Texas legislator introduces bill to require annual Texas-Texas A&M Football Game

By Kevin Kelley -
Texas-Texas A&M
Texas and Texas A&M did not play in 2012. Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Guillen, a Democratic representative from House District 31 in Texas, introduced a house bill on Monday to require an annual football game between the Texas Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies.

Texas and Texas A&M did not play in 2012 due to the Aggies’ move to the SEC from the Big 12. Before the series came to an end, the two bitter in-state rivals had played every season since 1915. The long-standing series, which began in 1894, is led by the Longhorns 76-37-5.

“[Texas A&M] did leave,” Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds said in 2011. “We didn’t want them to. We still don’t want them to but they did. That was their choice. That leaves us with an opportunity to make choices, and we will make them on our time and on our own grounds.”

DeLoss has also stated that the Longhorns have a full non-conference schedule through 2018 and don’t have any room for a game against the Aggies. But Texas’ future schedules currently show one opening in 2018, although UT could have a game set that has not yet been made public.

Texas does have two openings each year from 2019 through 2023. And there’s always the option of postponing or canceling other games to create an opening.

Guillen, a Texas A&M alumnus, introduced the bill in part to get the two schools moving towards a resolution.

“This game is as much a Texas tradition as cowboy boots and barbeque,” Guillen told the Texas Tribune. “The purpose of the bill is to put the eyes of Texas upon our two greatest universities to restore this sacred Texas tradition.”

“I think the people of Texas want a game, and we’re trying to get them one.”

This type of legislative technique has been used effectively in the past. State legislatures have inserted themselves into disputes and helped restore rivalries such as Alabama-Auburn, Florida-Florida State, Clemson-South Carolina, and Louisville-Kentucky (basketball).

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Good, this needed to be done. As a UT fan, I think both of these schools are to blame for throwing jealousy-filled teenage temper tantrums about this. An excuse like having a full out of conference schedule, because these don’t ever get moved around and adjusted all of the time…Get it done. I was so disappointed when Northern Illinois bumped Oklahoma out of the BCS because I would have loved to see them play in the Cotton Bowl. Although, after watching Johnny Football torch them, I am actually happier that we played Oregon St…

Well, Oregon State is pretty good. However the Ducks out-epic them by 16 trillion jigawatts.

Both schools are not to blame. a&m left the Big 12 and the series would still be played if they had stayed in the Big 12. a&m knew the series would be over if they left, and they decided to leave anyway, so its a&m’s fault. Sorry, but thats just the honest truth.

at least Mr. Dodds didn’t try to replace A&M with Savannah St., Western Carolina, Presbyterian, etc…..

As much as I would like to see the series renewed, is this really the biggest problem facing America, let alone Texas, today? I think Texas has a bigger problem with all those illegals in El Paso.

You’re right, he should have introduced a bill to outlaw illegal immigration, oh wait, that already exists.

PS THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS POST I JUST WANNA SAY THANKS TO (there, turned Caps Lock off) Kevin for this rather awesome website, it being the first (and only) news I check every day *cough* 3 1/2 seconds.
Football Geek Paradise.

This is the reason why politicians need not worry about a
football game and pay attention in passing a bill for education!!!
Yes it was great to see TX VS TXA&M but they moved on maybe later
they can reconcile and play, we shouldn’t have politicans worried
about this stuff, the students should lobby if they want the game back to the schools administration and presidents.

Exactly. Everything you wrote is spot on. Don’t these politicians have more important matters to worry about which require immediate attention?

Wow Texas seems to be a state without poverty, hunger, racism and all the other blluhist, too.

Does Ryam Gullen slate Texas and Texas A&M to hide the public fail of the texan policy to stop hunger, poverty, racism and all the other blluhsit, too.

This whole thing is a silly, grandstanding waste of time that won’t go anywhere. That said, I never really liked the logic that politicians should not be allowed to discuss, advocate for, or acknowledge any issue that isn’t 100% devoted to fixing “the economy” (or whatever other major issue is the one dominating the news in a given time period).

If both teams stay competitive though, they could end up meeting in the Cotton Bowl or the Sugar Bowl. It’s still a bummer that this rivalry had to go away and it SHOULD come back as soon as possible. If Florida/Florida State can keep things going in spite of conference realignment, these universities should too.

And yes, politicians have other things to do but I bet you 70% of those politicians went to either UT or TAMU so I imagine they’re going to be pretty persistent.

This is just silly. Why put out a bill for a stupid, rivalry football game (no offence to UT and A&M fans) instead of one that the people really need, like education, immigration, etc… It’s just silly

WHAT THE WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a football site and you talk about education?! You’re supposed to talk about sports!If you’re a mother you should be arrested by the N.C.A.A.P.D(NCAA Police Department).

Besides, do you see a bill requiring BYU and Utah, Utah and Utah State, and BYU and Utah State to play each other every year? Of course not because they know it is just silly. Besides, Utah BYU is just as big as UT A&M and both had the same reaction, only one senator took it to far.

BYU is not a state school. There is no way the state could demand it schedule certain football games.

It’s not a good example when 1) You use a private school in your scenario and 2) you use a rivalry that hasn’t met many years sicne Utah went to the MWC and then the Pac-12: Utah/ Utah State.

I support this measure 100%. It was done in Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama to make the big state schools put on a show for the fans. A&M has no business scheduling Sam Houston State when there’s a Texas game to be played?

a&m wants to play Sam Houston because its an easy win. They really dont want to play Texas because its a likely loss! The series stands at 76-37-5, so Texas won a lot more than they lost.

you didnt see uga stop playin tech when they left the sec for the metro…

and the metro was the predecessor of the cusa… tech left the sec for the cusa! haha! go dawgs! we run this stste!!!

Georgia Tech left the SEC in 1964. They were independent through 197 and became a charter member of the Metro conference in 1971.

Say here is an idea once all the business in the Texas Legislature is complete, bills passed, money granted then I think that is a great idea but I am pretty sure that not only the Texas Legislature but the US Legislature has more important things to do right now than try to force a former rivalry back into a football game. If we manage to meet up in years to come then that is great, if not, then that is the way the cookie crumbles!

If they wanted to assure this game…the legislature should have stepped in and prevented A&M from leaving the Big 12. Hardly fair to allow that, which opened the door to the SEC recruiting in our talent rich state, and then force UT to play them.

Solve your problem real quick. Cause U Texas to join he SEC. Replace them in the Big 12/really 10 with Sammy Houston. Texas had the best of all worlds with its very own Southwest conf. Its own footall big school con, and your legislature let it slip away. Arkansaw left and it fell apart!

We have a lot more things for Guillen and the Texas legislature to be worried about than some football game. Texas already has a bigger rivalry with OU anyway, and doesnt need the a&m game because they already proved who the better team was and the series record is 76-37-5. The only people who want this series back are the bitter a&m fans who are still b-hurt that they got beat so many times and that they lost the last one in 2011.

Here is the bottom line. A&M want their cake and eat it too. Why should Texas play A&M anymore> Just because some in the state thinks so. Texas have the opportinity build other rivals. I would love to see Texas build a rival with Arkansa and TCU each year in Gerry’s House or the Catton bowel. Play SMU, Houston and Rice. Forget about A&M cry babies. How dumb to try and make Texas play A&M. A large number of Alums will fight it. Bye, Bye. No Texas playing A&M unless both meet in the college football playoffs or
the Championship Game for.