2010 Miami football schedule announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2010 Miami Hurricanes Football Schedule has been posted. Their schedule features games against Oklahoma, UCF, USF, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.

Listed below are links to the 2010 Miami Hurricanes football schedule and future schedules:

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Great! I have been a Miami fan for 20 years! After signing Shannon to another 4 years I will have to find another team! He sucks! Who gives a SH*T if they get good grades! When other teams hear they are playing the “U” it no longer brings fear to their hearts! THERE IS NO MORE SWAGGER! This university no longer cares if they have a WINNING football program! Their FOOTBALL program put them on the map. The GATORS get all the recruits or you have FLORIDA boys going to USC! Miami can’t even get in state recruits to stay, let alone convince out of state recruits to come to MIAMI! BRING BACK THUG “U” at least we won back then! Butch went to NC and has whopped our A$$ every year! We haven’t had ONE of Randy’s recruits drafted in the first round since he took over. STOP THE BLEEDING! MAKE WHIPPLE THE HEAD COACH!

man let me talk to you for a min B RAD i been a miami fan for 20yrs too! We both want the same success that we had threw the pass 20yrs and more, me and you know shannon is young he might have took the job cause he was a alumni at the U its not his fault that they are having 2yrs of bad luck we have all new offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator too so dont worry we will be back the ACC just made us a little soft and we will get the SWAGGER back it just take time FAKE ASS HURRICANNE FAN i felt the same way but I DONT GIVE UP ON A TEAM THAT I @#$! WITH FOR 20 SOME YRS JUST BECAUSE YOU FLORIDA WINNING JUST DONT FORGET WE OWN THEM WINNING WISE SO HO, WHEN THEY GET BETTER DONT FALL IN LOVE AGAIN CAUSE INSIDE YOUR BODY YOUR NOT A TRU FAN #@[email protected]!

B Rad, you sound like a dumb @#! republican`t….For you to be a so called fan, you don`t know [email protected]#@ about my program. The Canes I see, have swagger. They were just young…For your info B Dumb #[email protected] This is only Randy`s fourth year. So that means he`s first recruiting class are seniors, dumb @#$. Go be a Gaytor, we don`t need you.

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Last I check, football is a sport and all those kids are NOT going to become NFL all stars! So do me the favor before you put football before grades B dumba$$, dont be an idiot and complain why the US economy is going to sh*t! Its people like you that encourage sports over getting an education and becoming something of themselves! the U is trying to prove both academics and athletics so shut the hell up!!

I don’t care what “ANY ONE” say’s. The HURT_YA_CANES are back in full AFFECT!!!!YO to “ALL” you hates. Go suck one for your for your momma!!!!And SCREW the “FLORIDA=FLAMING GATORS=GAYFORS!! yA’LL AIN’T crap NO MO with TEA BAG Tebow and harven!! Can we say washed up and washed out!!!!

Once a true canes fan always a canes fan yes we are having hard times and we will be back dont for get we still have more national titles then the gaytors and the semi holes put together so go on u weak ass traitors and jump the band wagon u suck anyway.

Jacory is going to rip the ACC apart. B rad is a fake who will probably be sporting a notre dame jersey. It’s all about the U

Maimi has to toughen up a bit. They do not have the swagger of old. They start out well, fall apart in the middle of the game and get back on track near the end. The canes of old would put it high gear from the start and not stop to 2 minutes after the final whistle blew. Remember Vs Texas in the Cotton Bowl, now that was swagger!

I am looking forward to this season, I like what Shannon brings to the program, our 2008 recruiting class should be ready to be leaders and inspire this team to win at the least an ACC Championship and be a contender for a Championship run.


Last year was not the best year for us, but it sure as hell was not the worst when you consider our first four games and how young the team was. Many of us wandered why would coach put such a young team up against a grueling schedule. Well, they did it again this year and once again I beleive we will come out on top! Bottom line is this, teams will once again respect and fear The”U”! We ain’t runnin’ from ya, we comin’ to ya! Go Canes!

them canes gone be good as hell this year nobody wants to come play us thats y we aint playing the gators cause we would beat the breaks out of them but fsu we gone beat the [email protected]#$ outa them tho