Notre Dame sets kickoff times for home football games in 2024

By Kevin Kelley -

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have announced kickoff times for their home football games in 2024, which includes six games at Notre Dame Stadium.

The Fighting Irish open their home schedule at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind., in Week 2 on Saturday, Sept. 7 against the Northern Illinois Huskies. The game is set for 3:30pm ET on NBC and Peacock.

Three additional Notre Dame home games kick off at 3:30pm ET during the 2024 season with coverage via NBC and Peacock. In those contests, the Miami RedHawks visit South Bend on Saturday, Sept. 21, the Stanford Cardinal visit on Saturday, Oct. 12, and the Virginia Cavaliers visit on Saturday, Nov. 16.

A fourth 3:30pm ET contest against the Louisville Cardinals is slated for Saturday, Sept. 28 in South Bend. However, the game will be a streaming-only event on Peacock.

Notre Dame will also appear in one primetime matchup at Notre Dame Stadium in 2024. The Florida State Seminoles visit Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 9 and the contest is set for 7:30pm ET on NBC and Peacock.

Kickoff times and television for Notre Dame’s road games at Georgia Tech (Oct. 19; at Mercedes-Benz Stadium), vs. Navy (Oct. 26; in East Rutherford, N.J.), and at USC (Nov. 30) will be announced at a later date.

Notre Dame is slated to open the 2024 season on Saturday, Aug. 31 on the road against the Texas A&M Aggies. The game is set for 7:30pm ET and it will be televised by ABC.

Kickoff times and television coverage for two other Notre Dame football games in 2024 were previously announced. The Irish will visit Purdue on Sept. 14 (3:30pm ET, CBS/Paramount+) and will take on Army on Nov. 23 at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, N.Y. (7:00pm ET, NBC/Peacock).

Notre Dame finished the 2023 season with a 10-3 record,  which was their second season under head coach Marcus Freeman. The Fighting Irish closed out their season with a 40-8 victory over the Oregon State Beavers in the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

2024 Notre Dame Home Football Schedule

Saturday, Sept. 7
vs. Northern Illinois – 3:30pm, NBC/Peacock

Saturday, Sept. 21
vs. Miami (Ohio) – 3:30pm, NBC/Peacock

Saturday, Sept. 28
vs. Louisville – 3:30pm, Peacock

Saturday, Oct. 12
vs. Stanford – 3:30pm, NBC/Peacock

Saturday, Nov. 9
vs. Florida State – 7:30pm, NBC/Peacock

Saturday,  Nov. 16
vs. Virginia – 3:30pm, NBC/Peacock

Football Schedules

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uh oh an official acc 🏈 game on 🦚 only between 🔴🕊️ & 🍀that should be fun & not the game i thought they would put on that streamer this year

Fan of CBS 3:30PM Big Ten game however I am very open to CBS having a prime time game should Notre Dame play prime time too.

I think this is also a make or break season for Freeman as coach. He has yet to lead the Irish to a major bowl in a full season. Quite frankly, he should have just been the interim coach for the Fiesta Bowl three seasons ago and the new full-time HC from 2022 should have been Urban Meyer who did not finish his first season with the Jaguars.

Meyer could have also been hired this year if NBC offered hosting rights to the first SNF game of the season to the team hiring Freeman away from ND which if successful would hopefully have led to Meyer’s hire.

Classifying Notre Dame as its own conference, they will enter the season with the longest active national title drought of all the collective power conference memberships at 35 years, nearly twice as long as the next-longest drought, that of the Big 12 (Texas in 2005).

In NBC’s defense, ND was only three years removed from that 1988 title when the network began broadcasting their home games. In adding the Big Ten to their CFB stable, they became the last Big 4 network to televise either a home game or conference championship appearance of the eventual national champion last season (Michigan, who beat now-Big Ten rival Washington in a matchup CFB desperately needed after years of Southern dominance).

Meyer is past his prime. I don’t think he’s worth the risk at this point. I still think Freeman has a lot of potential.

Don’t expect Packers Fans to like Big Ten and there’s handful of Cheeseheads that are SEC Fans too plus Packer nation dominate the South.

Urban Meyer was never going to get an offer from ND after the 2021 season. No way, no how. Way too much baggage.

Dave, ever hear of a little thing called redemption?

Besides, that Fiesta Bowl loss was to a team from a conference perceived as dying at the time, which made it all the more embarrassing.

The Marshall loss in 2022 should have been enough to cost Freeman his job without ever getting a win with the Irish.

What I am saying is the Irish acted too quickly in replacing Brian Kelly and Freeman never got a chance to cut his teeth on a Group of Five program like Kelly did (although at the time it was called non-AQ) or a lower tier Power conference program like Kelly (although Cincinnati temporarily lost this status from 2014-22) and it has kept ND from qualifying for a major bowl, let alone the CFP, the past two seasons. Freeman is not a good fit for the Irish unless he miraculously leads them to the playoff this year. Had Meyer been the coach in 2022, he would have gotten a standing ovation at Ohio Stadium, his former home stadium, when the Irish were there that night.

Z-Man PLEASE leave Urban Meyer alone he is excellent where he is over at FOX Sports also Meyer had a health issue too in addition to carrying a lot of baggage.

Remember Notre Dame wants to have a no-nonsense Head Coach.

Another idiom that applies to how ND acted too quickly in replacing Kelly is “slow and steady wins the race”. They didn’t act slow and steady, and they lost big time over the last two seasons. Making rash decisions always comes at a price.

To Z-Man I’ll tell what haste make waste is that USC plays more Midwest teams now member of Big Ten & USC-Notre Dame rivalry to be eliminated & last game played 11/30 this year.

FOX Sports Colin Cowherd wants USC to end it’s long standing rivalry with Notre Dame which I think would be an excellent idea plus USC needs it’s own out of conference schedule like Hawaii Rainbow Warriors,North Texas Mean Greens & reunion with Arizona State Sun Devils.

I am very comfortable with Notre Dame scheduling agreement with ACC & I think it’s time for Notre Dame say goodbye to USC rivalry.

Arizona State/USC was My favorite rivalry during PAC 10 & later PAC 12 days.

Should Notre Dame/USC rivalry is eliminated & this one is for you Z-Man USC & UCLA will play every Thanksgiving weekend & speaking of Thanksgiving weekend I really would like to see Notre Dame play various ACC opponents including Georgia Tech & then have Georgia Tech play Georgia first or second week of College Football regular season should it happen.

Notre Dame Football continue scheduling agreement with Atlantic Coast Conference is a win win win with ACC.

I don’t want ND-USC to end. I want the ACC, Big Ten, and Notre Dame to set up their schedules so that in even numbered years, Notre Dame at USC, Stanford at SMU, and UCLA at California are on Thanksgiving weekend, and in odd numbered years the Thanksgiving weekend games involving these teams are Notre Dame at Stanford, California at SMU, and UCLA at USC.

When those games are at the opposite locations they are played earlier in the season.

Z-Man I am sorry USC have a murderous 2024 schedule & USC should end their long standing series with Notre Dame & Trojans have Fighting Irish in their rear view mirror & I would rather have USC play UCLA every Thanksgiving weekend than having USC getting clobbered by Notre Dame & as a Syracuse Orange Fan I would welcome to play Fighting Irish on Thanksgiving weekend

I want UNC-Wake and Miami’s games against BC, Pitt, and Cuse to be added to the ACC protected football game list so that the NC schools can take turns playing each other on Thanksgiving weekend and BC and Pitt alternating having road games at Cuse (dome) or Miami (warm weather) as their season finales.

This would leave UVA-VT and the four ACC-SEC games as the only games involving ACC teams played on Thanksgiving weekend every season.

Z-Man ACC do NOT need protected games on Thanksgiving Weekend they can play anybody they want I would mind Notre Dame playing Georgia Tech & have Georgia/Georgia Tech play one of first three weekends at beginning College Football season.

End of Conversation

Have A good night Z-Man.

This is My educated guess for 2025 Notre Dame Football schedule.

8/30 Villanova Wildcats (FCS)

9/6 at Boston College

9/13 at Michigan

9/20 Purdue

9/27 at Arkansas

10/4 Bye

10/11 Texas A&M

10/18 Syracuse

10/25 at Pittsburgh

11/1 Bye

11/8 Navy

11/15 North Carolina State

11/22 Clemson

11/29 at Miami

Note: Purdue will replace USC for Notre Dame Football rivalry.

In addition to Notre Dame at Michigan here are other changes to Week 3 2025 schedule.

USC at Arizona State

Texas State at Central Michigan

Texas A&M at LSU

Did you just add both Clemson and Villanova to Notre Dame’s 2025 football schedule? Thought next game vs. Clemson not until 2027. Many pine for both Villanova and UConn to join ACC as limited part members in football, do you think this is possible? Villanova still at FCS schedules one Power conference per year, already scheduled Penn State for 2025. Are you implying Wildcats are moving to schedule two Power conference games per year or fingers crossed Villanova again considering full move to FBS? All intriguing, but most inquiring minds need to know: status on ACC – Notre Dame negotiation on adding annual conference game vs. Stanford. Please enlighten us fans, thanks!

Sooper Dooper College Football schedules is subject to revisal & it would be nice that Notre Dame is able to have a Home Game vs Clemson & after playing Tennessee State My dream FCS opponent for Notre Dame would be Villanova & I’m very optimistic that could happen & I like to see Notre Dame play Stanford plus I like to see Notre Dame play various ACC opponents on Thanksgiving weekend in order to bring a major boost to ACC.

My Solution for Villanova play Notre Dame in 2025 is Furman be FCS replacement opponent for Penn State that would open the door for Clemson to play Notre Dame.

Of course all of this is contingent on the ACC staying together. I don’t think the conference will implode the way the Pac-12 did but if FSU and Clemson’s court cases end up as wins, they will bolt the league and UNC and Duke would follow for sure. However, I don’t think that happens. However, Dan if the ACC goes “adios” then ND HAS to play USC because they will either be forced into joining the Big Ten (which should happen anyway) or they will end up playing a number of Group of Five schools. ND does not want that. But of course, I don’t see the ACC going away. But then again, five years ago I thought the Pac-12 was rock solid as well.

Just want to let you know that I accepted Notre Dame playing Boise State on 10/4/25.

Not giving up hope for FCS Villanova.

Pardon Hank for Me supporting Colin Cowherd who wants to end Notre-USC rivalry

Well, I certainly have not said that the Notre Dame USC rivalry should continue. I was just merely bringing up what might happen if the ACC would have somehow fall apart. If the ACC stays intact. Notre Dame probably continues to schedule ACC games as much as they can. I’m not sure what would happen at the end there with the USC rivalry. Perhaps the Trojans want to end it because of who they’re going to be playing down the stretch over the next several years like Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, etc. I like the Boise state move actually.