College football rankings: Week 12, 2017

By Kevin Kelley -

College football rankings for week 12 have been released, and the Miami Hurricanes have moved up to No. 2.

Mark Richt’s Hurricanes throttled the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 41-8 Saturday night at Hard Rock Stadium. The win moved the Hurricanes up five spots to 2nd in the AP Poll and up four spots to 2nd in the Coaches Poll.

The top five teams in the AP and Coaches are different. The AP is Alabama, Miami, Oklahoma, Clemson, and Wisconsin, while the Coaches is Alabama, Miami, Clemson, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma.

Below are the full AP and Coaches Polls for Week 12 of the 2017 season. The third set of College Football Playoff ranking will be released this Tuesday, Nov. 14.

AP Poll – Week 12

1. Alabama
2. Miami, FL
3. Oklahoma
4. Clemson
5. Wisconsin
6. Auburn
7. Georgia
8. Ohio State
9. Notre Dame
10. Oklahoma State
11. TCU
12. USC
13. Penn State
14. UCF
15. Washington State
16. Washington
17. Mississippi State
18. Memphis
19. Michigan
20. Stanford
21. LSU
22. Michigan State
23. USF
24. West Virginia
25. NC State

Coaches Poll – Week 12

1. Alabama (63)
2. Miami
3. Clemson
4. Oklahoma
5. Wisconsin
6. Auburn
7. Georgia
8. Ohio State
9. Notre Dame
10. USC
11. Penn State
12. UCF
13. Oklahoma State
14. TCU
15. Washington
16. Washington State
17. Memphis
18. Michigan
19. Miss. St.
20. USF
21. LSU
22. NC State
23. Stanford
24. Michigan St.
25. West Virginia

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the ACC championship between Miami and Clemson should be a great game. I’m looking forward to that game. Its like a playoff game into the final four. . If Clemson wins they are definitely in. I wonder if Miami with one lost [to Clemson ] could still be invited? It is possible . They sure aught to make it before a two loss Awbarn! When they play Alabama I’m actually a Bama fan. Only time I am but Let just say Awbarn ain’t one of my favorites! I hope after Alabama they will be a three loss team. My team Clemson can’t afford to lose again or Orange Bowl here we come!