Reports: Missouri and Texas A&M 2012 SEC football schedules set

By Kevin Kelley -

Various sources are reporting that the 2012 SEC football schedules for Missouri and Texas A&M are set. Both schools are leaving the Big 12 and joining the SEC next season.

Gabe DeArmond of, a site, reported last week that he has heard Missouri’s 2012 SEC football schedule will look like this:

Home Away
• Georgia
• Kentucky
• Texas A&M
• Vanderbilt
• Florida
• Ole Miss
• South Carolina
• Tennessee

On Monday, Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel confirmed that Texas A&M will be Missouri’s permanent cross-division opponent in the SEC. Missouri will be in the SEC East while Texas A&M will be in the SEC West.

Texas A&M’s likely 2012 schedule was reported on Monday by Billy Luicci. He has the Aggies playing the following SEC schedule:

Home Away
• Alabama
• Arkansas
• Florida
• Auburn
• Mississippi State
• Missouri
• Ole Miss

There is still no word from the SEC on when the official 2012 SEC football schedules will be released. However, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said Saturday night that the schedule should be out “very soon.” Slive went on to say that “We don’t want to rush it…We’re going to do our best to have a schedule that is fair and equitable.”

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That Texas A&M football schedule may be “Fair” this year, but next year it will be a brute, may want to switch one or two of those home games to away to balance out the home and road skeds

Actually, it looks almost identical to some of the schedules Fla once had in the ’60s & ’70s. You know one year AlaBAMA had one more conference game than the second place SEC team allowing it to win the conference championship by one-half game?

Good Point! I ‘guessed’ that maybe Miss State and Auburn might be moved East for geographical reasons and more important competitive reasons. Not much that is East about Mizzou in relation to the SEC but whatever gets a great school like that in my conference is a winner.
I had hoped that Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State would be made four of eventually eight (8) teams in the west. The biggest rivalries would have been preserved. However Mizzou is a great school to have and they WILL rise to the level of competition in football.

I think the SEC should move to a 9 game conference schedule, like the PAC 12. Oh wait a minute, that might decrease their chances of having 2 teams in the BCS national title game. Nevermind.

The SEC will go to a 9-game conference schedule, but it will take a few years just like the Big Ten. They have contracts for non-conference games that will cost a lot of money to break.

Better to leave it at 8 games. Fewer losses likely for the Championship game teams and more teams will qualify for bowls. More bowl revenue for the conference.

OH I SEE!!! It is the SCHEDULE that makes Alabama and LSU the two best teams in the nation in 2011. And here I was thinking it was their wins over their opponents on neutral and foreign venues. SEC has the top three teams in the nation and if you took out Tide or Tigers you would have to insert the Arkansas Razorbacks who would spank all those teams they voted over them when they lost to LSU AT LSU and to Alabama at Alabama. BUT it is the schedule that makes these three teams the best. I SEE!!!

Lovely. Sour Grapes? Jealousy? Hmmm. Name one team in the Pac-12 that had a tougher schedule then LSU this year? Oh wait, you can’t. I’m sorry that your conference is so weak!

Texas is the South, at least in part. East Texas = Mississippi culturally. The Sabine river just ain’t that wide.

Check your geography and history on that again. Missouri was admitted to the union as a “southern state” and had a confederate government during the civil war. Culturally Missouri has always been a southern state.
Geographically Missouri borders Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. That’s more borders with southern states than almost all the other southern states. Missouri’s southern riverboat culture has been celebrated in book, song, and legend more than any other southern state. Even the dialect here is a mix of western and southern accent. Missouri fits just as well in the SEC as they did in the southern state dominated Big 12 which still has six members from southern states. Your proclamation that Missouri is not a southern state is awkwardly short of facts required commonly known to receive a high school diploma in every state not just southern states.

Florida plays both Mizzou and A&M in 2012? Arkansas does not play a new member SEC team it shares a nearly 300 mile border! Are Mizzou fans going to enjoy a yearly schedule of USC, UGA and Florida? Can Mizzou successfully recruit Florida and Georgia? Does this all seem like the SEC has screwed up?

The established rivalries take importance over the new kids on the block. We eventually will establish rivalries with teams like Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ole Miss. But games like Auburn/Alabama and UGA/FLA are more important to the SEC for now. Mizzou has to wait their turn.

The flies in the ointment for a more geographically divisional balanced SEC out the gate have appeared to be the purists who want to keep an annual UT/AlaBAMA matchup. If Auburn moved to the East to balance newcomers TA&M & Mo joining the West …which is natural… AlaBAMA would play Auburn annually in the East and not UT. But really UT has a better chance with Mo annually than AlaBAMA, so why should it matter sooo much?

In reality, if studying the financial side of things for SEC football programs the schools are relying on 7 home dates. Going to a 9 game SEC without going to an annual 13 game season, will cause financial commitments made for stadium expansions to be deferred or even curtailed. Does the inclusion of TA&M & Mo in the SEC result in an immediate increase of $4-5M in the coffers of each members football revenues justifying the loss of one home game for the sake of SEC “conference parity”?

It seems to make more sense for the Alabama schools to move to the East and move Vanderbilt (or Kentucky) to the West along with A&M and Mizzou.

I wonder about the A&M-Ark game. They’ve been playing it in Dallas; I wonder if they will continue to do so.

Arkansas has 4 SEC home games. One is played yearly in Little Rock, if another is played in Dallas. That would leave just two for Fayetteville, not acceptable. I have heard talk of replacing A&M with TCU for that Dallas game.

This can’t be right unless the schedule for Florida is wrong. According to fbschedules Florida’s western division games are LSU and Oles Miss, they can’t play A&M too.

That schedule is prior to the SEC realignment. It doesn’t even show Mizzou on it either but they will for sure play since they are in the same division

All of the dates/opponents on the 2012 SEC schedules were set before Missouri and Texas A&M were added. They will be changed when the SEC “officially” makes an announcement.

For 2012 Mizzou is in the East. Lost to Fla in 2012 will be its home rematch with Auburn which won’t happen until ’13 if the notion Auburn will move to the East is correct.

I think its funny that Texas isnt considered south. It is dead center and @ bottom of america so that means South. I am excited to face (get beat by) all these SEC teams rolling into Kyle Field next year, Gig Em Aggies Whooooop!!!!!!! We will only get better.

The SEC is big, long and fast. With two deep offensive and defensive lines. Arkansas was not two deep on their offensive line this year, that was their big problem. With Texas recruiting, I think A&M will get there pretty quick. I am worried a little about Mizzou, especially being placed in the East.

Worried about Mizzou in the East? They were very young and decimated by injury early in the season but still competed against some tough teams. A year of experience for the 2nd stringers in those games and plugging their starters back into the mix will make them tough to beat in any conference and in any division. They will compete well. As far as recruiting, they already have a good stream of Texas recruits. They have been losing a lot of local talent to other divisions and conferences because the Big 12 North just didn’t give the same kind of exposure that the SEC East can give kids like that. They will recruit very well. Maybe Kirkie Herbstreet will finally have to admit after next year that his beloved SEC is a great conference but they were not so heads and shoulders above the Big 12 as he would like to believe. I wonder if money had anything to do with his promotion of the SEC…

Wow, really?

“…will finally have to admit after next year that his beloved SEC is a great conference but they were not so heads and shoulders above the Big 12 as he would like to believe”?????

I think this falls under the category of “counting chickens before…”

I hope MO does well. They have a fairly weak SEC schedule next year so they *should* do well. Just be thankful you’re not playing LSU, Ala, Aub, or Ark!

I have tried to think ahead of the curve on all this conference expansion. First, I am a Hog Fan and all is great with the Razorbacks on this expansion, they get to resume a great 75 year rivalry with an ole SWC Foe.
It is great for Alabama and Florida as well, I have repeatedly read that they blocked Mizzou’s entry to the SEC West and then had them placed in the East. I think these three teams are all in great shape with expansion, for now and in the future.
I think Mizzou is better off right now in the East, the East is an easier schedule for now and probably in the near future.
Now what I think in being ahead of that ole curve. I think Notre Dame will eventually or positively join the Big Ten. At that time the Big Ten will have to have a 14th member just like the SEC and ACC.
What will make Mizzou a happy SEC Camper at this time in the future.
Playing that East schedule or playing Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama and Kentucky. I know the Big Ten would proudly and happily take an SEC Team. For the SEC’s sake, I hope I am wrong about all my Mizzou assumptions for the future. I hope they love the SEC East.

There has been a radical change in SEC schedules concerning cross division games. Keeping the 8 game format this is an example. Arkansas just finished a home and home with Vandy in 2011. In the past, Vandy would have come back on the Arkansas schedule in 2015, now it will be 2022. Except for the opposite divisional rival, that is the situation with all cross division teams. The 3 year gap between games has expanded to 10 years. That is longer than a 7 year itch.