Report: Georgia Tech to cancel two future games against BYU

By Kevin Kelley -

Georgia Tech is planning to cancel future football games against BYU in 2014 and 2017, the AJC reported earlier this week.

The Yellow Jackets are currently slated to host the Cougars on Oct. 11, 2014 and travel to Provo on Oct. 14, 2017. The two games are part of a four-game, home-and-home series that was scheduled in October 2010.

With Pittsburgh and Syracuse set to join the ACC, likely in 2013, the ACC will move to a nine-game conference schedule. That means each ACC team will only play three non-conference games per season.

Georgia Tech currently has four games scheduled for 2014: BYU, Wofford, at Georgia, at Tulane. In 2017 they have games scheduled at BYU, at Ole Miss and home against Georgia.

Canceling the 2014 game against BYU lightens the difficulty of their non-conference slate. The 2017 game will likely be replaced with an FCS or lower-level FBS game at home for revenue purposes.

Clemson is in a similar situation as they appear to be on the verge of canceling a 2013-14 home-and-home series against Georgia.

BYU and Georgia Tech will meet for only the 3rd time ever on Oct. 27 in Atlanta. The two schools split a home-and-home series in 2002-03.

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This is the major problem with independence. The “big boys” don’t want to schedule us as a non-conference game because they already have a tough schedule. Teams from lightweight conferences love to schedule us to beef up their SoS. So that leaves BYU with only lightweights that will play them.

As a BYU fan and season ticket holder, I would really prefer not to see all the Bo Diddley Techs playing in Provo every other week. We simply need to be in a conference.

Its not they don’t want to play you, its the crappy ACC having to schedule 9 conference games. This is coming from a Clemson fan. How do you think I feel that the Georgia game is in jeopardy.

The rambling wreck is in a bind when you schedule a team like byu. If you win you are supposed to win and if you lose, it’s how did you lose to those guys. Add to it, they go to provo have to play with the corrupt mormon referees calling the game. deal with the racial taunts by the mormon players and fans, why go thru all the drama?

Oh pa. Interesting pa and Uofan love BYU. They come back to this site frequently and post. Ca blue, I’m actually enjoying independance and playing teams like Notre Dame, Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, etc. Ca blue, you don’t want to over schedule and take on an impossible schedule. The schedule will get better and better.

Play a powerhouse team like Wofford and another FCS team in 2017 instead of BYU is the pussy thing to do GT ow well will just kick your asses this year and move on.

As a UTE fan that also has interest in BYU. (IE not a hater) because I do live in UTAH after all. I think that BYU is willing to play anyone at any time. But it is easy to say that when you are in their position. Still give them props for that. Utes have been the same for years. But now they are faced with a situation were they have to prioritize. Your conference has to come first! The whole system is changing and BYU has to, and I think will come on board with the new future BCS playoff picture. Considering ESPN has picked them as one of their teams, I think they will come on board just fine in time. GT is in the same position the UTES are in. They certainly want to play BYU but just simply cant afford to? i think it sucks personaly (Ilove the rivalry every year)but you have to look at both sides. I think that independence is great for BYU tho unless, or I will say UNTIL they get an opportunity to go into a powerhouse conference. No going back now. But until then they will run into this frequently because of the way things are heading in NCAA football. It is just the nature of the beast. Everyone wants a playoff system and this is the begining of realigning for that system. If you win your conference then you move on. Maybe the independent schools will team up and have their own deal to send the best team at the end of the season? Who knows? ND and BYU have allready been making arrangements. Either way I am excited to have a true champion in the future and get rid of questioning wether or not UTAH, BYU, TCU, OR Boise st. could beat the #1 team at the end of the year. Beacuse I would bet money that they would some of the last 10 years. Especialy TCU two years ago. They would have killed Oregon or Ohio st. sad they didnt have the chance.

Chris, I appreciate your honest assessment of the Ys position on scheduling. Glad there are good, open minded football fans who look at all things and not let hatred(rivalry) over ride common sense.

gt plays 9 conference games aginst the likes of fsu,miami, virgina tech, clemson. They also play Georgia every year that leaves only 2 games. they do need a tune-up game just like every other team has. What advantage is it for GT to schedule home and homesnon-conf with a mid-major team across the country? none!
I noticed some of the mormon commentators whining that they scheduled wofford one year. Hypocrites! byu plays a bunch of div1a teams plus the wac wussies teams. stop worshiping brigam young and learn to think!

Hey, pa. Have ever looked at the major conference teams opening games, take their first first three.
Look up their schedules, most have at least one and sometimes two. So don’t make dumb statements about the schedule until you compare ALL the other big teams schedules.