Weekly College Football Rewind – Week 12

By George Harvey -

As the college football regular season grinds closer and closer to a halt, games start to get a little more exciting, especially when talking about conference championship and bowl game match ups.

Following are games that stood out to me, and in respective categories.

Best of the Best
#3 Florida State over Miami 30-26
#5 Alabama over #1 Mississippi State 25-20

These two contests are my Week 12 Best of the Best games. FSU-UM is always a great game to watch and, although the ‘Noles struggled early, they came from behind and got the job done to stay undefeated.

Meanwhile, the Crimson Tide bested top-ranked Mississippi State, giving the Bulldogs their first loss of the season.

Toss Up
Cincinnati over East Carolina 54-46
#8 Ohio State over #25 Minnesota 31-24

Both of these games almost went either way. The biggest thing of note is how close the Ohio State and Minnesota contest was, with the Buckeyes being the eighth-ranked team and generally able to fend off Minnesota.

Who Saw That Coming?
Virginia Tech over #21 Duke 17-16
Northwestern over #18 Notre Dame 43-40 (OT)
#15 Georgia over #9 Auburn 34-7
Missouri over #24 Texas A&M 34-27
Oregon State over #6 Arizona State 35-27

Five games made the “Who Saw That Coming” category this week. The Hokies squeaked out a one-point upset victory over the Blue Devils, while Northwestern took Notre Dame to overtime to earn a three-point win.

Meanwhile, in a battle of two top 25 teams, #15 Georgia embarrassed #9 Auburn. To top it off, two more unranked teams having impressive years got big upset wins as Oregon State bested #6 Arizona State and Missouri upset #24 Texas A&M.

George Harvey is a contributor to FBSchedules.com.

Comments (4)

The Va.tech game does not surprise me, Notre Dame defense can not stop a parked bus & Zona St lost their opportunity to play in the playoff. My question is what the hell happen to Auburn? Great team over all but inconsistent on defense & only scored 7 vs Georgia, wow. The iron bowl just got dummy downed, not to say it won’t be a great game but man.

Ohio state was up by 10 the whole game, that’s not really a toss up. Mizz over A&M doesn’t surprise me.