2016 SEC On CBS football schedule announced

By Brandon Sudge -

The 2016 SEC On CBS Football Schedule was officially announced today. CBS Sports coverage of the SEC begins on Sept. 3 with UCLA at Texas A&M at 3:30pm ET.

The SEC On CBS schedule in 2016 features a total of 16 games. Four other games were also announced — Kentucky at Florida on Sept. 10, Alabama at Ole Miss on Sept. 17, Florida vs. Georgia on Oct. 29, and Missouri at Arkansas on Friday, Nov. 25.

CBS will broadcast two SEC football doubleheaders. On Saturday, Nov. 5 there will be 3:30 and 8:00 games after the Notre Dame-Navy game which kicks at 11:30am. On Saturday, Nov. 12, there will be noon and 3:30 games.

All remaining SEC On CBS games will be announced six-to-12 days prior to the date of the game.

2016 SEC On CBS Football Schedule

Saturday, Sept. 3
UCLA at Texas A&M – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Sept. 10
Kentucky at Florida – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Sept. 17
Alabama at Ole Miss – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Sept. 24
SEC Game of the Week – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Oct. 1
SEC Game of the Week – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Oct. 8
SEC Game of the Week – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Oct. 15
SEC Game of the Week – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Oct. 22
SEC Game of the Week – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Oct. 29
Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville, FL) – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Nov. 5
Notre Dame vs. Navy (Jacksonville, FL) – 11:30am ET
SEC Game of the Week #1 – 3:30pm ET
SEC Game of the Week #2 – 8:00pm ET

Saturday, Nov. 12
SEC Game of the Week #1 – noon ET
SEC Game of the Week #2 – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Nov. 19
SEC Game of the Week – 3:30pm ET

Friday, Nov. 25
Arkansas at Missouri – 2:30pm ET

Saturday, Nov. 26
SEC Game of the Week – 3:30pm ET

Saturday, Dec. 3
SEC Championship Game – 4pm ET

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What is the point of UCLA and Texas A&M? What is going to be so big for Verne and Gary to call this game?

Actually, CBS had the US Open the first two weeks of the season when the current contract was signed, so those games aren’t first choice games for CBS. So CBS gets basically the game that ESPN didn’t want for the first two weeks of the season. That’s why you see Auburn-Clemson and UGA-UNC on ESPN this upcoming first game of the season because ESPN wanted those games more and gave UCLA-TAMU to CBS. Same reason why they gave UGA-Vandy and UK-UF to CBS for the second week of the season, to get the minimum appearance on CBS for Vandy and UK (I think it is 1 every 3 or 4 years but I’m not sure) while not giving CBS too big of a game before ESPN because CBS gets first pick the other 11 weeks of the season.

@ UGA ’18

Actually, I was reading another comment thread here on this website (someone can correct me if I am wrong), my understanding was that the Auburn vs Louisville game which was on CBS did not count towards the limit of appearances that Auburn could make on the network last season. It might have been the same story for the Georgia @ Vanderbilt game last year & Kentucky @ Florida this year.

That is correct. These first two weeks’ worth of games are sublicensed from ESPN and don’t count towards appearance limits–teams can only appear on CBS five times a season, with four exceptions allowed over the life of the contract to show a team six times. (The SEC championship game doesn’t count against this, either).

Perhaps it’s the best of both worlds for CBS. I wonder if these first 2 weeks count toward the minimum (like UK and Vandy) but not the 5x-per season maximum.

Dont you think CBS should get first pick I think that’s fair some people can’t afford cable TV

Trust me Im a Gators fan through and through and it’s sad I can’t watch all the Gators games because of ESPN and they just need too have ESPN come on regular tv

Is there a decent sports bar or two where you live or in a county nearby? Maybe that would be your best bet to catch any Gators games that are airing on ESPN & ESPN2.

CBS needs to add more SEC primetime games in 2017 to better compete with ABC – not saying have one each week but one a year just isn’t enough. As well move the SEC title game to primetime (no other P5 league has its title game outside primetime) and put the MWC title game back on CBS in the late afternoon slot.

SEC 20
Texas A&M
South Carolina
NC State
Va Tech
Ole Miss
Oklahoma State
Kansas St
W. Virginia
Sun Life
EverBank, FL
M-Benz, GA
Edward Jones Dome
Nissan Stadium

I don’t disagree with you on most of it but the SECCG has had it’s slot in the middle of the day for years and has always had the best ratings. I don’t see any reason to change it. Plus, there are usually not very many games going on at that time so the whole nation watches it.

If the B12 adds a CCG in the future, they might not be able to get a night slot due to all the other games being on (B10, PAC, ACC) and only so many networks. So they might be going head to head with the SEC in that mid day time slot.

I do agree they should maybe think about a few more night games on CBS though. They have plenty on ESPN already…

CBS is only allowed one night game per year under the terms of their contract with the SEC. The primetime window is reserved for ESPN, who have to agree to additional night games on CBS, which they aren’t going to do as they would go up against their primetime SEC game on ESPN and their primetime ABC game.

well in weeks CBS airs an SEC game in primetime ESPN would have to show a different conference in its slot

@ Brandon Sudge

I noticed that you forgot to include Sat. Nov. 19 for the SEC on CBS schedule.

Where can we see which network gets first pick of the SEC game in the upcoming weeks? E.g., Sept. 24th has LSU-Auburn, Ole Miss-UGA, and UF-UT. Who gets to pick the game they want first in that 6-12 day window before the game? Thanks.

We don’t track that here. I did find this from GigEm247 site from last season:

Game times are announced 12 days prior to kickoff. 2 times per year per school, the networks may exercise a 6 day option, where they may wait until 6 days before kickoff before announcing the time and channel of the game.

CBS gets first pick every week for their 3:30/2:30c time slot. No other network may broadcast a game where an SEC team is the home team during this time slot.

CBS gets 2 doubleheaders per year. One at 3:30/8:00pm (2:30/7:00pm central) and one at Noon/3:30. No network may broadcast a game where an SEC team is the home team while CBS uses it’s 8pm game. However, the Noon time slot is not exclusive to CBS during that doubleheader.

ESPN gets to pick the next 2 games. They may choose to start these games either before 1:30/12:30c or after 7/6c as to not conflict with the CBS broadcast.

SEC Network gets next pick for their for their 12/11c game.

ESPNU gets to pick the next game. They may choose to start the games either before 1:30/12:30c or after 7/6c as to not conflict with the CBS broadcast.

Regional networks get the remaining games. They may choose to start the games either before 1:30/12:30c or after 7/6c as to not conflict with the CBS broadcast.

Each team may elect to show 1 out of conference game per year on Pay-Per-View.

If an SEC team plays against an out of conference opponent, the home team’s TV contract prevails.

Neutral site SEC games (such as Georgia-Florida in Jacksonville) are subject to the SEC TV rules.

Neutral site non-SEC games games (such as the Cowboy Classic or the Chick-fil-a kickoff game) have their own TV contracts and are not subject to these rules.