Idaho adds Florida State to 2013 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -
Doak Campbell Stadium
Idaho will visit Tallahassee in 2013. Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Idaho Vandals have added the Florida State Seminoles to their 2013 football schedule, Idaho’s official website indicates.

Idaho will travel to face Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee on Nov. 23, 2013. The game will be the first ever meeting between the two schools.

The addition of FSU completes Idaho’s 2013 football schedule. The Vandals, who will be playing their first season as an FBS Independent, host NIU, Temple, Fresno State, New Mexico State, and Old Dominion and travel to North Texas, Wyoming, Washington State, Arkansas State, Ole Miss, Florida State, and New Mexico State.

Idaho announced their 2013 schedule back on Oct. 19, but listed the Nov. 23 date as reserved for a to be announced BCS opponent. At the time, Director of Athletics Rob Spear indicated the game would pay the Vandals around $950,000.

Florida State now has four non-conference games on their 2013 schedule. The Idaho game essentially replaces a Sept. 14 road contest at West Virginia, which was canceled by the Mountaineers after they moved to the Big 12.

The Seminoles open the season at home on Aug. 31 against the Wofford Terriers and later host the Nevada Wolf Pack on Sept. 21. A few months ago, reported that Nevada was attempting to get out of that game and even help find a replacement, but to date their efforts appear to be fruitless.

After hosting Idaho on Nov. 23, the Seminoles will travel to Gainesville to take on their arch-rival Florida on Nov. 30.

In ACC play, Florida State will likely host Maryland, Miami, and NC State and travel to Boston College, Clemson, and Wake Forest. The Seminoles will also face Syracuse and a Coastal Division team to be announced.

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when you are as poor as Idaho, hanging on by a thread with next to no fan support and averaging less than 12,000 fans per game in a 15,500 seat indoor box for a home field you need to schedule as money big money away games as possible to help pay the bills. I feel sorry for the players who are used as cannon fodder by the school to help pay the bills. Look at this years treks to BYU, LSU and North Carolina (lost 66-0) as an example. The problem is that they have no fan base, no support (financially) and no hope for the future, yet ego keeps them at the FBS level when they at best should be in the Big Sky, where they will eventually land.

While it’s true they should be FCS. I think some FBS teams might want them to stay FBS. This is purely for the reason that it allows them to schedule Idaho and still play a FCS team that counts for a win. Most schools might schedule Idaho and lets say Savannah state and figure on getting 2 wins easily. It also drums up support in the papers for the winning school. A casual fan who doesn’t really follow football might see a 66-0 win against Idaho and think wow we must have a good team maybe i should go see them.

You feel sorry for the players? The players have a story to tell the rest of their lives that they got to play good competition in stadiums that house teams like LSU, FSU, etc.

It’s a shame…… that state, it’s either “Boise St.”; or F-you. Hopefully they’ll get $700K + for the trip.

$950k should cover coaches salaries and medical bills for all of the injured players and still cover the Athletic Director and his cronies who will go along on the plane ride and eat steak and seafood for a couple days in a nice hotel and get the hell out of Moscow on dreary snowy late november weekend.


There are a lot of depressing comments on here from non-Idaho fans. You’d think it was your team that went 1-11 this year.

As an Idaho fan and Alum, and there are many of us, thank you, I am excited for this game. The path we are on should eventually make us competitive with a Florida State. So I’m happy to have them play these games.

As far as players getting hurt, that’s a myth you’ve built up in your mind. It’s not like we’re literally playing as David vs. Goliath here. If you look, our O-Line is one of the biggest in the country (though we could stand for them to give a bit of that size up for athleticism).

Any given Saturday my friends, the idea that an Idaho can never beat a Florida State is 50% psychological.

And yes, thank you for the $950k, we can’t make that at home even if we sell out our beloved Kibbie Dome.

Here’s to a University leadership commitment to Idaho Athletics and new Athletic Facilities in 2013.

Go Vandals!!!

I,for one,am hoping that Idaho can indeed bounce back….I respect the heart and the loyalty of any fan who follows a smaller school like the Vandals. It wasn’t that long ago they went to a bowl game and actually won it. Idaho may not be W. Virginia but at least they’ll actually show up to play…

Wow, Florida State. this is one helluva way to improve those computer SOS numbers.
More people leaving the fan base.
Listen closely.


You’re an idiot and we’re all losing IQ points reading your nonsense. It’s not FSU’s fault that WVU bailed on its commitment. Schools make their non-conference schedules years in advance, and FSU not only has limited options to fill that game, but inferior ones at that.

What the hell is wrong with us? Schedule better opponents fsu. That’s why we never get bcs rankings love

The reason we never get BCS love is the ACC stinks. Look at SEC schools…they also sched powder puff NonConf games and get all the love in the BCS world. Same for Pac-12 and Big 10/12. If the ACC wee better we wouldn’t have to go look for high caliber teams to schedule so the BCS will recognize. Leave the ACC and it will happen. The only team out there that schedules difficult non-conf games is ND. The reason being self explanatory. 3

Your schedule is not your problem, winning all of your games is your problem. Why are you bickering anyway, you’re in the Orange Bowl, that’s the highest you could get to unless you honestly thought you should have been in the NC game. Is that what you think? You think a 2 loss FSU should have been considered in front of a 1 loss Alabama or a 0 loss ND? Pull your head out of your a$$es. Had you beaten NC State and Florida this year, you too would have been in the NC game. Winning is your issue, not your schedule. And to the topic at hand, if you run the table next year, with or without Idaho on your schedule, you will go to the NC game. Get over it, stop bitching about your schedule, and win all your games; your destiny is in your hands.

That is all

ACC Sucks,

Maybe, and if so, I’ll complain right along with the rest of the FSU faithful. But you gotta get those wins to have the argument.

If you really want to go down this road ask an (theoretical) undefeated Idaho how many losses FSU would have to have in order for Idaho to go to the NC game ahead of FSU.

I think the classiest way to say this is… I told you so.

Believe me, I was sweating it at the end of the season, hoping I wouldn’t have to come back here and eat my words.

Back in December 2012, who saw Jameis Winston having such an impact?