UFL reveals team markets, head coaches for 2024 season

By Kevin Kelley -

The United Football League (UFL) has revealed the team markets and head coaches for all eight franchises ahead of the launch of the new spring league in 2024.

The new UFL was formed from the merger between the XFL and USFL. Russ Brandon, former President and CEO of the XFL, will lead the UFL as President and CEO, while Daryl Johnston, former USFL President of Football Operations, will lead football operations for the new combined league.

The league will consist of two four-team conferences named after the previous league names, USFL and XFL. The USFL Conference will consist of the Birmingham Stallions, Houston Roughnecks, Memphis Showboats, and Michigan Panthers. Teams in the XFL Conference include the Arlington Renegades, D.C. Defenders, San Antonio Brahmas, and St. Louis Battlehawks.

Since Houston had teams in both the USFL and XFL, the USFL’s Houston Gamblers have been merged into the XFL’s Houston Roughnecks.

The 10-week regular-season of the new UFL will begin on Saturday, March 30, 2024 with a matchup between the 2023 league champions, the Arlington Renegades (XFL) and Birmingham Stallions (USFL).

Below are the team names and head coaches for each UFL team in 2024 along with stadium information.


Birmingham Stallions
Head Coach: Skip Holtz
Stadium: Protective Stadium

Houston Roughnecks
Head Coach: Curtis Johnson
Stadium: TDECU Stadium

Memphis Showboats
Head Coach: John DeFilippo
Stadium: Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium

Michigan Panthers
Head Coach: Mike Nolan
Stadium: Ford Field


Arlington Renegades
Head Coach: Bob Stoops
Stadium: Choctaw Stadium

DC Defenders
Head Coach: Reggie Barlow
Stadium: Audi Field

San Antonio Brahmas
Head Coach: Wade Phillips
Stadium: Alamodome

St. Louis BattleHawks
Head Coach: Anthony Becht
Stadium: The Dome at America’s Center

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Comments (8)

7 Central Time Teams and DC as the one ET team.

I wish the United Football League luck and I will be watching, Any live football is better than just about anything else on TV for me.

I am also interested if the 4 teams in cities with the NFL does better or worse in attendance than the 4 cities than are not currently in NFL cities.

Actually, that’s two Eastern Time Zone teams (DC Defenders and Michigan Panthers). The other six teams are in the Central Time Zone.

Why did they keep the rough necks instead of the Gamblers If you are going to have a Houston team in the USFL division then it should have been the USFL team.

The Houston Roughnecks actually played in Houston and built up a pretty good fan base. The Gamblers played in Memphis.

The 2022-23 USFL Gamblers never played in Houston, instead playing home games Birmingham, in 2022 and Memphis, for 2023. When the USFL and XFL merged to form the UFL in 2024, the Gamblers took over the branding of the original Houston Roughnecks, there also was loud fanbase in Houston that clearly stated they wanted the Roughnecks over the Gamblers. Frankly, the Gamblers name was pretty dumb since Gambling has been illegal in Texas for decades.