Navy Midshipmen to join Big East for Football in 2015

By Kevin Kelley -

Navy MidshipmenThe Navy Midshipmen will join the Big East for football in 2015, has reported. Navy is expected to officially announce the move on Tuesday.

This will be Navy’s first ever foray into a football conference. The Midshipmen have competed as an Independent since they began playing football in 1879.

With the addition of Navy in 2015, the Big East will have 11 football members. West Virginia leaves either this year or in 2013, depending on the courts, and Pittsburgh and Syracuse head to the ACC in 2014. But the conference adds Boise State, Houston, San Diego State, SMU and UCF in 2013.

Reports indicate that Big East commissioner John Marinatto is seeking to add another school to get the conference to 12 teams. Air Force, Army and BYU have recently been targeted, but all three have chosen to remain where they are.

Navy couldn’t join the Big East any earlier due to their future schedules and television contracts. The Midshipmen almost have their schedules filled through 2017.

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This action by Navy is likely further to open the door for the departure to the Big 12 by Louisville and Cincinnati. Secret conversations between the schools and the Big 12 have been ongoing for quite some time, but all three parties still have some reservations about making the move and are working out snags and concerns before a decision is made at some point in 2012.

Not quite. The Big East decided to raise its exit fee from $5 million to $10 million contingent upon either Navy or Air Force joining. Now that the raised exit fee has kicked in, I’d have to think it would be less likely for anyone to leave now.