An introduction to Weekly ‘Weakly SEC Football Predictions’

By Eric Taylor -

I’d like to introduce myself and my weekly Weakly SEC Football Predictions contribution that you can read each and every week of the 2014 college football season at

My name is Eric Taylor and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I currently work in the world of employee benefits and write for Stadium Journey ( as Tennessee’s Regional Correspondent. I owned and wrote for my own website,, but have had to pull an Old Yeller and put it down so that I may focus on writing for Stadium Journey and

NOTE: was neither rabid nor did it have anything to do with dogs or old classic movies that make kids cry.

Let me answer the first question everyone that read the title and thought “I’m sending @FBSchedules a Tweet so that I may look cool and tell them how they are no grammarian like myself — No, “weakly” is not misspelled.

The fine folks at have a guy named Brian Wilmer that writes a fantastic piece titled Clear Your Schedule that previews the SEC and ACC conference games you should watch on your HD television each week. Wilmer brings a ton of stats and analysis that will not only inform you, but will make you a better person. Being that Wilmer writes a weekly piece that will make you a better person, we found it crucial to have a guy who wrote a weakly SEC prediction piece that won’t make you a better person, but certainly will not make you one bit worse. Is there a writer out there than can claim the same? That answer is a resounding, “NO!”  Thus, I present to you a “Weakly” prediction for all games involving teams from the SEC.

I should humbly warn you that what is considered “weak” for me would be tantalizing brilliance” for the casual college football fan, so it’s crucial to know that up-front. My hope with this weekly weakly contribution is to mix three parts tongue-in-cheek and one part bet-your-family’s-hopes-and-dreams-on-these-games-because-my-predictions-are-eerily-accurate to create a prediction contribution unlike any other inside the information superhighway internet.

In other words, you will begin to feel suspicious that you may somehow have come to possess something equally as powerful as the sports almanac carried by Marty McFly in Back to the Future while reading my weekly weakly predictions.

I do NOT predict games based on point-spread. This is not a gambling piece. Of course, gambling would insinuate that my predictions could be wrong, but I digress. I take it upon myself to predict the final score and how the game will arrive at that final score. Is that a ton to take upon myself? Sure. But I humbly humble myself so that I may do great things like this for you, the fan.

You’re welcome.

I look forward to my first set of predictions that will be available for you to read the week of August 30th. Come back to each week for the Weakly SEC Football Predictions and tell a friend. After telling that friend about the site, why don’t the both of you follow me on Twitter at @EricFromSpfld so you can congratulate me on the games I got right?

Hang in there, everyone. Saturdays will soon mean something again and my weakly predictions will make every day mean something.

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That’s hilarious. I guess you’re not a fan of the first post? Amy seems pretty awesome though so I won’t take it personally.

i cried the first time i saw ole yeller two.

i actually wanted to comment(vent) on an article on about the power five conferences only playing other power five schools in their out of conference games, i stopped reading that article at this point – “Many of the Power Five conference coaches in college football told ESPN that they favor a schedule consisting of only Power Five opponents.

Of the 65 Power Five coaches from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC and Notre Dame…………………………………..i hate notre dame, they ruin every college football discussion, there is all this talk about nthe college football playoff commitee put emphasis on winning youre conference, notre dame isnt in a conference cause they think theyre special, i hate notre dmae

@ Greg & Eric

I hate Notre Dame just as much as both of you for the reason that Greg posted. Can’t they just join the ACC seeing as they are now playing five opponents from this conference every year?

@ Jinzo

100% Agreed that ESPN is ruining college sports. They have too much of a monopoly on college football & basketball games. I am from Canada (though not in British Columbia or Alberta where Pac 12 territory is located) and I would like to see a weekly column devoted to the Pac 12 as well. Oregon, UCLA, USC, Stanford, among others play some exciting football.

ESPN has destroyed college sports as we know them….and Kevin,seriously,why another SEC theme column? Don’t you have love for us West Coast fans????