2010 Clemson football schedule announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2010 Clemson Tigers Football Schedule has been posted. Their schedule features games against Auburn, South Carolina, Boston College, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Maryland and Miami.

Listed below are links to the 2010 Clemson Tigers football schedule and future schedules:

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yea.gamecocks suck.i hope dabo and the boys bring home the acc champion ship that would b awsome.good luck in 2010 tigers………….

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gamecocks clemson is the best team that ever step foot on the field and will ever step foot on the field Cj spiller left us antwin ellington Step up

everyone come watch your tigers here ,eat wings drink cold beer,,

Clemson’s running game is going to suprise many people this year!!! We have the “BUS” & ERIC DICKERSON in the backfield!!and the “DE” is AWSOMMMME!!!!!

lol You poor pathetic fools actually believe that Clemson is a legitimately, good football team!? hahaha!! I pity you imbeciles!!! The hardest team Clemson will play all year is Miami and they will be decimated by the hurricanes! Clemson is a mediocre team, in an even worse conference!!! lol Have fun watching the tigers beat the likes of @#$!, like North Texas? Presbyterian College? Seriously!? You guys want your team to play garbage like these guys, and beat them 60-0 so you can call Clemson a good football team? HAHAHAHA You fools are just play STUPID!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Spiller was the best player you had and now he’s gone! Andre and Ellington, or whoever else the @#$! you idiots are rambling about won’t save you!!!!!!!!!! It’s easy to finish 9-3 every year when you play garbage teams like Clemson does! That doesn’t make your team a good football team! It makes them good at beating @#$!! teams!! lol Clemson would easily get destroyed by any of these teams. FLA,GA,ALA,LSU,ARK, maybe even Ole Miss. Also Texas, Ohio St (even though they suck ass anyway, The list goes on.. and on… and on… Create a schedule next year, so that those two games Clemson is playing PB and NT this year, they play good teams like, two of those listed above. Have Clemson beat BOTH of them by more than 2 td’s and THEN come harping to me about “THE GREATEST TEAM EVER”.

yea clemson is a joke. haha i laugh at the fools who think beating coastal carolina, pres,n texas, etc is actually something to be proud of. join the sec if u want a real challenge. idiots!

Go Tigers !!!! Hope yall do good this year . But realy matters is that you beat them Gamecocks !!!

Clemson sucks your entire football history is a farce. U guys are comical and disgraceful. Traditionally u play an inferior schedule even in 1980. Weak CC!!