SEC sets opponents, eight-game football schedule format for 2025

By Kevin Kelley -

The SEC has announced the football opponents for the 2025 season, and the league will retain its eight-game scheduling format.

SEC teams again will play an eight-game conference schedule with four non-conference opponents. One of those four non-conference opponents is required to be from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 or major independent.

The 2025 conference opponents for each team are the same as the upcoming 2024 season, but with the sites of the contests flipped.

“We continue to monitor changes across college sports as they relate to future scheduling,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. “Continuing with our current format for the 2025 season provides additional time to understand the impact of the changes happening around us as we determine the appropriate long-term plan for SEC football scheduling.”

Featured matchups that will be played in 2025 include both the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns visiting the Georgia Bulldogs. Other matchups include Oklahoma at Tennessee, Texas A&M at Texas, LSU at Alabama, Auburn at Oklahoma, and Tennessee at Florida, among others.

Below is the complete list of SEC football opponents for the 2025 season:

2025 SEC Football Opponents

Alabama Crimson Tide

Home: LSU, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

Away: Auburn, Georgia, Missouri, South Carolina

Arkansas Razorbacks

Home: Auburn, Mississippi State, Missouri, Texas A&M

Away: LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas

Auburn Tigers

Home: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri

Away: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt

Florida Gators

Home: Georgia (in JAX), Mississippi State, Tennessee, Texas

Away: Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, Texas A&M

Georgia Bulldogs

Home: Alabama, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Texas

Away: Auburn, Florida (in JAX), Mississippi State, Tennessee

Kentucky Wildcats

Home: Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas

Away: Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt

LSU Tigers

Home: Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Texas A&M

Away: Alabama, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt

Mississippi State Bulldogs

Home: Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas

Away: Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Texas A&M

Missouri Tigers

Home: Alabama, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Texas A&M

Away: Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt

Oklahoma Sooners

Home: Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri

Away: Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (in Dallas)

Ole Miss Rebels

Home: Arkansas, Florida, LSU, South Carolina

Away: Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Oklahoma

South Carolina Gamecocks

Home: Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt

Away: LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri, Texas A&M

Tennessee Volunteers

Home: Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt

Away: Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi State

Texas Longhorns

Home: Arkansas, Oklahoma (in Dallas), Texas A&M, Vanderbilt

Away: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi State

Texas A&M Aggies

Home: Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State, South Carolina

Away: Arkansas, LSU, Missouri, Texas

Vanderbilt Commodores

Home: Auburn, Kentucky, LSU, Missouri

Away: Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

It’s still possible that the SEC will move to a nine-game conference football schedule beginning with the 2026 season. Texas Director of Athletics Chris Del Conte hinted at this likelihood last month.

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Comments (18)

Is Georgia EVER going to play Texas A&M ever again? And the SEC just needs to be honest and admit they will never play a 9 game conference schedule. They just won’t do it.

Bizarre that the might SEC has allowed this foolishness. TAMU did play in Kentucky back in 1953…..70 years since TAMU went to Kentucky to play football !!!!!!!!!!!

The 1953 Texas A&M-Kentucky game was played at McLean Stadium in Lexington. The Aggies have never played a game in the Wildcats’ current venue, Kroger Field, since it opened in 1973.

A&M joined conference in 2012, but has only played GA once (in Athens). No trips to College Station for the Bulldogs.
Additionally, A&M has only played Kentucky once (in College Station). No trips to Lexington for the Aggies.

The previous 12-year business plan of the SEC to play 6 opponents 2X in 12 years is mind boggling. Now that they have a chance to change, they sit on their butts. They must believe that the new CFP plan will guarantee at least the top 3 or 4 SEC teams to get an automatic bid.

13 years and Georgia has yet to play TAMU in College Station. Unbelievable. Almost as bad as Florida since 1992 not leaving the state to play a non-conference game. They finally saw the light and went to Utah last year.

If the Big 12 and SEC dropped to 7 conference games Oklahoma State would agree to revive Bedlam as an OOC game in a heartbeat.

As well, we need lots more OOC games between big time teams. Under a 7-game conference schedule the Big 12 and SEC could require at least 3 OOC games against power conference opponents.

1. These would look good in the eyes of the CFP committee

2. Most conference games don’t get good ratings, but plenty of heavyweight clashes between different conferences do

Z-Man is becoming Steven A. Smith of FBS Schedule.

Kevin Kelley 114% agree Conference games are very,very,very meaningful.