Nevada may cancel 2013 football game at Florida State

By Kevin Kelley -

Florida State-NevadaNevada may cancel their 2013 football game against Florida State, FSU athletic director Randy Spetman said on Thursday.

Florida State is currently slated to host Nevada at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee on Sept. 21, 2013. The game, which has been on the schedule since 2005, would be the first ever meeting between the two schools.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Nevada may cancel the game in order to make more money elsewhere. “They have an opportunity to play somebody else for more money, like we all do,” Spetman told reporters.

If Nevada does cancel the game, Spetman says they would owe the Seminoles $600,000. The Wolf Pack would be the second team to remove themselves from Florida State’s 2013 football schedule. West Virginia canceled both games of a 2012-13 home-and-home series earlier this year.

Florida State is tentatively set to open the 2013 season at home vs. Wofford on Aug. 31 and will travel to Florida on Nov. 30. Since the ACC is moving to a nine-game conference schedule, teams will only play three non-conference games.

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Really? If Nevada takes ($600K) from the game instead of the $750K or so guarantee, don’t they need well over $1.35M from the new guarantee to make this a good idea?

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. The new game would have to be more than 1.2 for it to be worth it. Maybe it could be a little less than 1.2 if it was a game closer to home where they could just bus everyone out instead of fly across the country. Still, who’s paying Nevada around 1.2 for a gimme game?

Maybe they have a multiple game series on the table and they need the 2013 date to make it work. Or they simply don’t want to travel all the way to Tallahassee.

Really $600K where is Nevada going to get that kind of money. That’s probably their entire budget for the year.


They just signed a home-and-home series with South Florida, so I don’t think travel is the issue. They probably just have a bigger paycheck, more manageable opponent, a possible multi-game series or some combination of the three on the table that’s making them take another look at this game.

I would assume their pre-season line up of UCLA, Oregon, and now Florida State has something to do with the second thoughts. May as well round it off with a trip to Alabama, LOL.

They’re just trying to save the team for a much stronger conference next year once the Spartans join the MWC.

you must be talking about the fake Spartans who put the beatdown of those Georgia mutts last year…..I was talking about the real Spartans who are going to win the WAC,go bowling and take over the MWC next year!

Jinzo, I honestly respect your fiery attitude and passion regarding the San Jose State Spartans, truly. However, I am curious why you post smack talk regarding San Jose State when year after year they lose (by a large margin more often than not) to AQ opponents. SJS has only had a handful of winning seasons in the past 25 years. Many years they only beat FCS teams by a slim margin and they lost outright to UC-Davis in 2010 (despite your constant postings bashing other schools for scheduling FCS teams). In addition, SJS has only posted eight conference victories in the past four seasons while playing in the WAC. What leads you to believe they will be so much stronger in the MWC? Again, please do not misunderstand me, sir. I do truly respect the love you show for your team. Just puzzled as to why you think they are so underrated when they have shown very little on the field recently (albeit the 2011 season for SJS was much improved).

FSU seems to have bad luck as far as its out-of-conference opponents cancelling on them recently. Hopefully they can find someone better than a FCS team.

Idaho and/or New Mexico State are probably desperate enough to schedule anyone, considering the presumed end of WAC football next year.

I can understand Nevada’s reasoning though … FSU will make it that much tougher to go to a bowl game. USF will be tough too, but FSU may be headed back to Top 5 territory again.

I just hope we don’t see two D-1AA opponents for the third time in five years as go back to the Bowden scheduling of play anybody, anywhere, anytime. Strength of schedule is eventually going to come into play in the BCS.

FSU vs Nevada would have been an entertaining game to see. Perhaps we could have a FSU vs FSU game, as Fresno usually has the anyplace attitude. Boise here is your chance come on down to Tallahassee

Fsu v nevada?
winner: fsu, the team that currently deserves to be atleast number 3 but really they are behind a buncch of 2-loss teams BCS computers are stupid as hell!
And nc state watch the game CHEAting refs