Frisco Bowl officially announced, replaces Miami Beach Bowl

By Kevin Kelley -

ESPN Events has officially announced the creation of the Frisco Bowl, which will be played at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas.

The game, set for Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 8:00pm ET on ESPN, is affiliated with the American Athletic Conference. The other opponent will be an at-large team.

The Frisco Bowl replaces the Miami Beach Bowl, which was played for three seasons at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida.

“We are pleased to be able to host this game in one of the most vibrant football markets in the country,” said Clint Overby, ESPN vice president of events. “The infrastructure and facilities that exist in Frisco are outstanding and will be an excellent venue for the teams, players, administrators and fans traveling into the marketplace. We look forward to working with civic organizations and businesses in the area to create an annual event that embraces the spirit of the community.”

“We are thrilled to host the Frisco Bowl,” said Dan Hunt, FC Dallas president. “Toyota Stadium provides a premier football experience and we’re looking forward to hosting this marquee matchup for years to come.”

“We are extremely excited to be a part of creating this bowl game,” said Josh Dill, director of sports and events, Visit Frisco. “The Frisco Bowl is a great fit for our city because sports truly is a pillar of our community. Hosting this event is a perfect way to showcase our city’s sports and tourism offerings, while providing entertainment and economic benefits for our residents.”

2017-18 Bowl Schedule

Comments (11)

The Bowl winner should play the winner of the FCS Champ game (in the same venue)… money would be on the FCS team…

Will my ad velorum taxes go down now because of this game? Maybe some of the revenue can go to Frisco ISD, given their $30M budget shortfall. Or we could just pay Blue Star (Jerry Jones) directly, since they are across the street from the venue.

Hmmm maybe stay in Dallas then drive out to Frisco for the game? I agree man not much to do in Frisco.

WWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too many bowl games!!!! I wish the playoff committee would force cities with 2 or more bowl games to eliminate one and instead have an in-season game (hopefully of highly ranked teams) like the Peach Bowl does. ESPN would have to get higher ratings for a game between 2 power 5 teams on a Saturday than a bowl game between 2 group of 5 teams during the week.

Committee could always say a metro area with 2 bowls won’t be considered for title game. If the following bowls were eliminated, the bowl season would have much more integrity.

St. Petersburg Bowl
Boca Raton Bowl
Bahamas Bowl (Also say no bowls outside of the United States)
Cure Bowl
New Orleans Bowl
Frisco Bowl
Heart of Dallas Bowl
Ft. Worth Bowl
Poinsettia Bowl
Military Bowl
The bowl in Tucson

To keep my one bowl per city rule the Champs Sports Bowl can move to Gainesville, FL and the Insight Bowl to Austin, TX

Agreed. Almost two thirds of FBS teams are making a bowl game. Its taking away the hard work and effort you used to have to put in just to get to a bowl game and now its become a participation trophy.

Dave I agree with you on some of those. Also why not put a bowl that isn’t performing well at a place that has a dome? Minnesota has a new stadium that I bet would draw some people, St Louis has a dome with no one there now. I bet the Military Bowl would do well in St Louis for a few years and move the Cure Bowl to Minnesota. Or we could just let them continue & like the Miami Beach Bowl they will die out in 3 years lol.

Maybe it’s me but I’ve always had a soft spot for Bowl season. My family and I have always had a family Bowl picks for over 40 years and it has great memories. The more bowl games the most merrier in my opinion.

I agree with Joe 100%! Just have fun with it and make a little competition out of it with family and friends.
I think there are pros and cons, but I would say the pros do outweigh the cons and I truly do enjoy bowl season.