2024 ACC football schedule release moved up to January 24

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2024 ACC football schedule release has been moved up one week to Wednesday, January 24, the conference announced on Friday.

The reveal of the 2024 ACC football schedule, previously set for Jan. 31, is now slated for Jan. 24 with a two-hour special at 5:00pm ET on the ACC Network with a simulcast on ESPN2. The show will feature ACC Huddle host Kelsey Riggs and analysts EJ Manuel, Eddie Royal, and Mark Richt.

Prior to the full schedule release, ACC PM will announce the Week 1 matchups on Monday, Jan. 22 and the specialty Thursday and Friday night games on Tuesday, Jan. 23, both at 4:00pm ET on ACC Network.

The 2024 ACC football season will be the first for the league as a 17-team conference following the addition of the California Golden Bears, SMU Mustangs, and Stanford Cardinal.

Beginning in 2024, the 17-team ACC will play an eight-game conference schedule with four non-conference contests. All 17 teams will play each other at least twice in 7 years, once at home and once on the road. The current 14 ACC members will play in California three times over the seven years and no team will travel to California for a conference game in back-to-back seasons.

Additionally, all 17 ACC teams will compete in one division after the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions were eliminated last year. The two teams with the highest winning percentage in conference play will advance to the ACC Football Championship Game, which is held annually at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

The new ACC schedule model has also protected 16 annual matchups. Per the ACC, “…11 are retained from the current 3-5-5 schedule model, two are restored rivalries from the divisional format in Miami-Virginia Tech and NC State-Wake Forest and the three new schools fill the remaining three.”

Below are the 16 protected annual matchups (Georgia Tech and Louisville have none):

  • Boston College-Syracuse
  • Boston College-Pitt
  • Syracuse-Pitt
  • North Carolina-Virginia
  • North Carolina-Duke
  • North Carolina-NC State
  • NC State-Wake Forest
  • NC State-Duke
  • Duke-Wake Forest
  • Virginia Tech-Virginia
  • Florida State-Clemson
  • Miami-Florida State
  • Miami-Virginia Tech
  • Stanford-Cal
  • Stanford-SMU
  • Cal-SMU

Listed below are the opponents for each ACC team for the 2024 season. The ACC has released each team’s opponents through 2030.

2024 ACC Football Opponents

Boston College Eagles

Home: Louisville, North Carolina, Pitt, Syracuse
Away: Florida State, SMU, Virginia, Virginia Tech

Cal Golden Bears

Home: Miami, NC State, Stanford, Syracuse
Away: Florida State, Pitt, SMU, Wake Forest

Clemson Tigers

Home: Louisville, NC State, Stanford, Virginia
Away: Florida State, Pitt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

Duke Blue Devils

Home: Florida State, North Carolina, SMU, Virginia Tech
Away: Georgia Tech, Miami, NC State, Wake Forest

Florida State Seminoles

Home: Boston College, Cal, Clemson, North Carolina
Away: Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, SMU

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Home: Duke, Florida State, Miami, NC State
Away: Louisville, North Carolina, Syracuse, Virginia Tech

Louisville Cardinals

Home: Georgia Tech, Miami, Pitt, SMU
Away: Boston College, Clemson, Stanford, Virginia

Miami (FL) Hurricanes

Home: Duke, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
Away: Cal, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Syracuse

NC State Wolfpack

Home: Duke, Stanford, Syracuse, Wake Forest
Away: Cal, Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina

North Carolina Tar Heels

Home: Georgia Tech, NC State, Pitt, Wake Forest
2024 Away: Boston College, Duke, Florida State, Virginia

Pitt Panthers

Home: Cal, Clemson, Syracuse, Virginia
Away: Boston College, Louisville, North Carolina, SMU

SMU Mustangs

Home: Boston College, Cal, Florida State, Pitt
Away: Duke, Louisville, Stanford, Virginia

Stanford Cardinal

Home: Louisville, SMU, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
Away: Cal, Clemson, NC State, Syracuse

Syracuse Orange

Home: Virginia Tech, Miami, Stanford, Georgia Tech
Away: Pitt, Boston College, NC State, Cal

Virginia Cavaliers

Home: Boston College, Louisville, North Carolina, SMU
Away: Clemson, Pitt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

Virginia Tech Hokies

Home: Boston College, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia
Away: Duke, Miami, Stanford, Syracuse

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Home: Cal, Clemson, Duke, Virginia
Away: Miami, North Carolina, NC State, Stanford

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Comments (22)

I would add UNC-Wake and Miami’s games against the Northeast teams to the protected game list so that these games can be played on Thanksgiving weekend:

Virginia-Virginia Tech

4 ACC-SEC rivalries

Tobacco Road rotation

Boston College or Pittsburgh at Syracuse or Miami

Even years only:
UCLA at California
Stanford at SMU

Odd years only:
Notre Dame at Stanford
California at SMU

(Last four games are played earlier in the season when at the opposite locations).

Politics is Z-Man favorite Sport not College Football & You should watching News Channels instead of Sports Channels.

Why do you believe that the ACC has authority to schedule a Big Ten team (UCLA) into their season ending weekend? Just curious.

I want the Big Ten to go to 8 conference games, so that UCLA and Cal can continue their rivalry as a non-conference game.

I would like to see Notre Dame play at Virginia Tech Week 5 9/28/24 & Notre Dame host Louisville Week 13 11/23/24 & Rutgers be Syracuse Big Ten replacement opponent when Army withdrew also I would like to see Notre Dame play various ACC away opponents during even number years with Miami on Thanksgiving Weekend in 2025.

Also would like Notre Dame/Florida State move a week earlier than usual 11/2/24 & would make a perfect evening game under the lights & NBC have USC at Washington Friday evening 11/1/24 & CBS have a Saturday tripleheader 11/2/24 with Air Force at Army Noon,Oregon at Michigan 3:30PM & Ohio State at Penn State 7:30PM.

Z-Man you are treating College Football like a Political Ambition not a Sport & your problem you enjoy being like a greedy little child & you want College Football to do things Z-Man way & you do not care about being a mature adult & what are going to do when things do not go your way buried yourself under 32″ of snow in Green Bay.

I thought I told you to stop harassing me it appeared you complied for a bit but you’re back at it again.

If all you’re going to do is treat me like crap get off of this site FFS I’m autistic.

And again, I said this to you on another article. You are coming across as a bully. I take bullying very seriously after a bad experience with someone on another website over a decade ago.

Aaron Rodgers was a big crybaby for packers he was A selfish & arrogant person & 114% hated Mike McCarthy & McCarthy should of send Rodgers to either LA Rams or LA Chargers following 2017 Season & remember Rodgers cost Packers A Dynasty. Z-Man you will have to accept crtiicism whether you like it or not & does not bother me if you call me A Bully call me Bully all you want see if I care.

Hey this is Z-Man’s older brother. You and other people on here need to cut him some slack. He’s autistic and very sensitive. He has a lot of good ideas, I know he shares a lot of them with me on Facebook Messenger. And while I may not agree with him on a number of them, at least I don’t do what you do. My brother is right, you are a bully, and you need to stop.

So think twice before responding again.

Z-Man is very sorry for what I did to you & greatly appreciate that you are autistic thanks for making me aware of it.I have very tough asking people questions & was not fully aware what was going on I’m very blessed for warning you gave to me & I 114% promise that I will leave you alone & sorry I got very frustrated on Aaron Rodgers & as a die-hard Chicago Bears Fan I have full support when Mike McCarthy was Packers Head Coach & aftermath of Packers Super Bowl XLV Victory would make a perfect ESPN 30 for 30 documentary in future.

Looking at the Future ACC schedule for each team, I see FSU and Clemson as part of that schedule. This obviously means that they will be in the ACC up until at least 2030. I honestly do not know why they want to leave? Both of them have an easier path to the 12 team CFP.

As A Syracuse Orange Fan I still hope that both Florida State Seminoles & Clemson Tigers to stay in ACC & I do not want to see both Noles & Tigers leave that Conference.

When the media contract for your conference (the ACC) pays out approximately $17.1 million annually through 2036 compared to the newly reformed Big 12’s contract, which will receive about $31.7 million annually per member (through 2031); your current conference affiliation would alarm your administration and alumni. But in addition, when the individual members of the SEC receive an average of $68.75 million per year (through 2034) and the Big Ten average arcade member garner $71.875 million annually (through 2031); your conference affiliation will have rendered your athletic departments to financial rock-bottom. By 2036, you will have effectively ceased to – athletically – exist. That’s why they want to leave.

I would like to see both ACC & SEC to follow Big Ten & Big Twelve to have 9 Conference game schedule & they are going be 114% important & meaningful in future & having 3 out of conference games would be excellent enough & would be very good solution bring back Bedlam Oklahoma State/Oklahoma. Pac 12 rivalry I will miss the most as A Arizona State Sun Devils Fan is USC & Arizona State/USC would make a fantastic out of conference game in future.

I would like to see both Notre Dame & Florida State have bye for Week 10 11/2/24 just in case they want to move Notre Dame/Florida State match up a week earlier would make a fantastic evening game under the lights & then have bye for Week 11 11/9/24.

Stan although I accept both SEC & ACC current 8 Conference schedule however it would be nice they can increase to 9 in future & just want to let you know I am 114% Fan of Conference games in College & twice a year Divisional games in NFL.

Here is Dan’s educated guess on Notre Dame 2024 schedule. 8/31 at Texas A&M 9/7 Northern Illinois 9/14 at Purdue Time:3:30PM TV:CBS/Paramount+ 9/21 Miami(OH) 9/28 at Virginia Tech 10/12 Stanford 10/19 at Georgia Tech(Mercedes Benz Stadium Atlanta) 10/26 vs Navy at Met Life Stadium East Rutherford,NJ 11/2 vs Florida State Time:730PM TV:NBC/Peacock 11/16 Virginia 11/23 Louisville 11/30 at USC Time:3:30PM TV:FOX