2016 Pac-12 football schedule announced

By Brian Wilmer -

The 2016 Pac-12 Football Schedule has been officially announced. Conference play begins on Saturday, Sept. 17 with USC at Stanford.

All games played at Pac-12 sites will be televised by either an ESPN network, ABC, FOX, FOX Sports 1 or the Pac-12 Networks.

Prominent non-conference games in 2016 include Texas Tech at Arizona State, Arizona vs. BYU (at Glendale, AZ), Texas at California, Colorado at Michigan, Oregon at Nebraska, Boise State at Oregon State, Stanford at Notre Dame, UCLA at Texas A&M, USC vs. Alabama (at Arlington, TX), BYU at Utah, Rutgers at Washington, and Washington State at Boise State.

The 2016 Pac-12 Championship Game will be played on Friday, Dec. 2 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.

“Not only is the nine-game Conference schedule demanding for each of our teams, but they continue to test themselves with an array of impressive non-conference opponents too,” said Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott. “These are the types of big-time matchups Pac-12 fans will enjoy watching next season.”

2016 Pac-12 Football Schedules (composite schedule below)

North Division

South Division

2016 Pac-12 Football Schedule (Composite)

Saturday, Aug. 27
Hawai’i vs. California (at Sydney, Australia)

Thursday, Sept. 1
Southern Utah at Utah
Oregon State at Minnesota

Friday, Sept. 2
Colorado State vs. Colorado (at Denver, CO)
Kansas State at Stanford

Saturday, Sept. 3
Arizona vs. BYU (at Glendale, AZ)
Northern Arizona at Arizona State
USC vs. Alabama (at Arlington, TX)
UCLA at Texas A&M
UC Davis at Oregon
Rutgers at Washington
Eastern Washington at Washington State

Saturday, Sept. 10
Grambling State at Arizona
Texas Tech at Arizona State
Utah State at USC
Idaho State at Colorado
BYU at Utah
Virginia at Oregon
Idaho at Washington
Washington State at Boise State
California at San Diego State

Saturday, Sept. 17
Hawai’i at Arizona
Arizona State at UTSA
USC at Stanford
Colorado at Michigan
Utah at San Jose State
Oregon at Nebraska
Idaho State at Oregon State
Portland State at Washington
Idaho at Washington State
Texas at California

Friday, Sept. 23
USC at Utah

Saturday, Sept. 24
Washington at Arizona
California at Arizona State
Stanford at UCLA
Colorado at Oregon
Boise State at Oregon State

Friday, Sept. 30
Stanford at Washington

Saturday, Oct. 1
Arizona at UCLA
Arizona State at USC
Oregon State at Colorado
Utah at California
Oregon at Washington State

Saturday, Oct. 8
Arizona at Utah
UCLA at Arizona State
Colorado at USC
Washington at Oregon
California at Oregon State
Washington State at Stanford

Saturday, Oct. 15
USC at Arizona
Arizona State at Colorado
UCLA at Washington State
Utah at Oregon State
Stanford at Notre Dame

Friday, Oct. 21
Oregon at California

Saturday, Oct. 22
Washington State at Arizona State
Utah at UCLA
Colorado at Stanford
Oregon State at Washington

Thursday, Oct. 27
California at USC

Saturday, Oct. 29
Stanford at Arizona
Arizona State at Oregon
Washington at Utah
Washington State at Oregon State

Thursday, Nov. 3
UCLA at Colorado

Saturday, Nov. 5
Arizona at Washington State
Oregon at USC
Oregon State at Stanford
Washington at California

Thursday, Nov. 10
Utah at Arizona State

Saturday, Nov. 12
Colorado at Arizona
USC at Washington
Oregon State at UCLA
Stanford at Oregon
California at Washington State

Saturday, Nov. 19
Arizona at Oregon State
Arizona State at Washington
Washington State at Colorado
Oregon at Utah
Stanford at California

Friday, Nov. 25
Arizona State at Arizona
Washington at Washington State

Saturday, Nov. 26
UCLA at California
Utah at Colorado
Oregon at Oregon State
Rice at Stanford
Notre Dame at USC

Friday, Dec. 2
Pac-12 Football Championship Game (at Santa Clara, CA)

Comments (22)

Nice big time match up for Washington vs. Rutgers? What type of kool-aide are you drinking Larry? Washington has the weakest non league schedule in the league with pathetic Rutgers , woeful Idaho and Portland State-that is more cupcakes than bakery. With season ticket sales down 9,000 since 2013 it will be hard to reverse the trend. Come on Husky fans, defend this OOC scheduling-it isn’t any better in 2017 with Rutgers again, another Big Sky money game with Montana and 2-10 Fresno State.

Husky fans must wait until 2020 when Michigan comes to town before they play a big name Power 5 team. It appears that feasting on cupcakes and 20,000 empty seats in the new Husky home schedule philosophy for non league games.

Imagine if an SEC team tried to play through these schedules… Wow… They’d get demolished!

No. The SEC sucks. It’s the most overrated conference. No Quarterbacks. Every team is exactly the same. Try planning for a different offense each week and see what happens. The only good team is Alabama, and their QB couldn’t even hold a Pac12 QB1’s water bottle.

You are the ultimate SEC troll. Chad Kelly, Dak Prescott and Brandon Allen are the SEC’s best QB’s. 3 of the best QB’S in the nation. I’m not doubting the PAC’s QB talent though. VA is amazing, Falk even better, Goff, Wilson, all good ones. Have you looked at the SEC’s opening slate? It’s pretty good.

I’m not a troll, I’m a realist. You are just drinking the ESPN koolaid that the SEC is amazing. They play 8 conference games! How can you justify that? Then they play at least 3 games against FCS, Sunbelt, C-USA teams!!! Their WEAK OOC schedule should hurt them if you are unbiased, but there is too much ESPN garbage telling you how great the SEC is.

You just named 3 of 14 QBs in your conference. For a conference as great as the SEC, do you really think that is a good percentage?! If so, then it is impossible to get through to you.

The SEC’s 2016 opening slate does not justify their overall weak OOC schedule. When 3 of 4 games are against FCS, Sunbelt and C-USA teams, you should be embarassed and punished for it. If you want SEC bias to stop being screamed, then play 9 conference games like everyone else. The Pac 12, Big 10, and the Big 12 are doing it. At least in the ACC, almost every team plays 2 Power 5 OOC games… The SEC on the other hand schedule 1 decent “neutral” site game in the south, and then 3 weak OOC home games against FCS, Sunbelt, C-USA.

I’m not hating on the SEC. I’m telling it like it is. Playing 9 conference games is tougher than 8 conference games. Every conference has good and bad teams. Every team has strong and weak OOC schedules. But the SEC consistently has the weakest OOC schedules and only plays 8 conference games… Also, the SEC East is arguably the worst division in college football, but at least they play tougher OOC schedules.

I didn’t say those were the SEC’s only good QB’s just the best ones. You had said the SEC has no QB’S and everyone one is the same. If you think that, it’s impossible to get through to you. I won’t even get into the whole 8/9 game conference schedule, because it’s not going to lead either one of us anywhere.

Enjoy playing 4 high school football games, but the rest of the country that doesn’t listen to ESPN/SEC crap will know you are COWARDS.

BYU & Boise St do not attract national audiences, the’re a bigger name on the OCC schedule compared to Grambling & Idaho St though.

Yes, they do. Mormons are everywhere. BYU and Boise both have their own television deal with ESPN. Clearly, you are stuck in the south. Also, BYU has been given Power 5 recognition like ND for all the other big conferences. Boise is the toughest Group of 5 team with consistent invitations to play in the College Kickoff games and be the representative for a New Years Six game. Also, the two programs are better than half of each conference.

Maverick, me making that comment has nothing to do with me being “stuck in the south”, can you get that out your head. Teams like Texas, Michigan, Penn St, Notre Dame etc…attracts national audiences, big name programs that have been around for over well of a century & that a lot of these fans find work in other states then their own. I ran into two Michigan fans today alone, I have never ran into a Boise St fan in my life! Just because your Mormon does not make you a BYU, Boise St or UTAH fan, BYU will never be a ND & will never attract fans like ND. I think BYU is brave to be independent but we will see how long that last, no wonder ESPN is always bragging on BYU & Boise St, they have a contract. Just like when you say ESPN shows favoritism to the SEC, I see now why them show the same for these two schools.

I think this off season the Pac 12, along with the Big 10 and Big 12 should be putting pressure on the committee to demand all P5 teams being considered for a play off spot be required to play a minimum of 10 regular season games with P5 teams, and sorry Big 12, 11 games with P5 teams because of the CCGs. The Big 12 as is would need to play 11 regular season games with P5 teams.

If in 2015 UNC which played 10 regular season games with P5 teams, could be penalized for playing two FCS teams, then the committee needs to be pushed to say teams with 9 regular season games with P5 teams will also be penalized.

In the 2016 season there are 13 SEC teams which will play just 9 P5 games, 9 in the ACC, ND, two in the Big 10m one in the Big 12 and one in the Pac 12.