Notre Dame, Alabama top Week 13 BCS Standings

By Kevin Kelley -

BCSThe Notre Dame Fighting Irish have taken over the top spot in the BCS Standings for Week 13. The Irish (11-0) beat Wake Forest 38-0 yesterday.

Notre Dame rose to number one after a wild Saturday night which saw no. 1 Kansas State get blown out by Baylor 52-24 and no. 2 Oregon fall to Stanford 17-14 in overtime. Oregon dropped to 5th and Kansas State fell to 6th.

The Alabama Crimson Tide (10-1, 6-1 SEC) have moved into second place after defeating Western Carolina 49-0. They are followed by Georgia (10-1, 7-1 SEC) who beat Georgia Southern 45-14. If Alabama beats Auburn this weekend, they will face Georgia in the SEC Championship Game on Dec. 1.

Florida comes in at no. 4 and could rise if they defeat Florida State this weekend.

Arizona, Boise State, and Kent State all entered the BCS Standings this week, while Louisiana Tech, Texas Tech, and USC each dropped out.

Listed below are the current 2012 BCS rankings (complete info):

1. Notre Dame .9973
2. Alabama .9333
3. Georgia .8763
4. Florida .8434
5. Oregon .8318
6. Kansas State .7692
7. LSU .7308
8. Stanford .7077
9. Texas A&M .6526
10. Florida State .6363
11. Clemson .6056
12. South Carolina .5871
13. Oklahoma .5677
14. Nebraska .4790
15. Oregon State .4499
16. Texas .4235
17. UCLA .3826
18. Rutgers .2432
19. Michigan .2253
20. Louisville .2165
21. Oklahoma State .2042
22. Boise State .1043
23. Kent State .0955
24. Arizona .0836
25. Washington .0643

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So then we will see the following BCS-Bowls:

BCS Championship: Notre Dame vs. Alabama
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. Rutgers
Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State vs. Stanford
Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Nebraska
Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Texas

Wow that latest BCS rankings really bothers me why: I know Oregon just lost but they lost to a very good Stanford team who was ranked #13 and previous week Alabama lost to #15 Texas a&m! So to me Oregon should still be ahead of Alabama and all the SEC teams which are getting to much credit. The SEC on reputation is getting to many computer votes! It’s just not fair – Oregon and Stanford this year would beat any SEC team period!

I agree Oregon should not be that far back! It’s all this stupid SEC BS, FSU should be higher too.