Pac-12 to play seven-game football schedule beginning November 6

By Kevin Kelley -

The Pac-12 is back! The conference officially announced on Thursday their return to play in 2020 and that they will begin a seven-game football schedule on Friday, November 6.

Pac-12 schools will play six conference games between November 6 and December 12. Division winners will square off in the Pac-12 Championship Game on Friday, December 18, while the remaining Pac-12 teams will also play that weekend in their seventh contest.

It’s believed that the teams that do not play in the championship game will be paired up by their ranking in their respective divisions.

“The health and safety of our student-athletes and all those connected to Pac-12 sports remains our guiding light and number one priority,” said Pac-12 CEO Group Chair and University of Oregon President Michael Schill.  “Our CEO Group has taken a measured and thoughtful approach to today’s decision, including extensive consultation with stakeholders on the evolving information and data related to health and safety.”

The Pac-12 stated that their revised 2020 football schedule will be released in the coming days. Schools with the “necessary public health approvals” may return to practice immediately.

Over a month ago on August 11, the Pac-12 joined the Big Ten in announcing the postponement of their 2020 football season due to the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

However, the conference approved a return to play due to “…material changes to testing capabilities, the prevalence of COVID-19 and cardiac issues, along with updated state and local health official guidance.”

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A nearly meaningless short schedule by the league that is quick to cancel and exceedingly slow and timid to return. After 7 -8 weeks of on again/off again practice, all of a sudden another 6 weeks are needed to start up and play 1/2 of a season. Larry Scott’s failed leadership strikes again.

Dave, Larry Scott is a puppet to the group that is referenced as the “CEO Group”. What a joke! I’m a PAC12 loyalist and alum and I am thoroughly embarrassed by what the CE Group has done. It is a farce! To say that testing has materially changed, is really weird when really nothing changed when we went from having your schools cleared to practice, then 48 hours later claiming that “We, the PAC 12 have access to the smartest doctors and we “trust science”, that we need to not only cancel the season, but cancel ALL sports for the remainder of 2020 including basketball.” These guys look like the biggest idiots AND that they could care less about what they said they cared most about, the safety of their student athletes and their coaches. What a crock of Michael Crow manure.