FOX reveals 2024 Friday night college football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

FOX Sports has revealed its Friday night college football schedule for the 2024 season, which includes a total of 12 contests.

The Friday primetime slate on the FOX broadcast networks this season includes games from the Big Ten, Big 12, and Mountain West conferences. The slate of games kicks off on Friday, Sept. 13 with the Kansas State Wildcats hosting the Arizona Wildcats, which is actually considered a non-conference contest.

The inaugural FOX College Football Friday schedule concludes with the Old Trapper Mountain West Championship Game on Friday, Dec. 6. The game will kickoff at 8:00pm ET on FOX.

Check out the complete slate of Friday night college football games on FOX below. The complete early season college football TV schedule is slated to be released on Thursday, May 30. The college football bowl schedule is set to be unveiled the following week on Thursday, June 6.

FOX 2024 Friday night college football schedule

Friday, Sept. 13
Arizona at K-State – 8pm, FOX

Friday, Sept. 20
Illinois at Nebraska – 8pm, FOX

Friday, Sept. 27
Washington at Rutgers – 8pm, FOX

Friday, Oct. 4
Michigan St. at Oregon – 9pm, FOX

Friday, Oct. 11
Northwestern at Maryland – 8pm, FOX

Friday, Oct. 18
Oregon at Purdue – 8pm, FOX

Friday, Oct. 25
Rutgers at USC – 11pm, FOX

Friday, Nov. 8
Iowa at UCLA – 9pm, FOX

Friday, Nov. 15
UCLA at Washington – 9pm, FOX

Friday, Nov. 22
Purdue at Michigan St. – 8pm, FOX

Friday, Nov. 29
Utah at UCF – 8pm, FOX

Friday, Dec. 6
Mountain West Championship – 8pm, FOX

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Comments (35)

I feel UM-OSU should be on Black Friday night if Fox wants to air the game so badly. Ratings will be fine if they did that, possibly even higher since the start time is more appropriate for UM and OSU fans on the West Coast.

Michigan has said time and time again they will not play Friday night games- either home or away. According Warde Manuel. Was quoted in the Detroit Free Press a few months ago as having said that.

As a Michigan Wolverines Fan I am not bothered that they do not play on Friday evening however at least Northwestern Wildcats & Illinois Fighting Illini will play Friday evening.

At least ESPN have obligations to Big 12 & CBSSN have obligations to Mountain West should they play Friday evening Football.

The Big Ten should require all its teams be willing to play on Friday night if they want a shot at being in the flagship Big Noon Saturday slot.

Z-Man That’s enough of your very trash & rude Comments on OSU-MU playing night you had a major meltdown last you argue at everybody & you hate your brother.

interesting was thinking that this year without the big ten football title match on fox this season was where the mountain west football title match would go

i guess that cbs for their sports network prevents that and why the title match is like this for this season and maybe going forward on a friday night

Yes I agree Dan. I think that was Fox’s strategy all along. With the former Pac members now in the BIG that allowed them to schedule more Friday games in later time windows-same thing for Saturday night as we will see Big Ten After Dark. I also noticed that Ohio State, Penn State, and Iowa aren’t scheduled for Friday nights either. Along with Michigan, those are some pretty big brands that are staying away from the Friday night schedule. This could backfire on FOX.

As I said in another comment, being allowed to be on Big Noon Saturday should be tied to a school’s willingness to play on Friday night. Under this proposal, the UM-OSU game would be disqualified from BNS because of both schools’ current refusals to play on Friday nights. In any event it should be on Black Friday night anyway.

It would be another example of a long-held tradition being abandoned in college football. We’ve seen it in rivalries ending due to realignment, as well as the major bowls tossing aside their traditional tie-ins for the sake a of a 12-team CFP. The Noon start for UM-OSU should be the next thing to go.

Should have clarified; Iowa has no HOME games on Fridays. But they are listed once at UCLA. My fault!

Z-Man or MEAN-Man PLEASE leave My Michigan Wolverines & Your Ohio State Buckeyes alone THEY DO NOT Need to play on Friday evening they are good as they are & Your stupid request of UM-OSU game be played at night WILL NO LONGER BE POSTED & You are disrespecting College Football You Mean person.

Check yourself is right. You’re the one being mean. If anyone’s disrespecting CFB it’s the teams who choose to throw away longtime rivalries in search of more money in a new conference.

Furthermore, I have every right to state my wish of UM-OSU being played at night, even if others don’t agree, but they should at least respect my opinion.

Z-Man I’m not A Fan of CFB Teams that give up longtime rivalries for more $$$$$$ in new conference however I am giving Washington Huskies a chance in Big Ten,Arizona State Sun Devils in Big 12,Texas Longhorns in SEC & Stanford Cardinal in ACC wishing very best for them in their new Homes.

In a way my brother can get his wish if UM and OSU finish in the top two of the Big Ten standings, although the ensuing rematch would be neutral site.

Just want to let you know Z-Man Brother That I am A Michigan Wolverines Fan & hope you respect it.

Bill please give FOX a chance to shine televising Friday evening Football.

Friday Evening Football & Big Noon Saturday will be separate broadcast for FOX.

At least it will be a huge advantage for Washington Huskies,Oregon Ducks,UCLA Bruins & USC Trojans.

As A Michigan Wolverines Fan I respect them not playing on Friday & NOT disappointed at ALL.

I mean, the only reason these (B10) games are played on Friday night is because they won’t be 1 of the top 3 B10 games that week and the teams participating are willing to put up with the hassle/inconvenience of playing on a Friday for the added exposure.

To Richard Friday evening & Big noon Saturday will be seperate telecasts for FOX College Football.

I like tradition as much as anyone, and I know Michigan-Ohio State is a good rivalry. To me it should always be played on Saturday of Thanksgiving week at 12 noon Eastern, not Friday night, Saturday night or some other time like people suggest. I have an idea, how you can make it a night game, tape it at noon, and watch it that night. My only complaint about the FOX Friday Night schedule, is on October 25th, no not the start time, but that is to be the 1st game of the World Series that night, what if the game goes long? Would the football be start on FS1 or push back the start time at least half an hour.

If the college football world is fine with Bedlam no longer being played or the Rose Bowl no longer being Big Ten VS Pac-12 then it will certainly be fine with UM-OSU on Black Friday night.

Z-Man, just because some traditions are killed doesn’t mean other traditions should be killed, unless you think the murder of person A justifies the murder of unrelated person B for some odd illogical reason.

Z-Man you need to accept Ohio State declining play on Friday.

Prior to 1982 Notre Dame played only day games at Home.

Who else thinks it is a dumb idea to play a 11pm est game on Network TV with an East coast team Rutgers I get if it was Washington and UCLA or Washington and USC but to force Rutgers to travle all the way across the country then play at 11 pm est after game 1 of the WOrld serise is stupid

BTN would be an excellent alternative if Rutgers/USC would play much sooner like 8PM or 9PM Eastern.

Here is My top four when I like College Football is being played at night.

1. Friday

2. Michigan Wolverines Saturday

3. Georgia Bulldogs Saturday

4. Tie Northern Illinois Huskies & Bowling Green State Falcons Tuesday & Wednesday during November.

Here are main reasons for the four.

1. Fan of Friday evening games.

2. Respect for Michigan Wolverines who decline play on Fridays.

3. Respect for SEC that play only on Saturdays games under the lights are awesome.

4. Fan of MAC playing on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings during November regardless of Weather.

This is all because WWE announced that Friday Night Smackdown would leave FOX for USA in 2025,but it announced that its USA contract would start on September 13th of 2024.