New at FBSchedules: 2016 NFL Schedules

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2015 NFL season is only just over halfway complete, but it’s never too early to look ahead and see who your favorite NFL team plays next season.

2016 NFL schedules are live on our site and list the opponents for every team next season. Only two opponents are unknown for each team, and those will be determined by the standings at the end of the season in January.

Both the 2016 preseason NFL schedule and the regular-season schedule with dates will likely be released sometime in April.

2016 NFL Schedules



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Lookin’ forward to it. You guys are the go-to place on the web for college football schedules. Thanks for all you do.

Schedule already sucks b/c Christmas and New Years fall on a sunday, especially New Year’s day screwing with college bowl games.

Yes, because this has NEVER happened before where college bowls went to Jan 2 (which is, BTW, the federal NYD holiday)………………………………………….And what major college bowl games have been on Xmas day historically?

Are you the annoying kid that’s been whining for three years about how the Pac 12 or Big 12 should take Butt State (also known as Boise)? Might explain a few things

NFL should play on Christmas next year w/ one Thursday night and 2 Saturday nights games (NFL Network and ESPN), while moving NBA games on a day after Christmas. Only one bowl game can be played on Christmas evening like the Las Vegas or Hawaii Bowl. That will make things less confusing and flexible if Roger Goodell and Adam Silver (NBA Commish) are okay to adjust the schedule.