FOX Sports reveals three football games in 2024 for Big Noon Kickoff

By Kevin Kelley -

FOX Sports has revealed three college football matchups in 2024 that are set for Big Noon Kickoff, according to an announcement on Monday.

During week two of the 2024 season, the defending national champion Michigan Wolverines will host the Texas Longhorns at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich., on Saturday, Sept. 7. The game will be televised by FOX at noon ET / 11:00am CT.

The following week on Saturday, Sept. 14 (Week 3), the Wisconsin Badgers will host the Alabama Crimson Tide at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisc., also at noon ET / 11:00am CT on FOX.

FOX also announced that their Big Noon Kickoff for the final week of the regular-season in 2024 will again feature the Ohio State Buckeyes hosting the Michigan Wolverines at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The game will be played on Saturday, Nov. 30 at noon ET (Week 14; noon ET, FOX).

The Michigan-Ohio State football series, referred to as “The Game” by some, is currently led by the Wolverines, 61-51-6. Michigan has won the last three contests in the series, 42-27 in Ann Arbor in 2021, 45-23 in Columbus in 2022, and 30-24 in Ann Arbor last season.

Earlier on Monday, the kickoff time and television network was announced for two Big Ten football games in 2024. Michigan will open the 2024 season on Saturday, Aug. 31 at home against the Fresno State Bulldogs and the game will be televised live by NBC and streamed via Peacock at 7:30pm ET.

The following week on Saturday, Sept. 7, Deion Sanders aka Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes will travel to take on Matt Rhule’s Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb. The game will also kickoff at 7:30pm ET (6:30pm CT / 5:30pm MT) with live coverage via NBC and Peacock.

2024 College Football Schedule

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If Fox really wants UM-OSU it needs to be on Black Friday night. It’s too big for Big Noon Saturday. Time to start a new tradition. Traditions are allowed to fall by the wayside if rivalries ending due to conference realignment is any indication

Z-Man I am pulling for Big Ten & CBS to show Ohio State hosting Akron Week 1 8/31 & Notre Dame at Purdue Week 3 9/14 both for 3:30PM Kickoff.

Why move the game with the biggest TV audience of the regular season?

I agree that several games on Big Noon would be better in the evening, but Michigan-Ohio State isn’t one of them.

Also, neither Michigan nor Ohio State is going to play a home game on Friday night. Period. End of story.

They should play half the game Friday night, and then resume the second half at Noon on Saturday. Win win

Michigan-Ohio State and Harry, again, we’ve seen traditions fall by the wayside in CFB a lot recently. We’ve seen it in rivalries ending due to conference realignment. We’ve seen it in the major bowls tossing aside their traditional conference tie-ins for the sake of expanding the CFP. The noon start for UM-OSU should be the next thing to go.

UM and OSU will be fine playing on a cold Friday night. The TV ratings will be fine for it too.

safe to assume you are not a fan of either side or even a fan somewhere near there

Richie that is an inaccurate statement I’m an OSU fan. But I also happen to think football is better played at night than during the day.

I’ll make Z-Man spend six hours in cold weather & see how he can cope with it.

Z-Man you argue with everybody & you do not give a crap on everybody you only care about yourself & you are too darn selfish & greedy SHAME ON YOU Z-MAN.

P.S. Your are grounded from watching Packers games in 2024.

Z-Man disregard that last message you can still watch your Cheeseheads(Packers) in 2024 however I only wish you can get along with everybody on

P.S. I 114% care about you buddy.

Sorry for being a bit of a hothead on you Z-Man I am doing My 114% best to help you not bully or hurt you.

I am a College Football Fan & I am very,very flexible when games are being played whether it at Noon,3:30PM,7:30PM & 10:30PM although I,m enthusiastic about CBS televising Big Ten 3:30PM games full time.

Here is My top 4 Night College Football games

1. Friday Night

2. SEC Saturday Night

3. MAC Mid-week games in November nothing to do with Weather

4. Accepting Big Ten playing under the lights.

The MOST watched regular college football game every season is – Ohio State-Michigan. It is not broken. It does not need tweaking. Enough with your continued false justifications and misthink. Just stop!!

My justifications are not false, Spencer they are valid points. As long as the top-rated primetime program is a presentation of American football games night football will always be better than day football.

Z-Man you are biggest crybaby in the world & I hope you get a big spanking from Brother I am extremely disappointed in You.

As it stands I feel bad for all the West Coast UM and OSU fans who have to get up real early just to watch this game if they don’t want to watch any other game that day. Noon ET is 9 AM PT, 8 AM in Alaska, and 7 AM in Hawaii.

Moving it to night allows West Coast fans to sleep in.

Z-Man You are too darn selfish,mean & very hateful person & you do not deserve to watch any Football in 2024.

P.S. I Pray & Hope that your Brother punishes you really good for acting extremely rude this is the worst I have heard from you & you are destroying everybody at

Disregard that last message I really apologize for being very,very hard on You & I only wish you would get over of Ohio State-Michigan continue it’s traditional Noon Kickoff instead of Night game that you really want & remember not all College Football Fans like night games & I do not expect Fans to like Big Ten Football on CBS.

Thing you need to work on Z-Man is to be much more flexible & I really like to see Your Ohio State Buckeyes play a Night game regardless of opponent & I was 114% flexible about Michigan Wolverines opponent for CBS 3:30PM game & Big Ten newcomer USC Trojans is a fantastic choice plus I am happy that CBS will televise Notre Dame at Purdue Week 3 9/14.

Hope your days Z-Man will become much brighter & better for you.

In addition to Michigan/Ohio State I am a Fan of Texas/Oklahoma playing in late morning/early afternoon courtesy of Georgia Bulldogs Fan in SEC.

I am 114% confident that CBS will show My Michigan Wolverines & two games that I really want CBS to televise are two West Coast newcomers USC Week 4 9/21 & Oregon Week 10 11/2 both at Big House(Michigan Stadium) & both would make fantastic 3:30PM Kickoffs.

Your just mourning SEC on CBS.

You have to watch ABC if you want to view SEC games now.

Dan……love the spirit but ain’t no way Akron-Ohio State is being seen other then on BTN. No one wants to watch a 63-0 blowout on national TV.

Jinzo2400 problem with first week of Big Ten games OOC games that Teams like Michigan,Ohio State,Maryland,Nebraska,Indiana,Wisocnsin & Michigan State are playing smaller FBS teams only real contest is Penn State at West Virginia & that will be property of FOX Sports digital group FOX or FS1 another good choice for CBS would be Maryland hosting UConn in Week 1.
Week 2 Iowa State at Iowa,Week 3 Notre Dame at Purdue,Week 4 USC at Michigan,Week 10 Oregon at Michigan & Week 14 Nebraska at Iowa(Friday) would make fantastic CBS 3:30PM games.
If you want to watch SEC tune to ABC.

To Jinzo2400 Ohio State on National TV had two shellacking last year with Western Kentucky 63-10 & two years ago with Toledo 77-21 both shellacking were televised by FOX.

The argument you are offering in defense of your stance is itself a false justification! By primetime programming of American football presentations, you are referring to the NFL and in particular here, by top-rated you are referring the Super Bowl. No programing has ever competed with the Super Bowl and other than the final episode of MASH in February of 1983, its dominance seems safe. College football is not the NFL. Two-thirds of people follow the NFL to some extent while only half of them take some notice of their game. But yet…. the Ohio State-Michigan viewership, at noon on a Saturday, is 2 million more than the typical primetime NFL broadcast… 2 million more! Please grow up and stop argue like a childish Bolshevik.

PS – West Coast viewers? Really? They don’t even have a power conference anymore! Guess they have been sleeping in on a regular basis for some time.

First I like to send My prayers & thoughts to Z-Man after major meltdown he had after Ohio State Michigan remain traditional Noon start instead night game that Z-man really,really wanted & hope he gets over it & become more flexible & speaking flexible that how I feel after when Fresno State at Michigan & Colorado at Nebraska were announced there games will be shown on NBC two that wanted CBS to show however I am blessed & happy that CBS will show Notre Dame at Purdue & USC at Michigan.
If I had one other Big Ten Football that I want CBS to show at 3:30PM is Week 2 9/7 CyHawk series Iowa vs Iowa State at Kinnick Stadium Iowa City.

To Michigan-Ohio State originally I wanted game be a 3:30PM Kickoff to be televised on CBS however excellent news I am blessed & happy that it will continue it’s Traditional Noon Kickoff for FOX Big Noon Saturday & as a Michigan Wolverines Fan at least I am happy that CBS will show Week 4 9/21 game vs USC & hopefully Week 9 10/26 vs cross state rival Michigan State & looking forward to two exciting Big Ten games on Thanksgiving weekend both Friday 11/29 & Saturday 11/30 on CBS.