2016-17 Bowl Schedule Finalized

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2016-17 College Football Bowl Schedule has been finalized after each conference officially announced their bowl invites.

Alabama, the top team in the College Football Playoff rankings, will play No. 4 Washington in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl on Dec. 31, 2016. The 2nd-ranked Clemson Tigers will take on No. 3 Ohio State in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl, also on Dec. 31.

The winners of Alabama-Washington and Clemson-Ohio State will meet in the College Football National Championship at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017.

The remainder of the New Year’s Six bowl games also feature some good match-ups:

  • Orange – (11) Florida State vs. (6) Michigan
  • Cotton – (15) WMU vs. (8) Wisconsin
  • Rose – (9) USC vs. (5) Penn State
  • Sugar – (14) Auburn vs. (7) Oklahoma

Bowl Schedules

Final 2016 CFB Playoff Rankings

1. Alabama (13-0)
2. Clemson (12-1)
3. Ohio State (11-1)
4. Washington (12-1)
5. Penn State (11-2)
6. Michigan (10-2)
7. Oklahoma (10-2)
8. Wisconsin (10-3)
9. USC (9-3)
10. Colorado (10-3)
11. Florida State (9-3)
12. Oklahoma State (9-3)
13. Louisville (9-3)
14. Auburn (8-4)
15. Western Michigan (13-0)
16. West Virginia (10-2)
17. Florida (8-4)
18. Stanford (9-3)
19. Utah (8-4)
20. LSU (7-4)
21. Tennessee (8-4)
22. Virginia Tech (9-4)
23. Pittsburgh (8-4)
24. Temple (10-3)
25. Navy (9-3)

Comments (10)

I mean Washington or Oklahoma should of been number 4. An to make it at least more interesting have Penn state vs Oklahoma play in a bowl game..

1) Bama
2) Clemson
3) Washington
4) Penn State

5) Oklahoma
6) Ohio State
7) Michigan
8) Western Michigan

Let’s go to 8!

If you think we have a headache with people complaining about 4 teams, what makes you think 8 eight teams would end the bickering? It would not, it would make it worse, btw the #15 W.Michigan would still not make it in, USC would though. After we go to 8 then all hell will break loose & of course we will then have to go to 16.

The highest ranked G5 championship team should be included. 8 gives you the P5 conference champions, 2 by the selection committee, and the G5. Hey, I’m all for 16 or an FCS-style bracket.

My problem with the “just take the conference champions” argument is that not all conferences are equal. They just aren’t.


So true! Every conference is not equal. If the highest G5 team is W. Michigan & Bama is already Favorited by -14 over Washington, what do you think the spread would be over the Broncos? It would be a wait of time & a wait of a game if Bama played the Broncos, I say 45-10 at least. It would be like in college basketball March Madness 1 vs 16, 16 has NEVER EVER won a game so why in the hell should a team from the MAC that beat two BIG teams that were not that good go to the CFP? USC, Michigan or Oklahoma is more deserving, congrats to the Broncos & going 13-0 & I think going to the Cotton Bowl is well deserving, who knows they might even best the Badgers to go 3-0 vs BIG this year. The conference championship has been in place for a long time, SEC just celebrity 25 years but just because you win the championship does not put you in a position to play in the CFP. I feel the committee got it right with the teams that are in.

I agree. It’s almost to the point to where you need an Power 5 Champion and a non-Power 5 Champion. Let teams like Western Michigan play Alabama in the regular season, but in the playoff, give the non-Power 5 their own playoff.