includes games on the ESPN family of networks and CBS Sports Network.

The schedule kicks off with three non-conference games on Thursday, Aug. 29. UCF hosts Akron (7 p.m., ESPN3), UConn hosts Towson (7:30 p.m., ESPN3), and Rutgers travels to Fresno State (10:30 p.m. ET, ESPNU).

Overall, 22 games were announced for television broadcasts today.

Listed below is the complete schedule of American Athletic Conference games scheduled for TV as of June 21:

The American – 2013, Week 1
DateGameTime (ET)Network
Thu., Aug. 29Akron at UCF7:00 p.m.ESPN3
Thu., Aug. 29Towson at UConn7:30 p.m.ESPN3
Thu., Aug. 29Rugers at Fresno State10:30 p.m.ESPNU
Fri., Aug. 30Texas Tech at SMU8:00 p.m.ESPN
Fri., Aug. 30Southern at Houston8:30 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Aug. 31Purdue at Cincinnati12:00 p.m.ESPNU
Sat., Aug. 31Temple at Notre Dame3:30 p.m.NBC
Sat., Aug. 31McNeese State at USF7:00 p.m.ESPN3
Sun., Sep. 1Ohio at Louisville3:30 p.m.ESPN
The American – 2013, Week 2
Fri., Sep. 6UCF at FIU8:00 p.m.CBS Sports Network
Sat., Sep. 7Cincinnati at Illinois12:00 p.m.ESPN2 or ESPNU
Sat., Sep. 7Houston at Temple12:00 p.m.ESPN Regional
Sat., Sep. 7Eastern Kentucky at Louisville12:00 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sep. 7Norfolk State at Rutgers12:00 p.m.CBS Sports Network
Sat., Sep. 7USF at Michigan State12:00 p.m.ESPN2 or ESPNU
Sat., Sep. 7Duke at Memphis4:30 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sep. 7Montana State at SMU8:00 p.m.ESPN3
The American – 2013, Week 3
Sat., Sep. 14Fordham at Temple1:00 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sep. 14Eastern Michigan at Rutgers1:00 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sep. 14UCF at Penn State6:00 p.m.Big Ten Network
Sat., Sep. 14Florida Atlantic at USF7:00 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sep. 14Northwestern State at Cincinnati7:00 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sep. 14Maryland at UConn7:30 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sep. 14Memphis at Middle TennesseeTBACSS
The American – 2013, Other Games
Sat., Sep. 21Houston at UTSATBAFox Sports
Thu., Oct. 10Rutgers at Louisville7:30 p.m.ESPN
Fri., Oct. 11Temple at CincinnatiTBAESPN or ESPN2
Fri., Oct. 18UCF at Louisville8:00 p.m.ESPN
Wed., Oct. 30Cincinnati at Memphis8:00 p.m.ESPN2
Thu., Oct. 31USF at Houston7:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Nov. 2Temple at Rutgers12:00 p.m.ESPN Regional
Fri., Nov. 8Louisville at UConn8:00 p.m.ESPN or ESPN2
Thu., Nov. 21Rutgers at UCF7:30 p.m.ESPN
Fri., Nov. 29SMU at HoustonTBAABC, ESPN or ESPN2
Fri., Nov. 29USF at UCFTBAABC, ESPN or ESPN2
Thu., Dec. 5Louisville at Cincinnati7:30 p.m.ESPN

Comments (15)

Could be as many as 10 American Conference games on ESPN or ABC. Louisville is in half of them. What happens in 2014 when Louisville is gone?

Also, a lot of weeknight games in there. The only American games on a national TV stage on a Saturday include:

Cincinnati AT ILLINOIS (ESPN2)

Here’s to hoping the American Conference experiment works. They need one of the Florida or Texas teams to win some games and make some noise in the rankings.

Looks like Boise State and SDSU made the smart choice by staying in MWC. S far just one game is on ESPN3. A lot of games on actually TV with ESPN and CBS Sports Network

What channel is “ESPN Regional”? I thought ESPN Regional was a production division, not a channel or network. Does this mean it will be on ESPN3 or OTA sybdication?

It’s on regular ESPN but only in the region of the home team.(maybe also away team)The temple at Rutgers game will be on in Philadelphia and New jersey markets. It might be regulated to ESPN3 if you don’t live in the markets.

This is the last year of the Old Big East Game of the Week games…. Of course called the AAC GOW now. Those were regional broadcasts mixed between local stations and regional channels like SNY and MASN. Starting in ’14 those will be gone.

I Predict The American will be a lot better then anyone really expected? Obviously Louisville, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Houston, and Temple will all be good again, USF, UCF, SMU, and UConn will all improve to 5-6 wins, and become Bowl Eligible, while Memphis will take three years to become a Conference Power, and so will Tulsa and Tulane in a few years after they join, and then there’s Navy who is already a tough team, they will be an instant AAC Powerhouse competing for the Conference Title with established Powerhouses Cincinnati, Houston, Temple, and UCF!? …I foresee higher Bowl Percentage wins then the Power 5 Conferences overall within a 5 year period? …”Let it Be Written, Let it Be Done”!? ;)

Do not forget ECU!They will be expanding their stadium to 60000 in the next 2years and are on the Rise again!!

Probably so since the American’s top bowl game after this year is the Beef O Brady Bowl. They will several of those horrendous bowls they will be in. Easy to get a big winning bowl percentage when not playing in any of the bigger bowls.

I agree in that AAC will be a very good conference with some big upsets. Look for UCF to be a dominate player in this conference. Huge growth there and recruiting has been very good. UCF may not last long and could jump to ACC in a few years.

With the recruiting that Willie Taggert did in Tampa, USF will also be good once again. This teams in this conference will shock and surprise a lot of teams and be just as good as many of the other teams in the so-called Big 5 conferences. Remember UH went undefeated in 2011 and UCF went 10-4 in 2012, so I look for immediate impact from these two schools along with USF, Temple, Cincy, (Louisville and Rutgers in their last year) and UCONN.

There will be an American Athletic Conference team in the BCS Championship game and a Heisman Winner from that team as well.