Alabama, Florida top first BCS Standings of 2012

By Kevin Kelley -

Alabama (.9761) and Florida (.9092) top the first BCS standings of 2012, which were released Sunday evening.

Oregon, the 2nd ranked team in the Harris Poll and the AP Poll, comes in at third with a .8993 score. Kansas State (.8963) is fourth followed by Notre Dame (.8774) in fifth.

The LSU Tigers are in sixth place and lead all one loss teams with a .7522 score. South Carolina, Oregon State, Oklahoma, and USC round out the Top 10.

The BCS rankings consist of two human elements, the USA TODAY Sports Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive Poll, and a computer element. The computer element consists rankings by Anderson & Hester, Richard Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Kenneth Massey, Jeff Sagarin, and Peter Wolfe. For an explanation of how the rankings are calculated, check out

Based on the NCAA method, Florida and LSU have the toughest future schedule of teams in the Top 10. Both schools are tied for fourth.

Other ratings for toughest remaining schedule include Alabama (23rd), Oregon (20th), Kansas State (9th), Notre Dame (74th), South Carolina (20th), Oregon State (42nd), Oklahoma (25th), and USC (8th). Note that the rankings do not include possible conference championship games.

Listed below is the current 2012 BCS rankings (complete info):

1. Alabama .9761
2. Florida .9092
3. Oregon .8993
4. Kansas State .8963
5. Notre Dame .8774
6. LSU .7522
7. South Carolina .6930
8. Oregon State .6808
9. Oklahoma .6664
10. USC .5959
11. Georgia .4980
12. Mississippi State .4846
13. West Virginia .4793
14. Florida State .4277
15. Rutgers .4083
16. Louisville .4061
17. Texas Tech .3572
18. Texas A&M .3379
19. Clemson .3341
20. Stanford .2654
21. Cincinnati .2483
22. Boise State .1978
23. TCU .1377
24. Iowa State .1139
25. Texas .0640

Comments (7)

This would mean that the following teams are qualified for the BCS:

Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State, Florida State, Rutgers, Northwestern
Florida, Notre Dame, Oregon State, Oklahoma.

Ok I understand bama staying one but Florida 2 really? WTF!!!! Jumping over Oregon K State and ND really?? A bunch of SEC bull!!!!!

I don’t really see why those teams deserve to be ahead of Florida, except maybe for Notre Dame. Any of those teams could be No. 2. Things will work themselves out anyway, so debating now is pointless.

Maybe because all three was ranked above Florida before and who has Florida really played yet an beat lsu that’s all!

Notre Dame was behind Florida in every poll last week. UF hopped K-State in the Harris poll but are still behind them in the coaches’ poll. They’re still behind Oregon in both human polls. You can’t really compare last week’s polls since computers weren’t in the mix.

But who has K-State really played and beaten other than Oklahoma? Notre Dame has a few quality wins but none comparable to LSU or OU. Oregon has even fewer quality wins. Florida’s road win over 5-1 Texas A&M helps UF’s computer rankings (for now–TAMU still has to play LSU, Miss. State, and Alabama).

I don’t think Florida is the second best team in the nation, but their resume to date is as good as any other team’s. Your “SEC bull” claim here is unfounded.

A team should not jump over other unbeaten teams unless they proved they deserved it. Florida has not plain and simple it’s all too much sec nonsense!!

They didn’t jump over due to someone’s opinion. They jumped due to the computer numbers. The season is only half over, don’t worry so much about it.

Florida still has to play South Carolina, Georgia, Florida State, and possibly in the SEC Championship Game. They will either prove it by beating those teams or lose and drop. Be patient.