2014 Mountain West Football Schedule Announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2014 Mountain West football schedule was announced today. MWC play begins on September 6 when Air Force visit Wyoming and Boise State hosts Colorado State.

Featured 2014 non-conference match-ups for the MWC include Navy at Air Force, Boise State vs. Ole Miss (at Atlanta, GA), Colorado State vs. Colorado (at Denver, CO), Fresno State at USC, Washington at Hawaii, Nevada at Arizona, Arizona State at New Mexico, San Diego State at Oregon State, San Jose State at Auburn, UNLV at BYU, Utah State at Tennessee, and Wyoming at Oregon.

The 2014 Mountain West Championship Game will be played on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014. It will be a match-up of the Mountain and West Division winners and will be hosted by the highest ranked team.

2014 MWC Football Schedules

Mountain Division

West Division

2014 Mountain West Football Schedule (Composite)

Thursday, August 28
Boise State vs. Mississippi (at Atlanta, GA)

Friday, August 29
Colorado State vs. Colorado (at Denver, CO)

Saturday, August 30
Nicholls State at Air Force
Fresno State at USC
Washington at Hawai‘i
Southern Utah at Nevada
UTEP at New Mexico
Northern Arizona at San Diego State
North Dakota at San José State
UNLV at Arizona
Utah State at Tennessee
Montana at Wyoming

Friday, September 5
Washington State at Nevada

Saturday, September 6
Air Force at Wyoming*
Colorado State at Boise State*
Fresno State at Utah
Oregon State at Hawai‘i
Arizona State at New Mexico
San Diego State at North Carolina
San José State at Auburn
Northern Colorado at UNLV
Idaho State at Utah State

Friday, September 12
Northern Illinois at UNLV

Saturday, September 13
Air Force at Georgia State
Boise State at Connecticut
UC Davis at Colorado State
Nebraska at Fresno State
Northern Iowa at Hawai‘i
Nevada at Arizona
Wake Forest at Utah State
Wyoming at Oregon

Saturday, September 20
Louisiana at Boise State
Southern Utah at Fresno State
Hawai‘i at Colorado
New Mexico at New Mexico State
San Diego State at Oregon State
San José State at Minnesota
Florida Atlantic at Wyoming

Saturday, September 26
Fresno State at New Mexico*

Saturday, September 27
Boise State at Air Force*
Colorado State at Boston College
Nevada at San José State
UNLV at San Diego State*
Utah State at Arkansas State
Wyoming at Michigan State

Friday, October 3
Utah State at BYU
San Diego State at Fresno State*

Saturday, October 4
Navy at Air Force
Boise State at Nevada*
Tulsa at Colorado State
Hawai‘i at Rice
New Mexico at UTSA
UNLV at San José State*

Friday, October 10
San Diego State at New Mexico*

Saturday, October 11
Air Force at Utah State*
Colorado State at Nevada*
Fresno State at UNLV*
Wyoming at Hawai‘i

Friday, October 17
Fresno State at Boise State*

Saturday, October 18
New Mexico at Air Force*
Utah State at Colorado State*
Hawai‘i at San Diego State*
Nevada at BYU
San José State at Wyoming*

Friday, October 24
BYU at Boise State

Saturday, October 25
Wyoming at Colorado State*
Nevada at Hawai‘i*
San José State at Navy
UNLV at Utah State*

Saturday, November 1
Air Force at Army
Colorado State at San José State*
Wyoming at Fresno State*
Utah State at Hawai‘i*
San Diego State at Nevada*
New Mexico at UNLV*

Friday, November 7
Utah State at Wyoming*

Saturday, November 8
Air Force at UNLV*
Boise State at New Mexico*
Hawai‘i at Colorado State*
San José State at Fresno State*
Idaho at San Diego Stat

Saturday, November 15
Nevada at Air Force*
San Diego State at Boise State*
Hawai‘i at San José State*
New Mexico at Utah State*

Friday, November 21
Air Force at San Diego State*
San José State at Utah State*

Saturday, November 22
Boise State at Wyoming*
New Mexico at Colorado State*
Fresno State at Nevada*
UNLV at Hawai‘i

Friday, November 28
Colorado State at Air Force*

Saturday, November 29
Utah State at Boise State*
Hawai‘i at Fresno State*
Nevada at UNLV*
Wyoming at New Mexico*
San José State at San Diego State*

Saturday, December 6
MW Football Championship Game+

* Mountain West Conference game
+ The Mountain West Football Championship Game will be played at the home stadium of the highest-ranked of the two divisional champions.

Comments (12)

Let us hope that the MWC does not repeat 2013 with 1-20 record against BCS teams. It will be interesting to see if the MWC can sell out more games this year than last years 2 games @ Fresno State.

I agree, I went to CSU and have been at about half of the MWC stadiums for games and I can tell you that the Fresno State stadium is a great place to watch a game.
Hopefully MWC fans will get to the stadiums more to keep the money coming in so the level of play stays as high is it has been.

We actually won 2 games vs AQ teams. Fresno beat Rutgers opening week and also Colorado State beat Washington State in the bowl.

If only “RV”-Teams avaiable for the championship game, then the “Receiving Votes” are the Tiebreaker?

Matthew, forgive me , but Colorado State did not beat Washington State, rather WSU gave the game away, and secondly WSU would never be admitted to the PAC12 today with their rather sorry athletics and poor fan support. Most of their home games have Mountain West type crowds in the 20,000-30,000 range. It would be nice to boot them out of the PAC12 and admit BYU and Boise State but the small population and fan base of Boise and the LDS restrictions on Sunday play conspire to keep both Boise and BYU out of the PAC12 .

The Mountain West Conference does not get the respect it deserves there is always good games being played and the schools are competitive. Imagine if we still had BYU, Utah and TCU