BYU and Washington State Schedule 2012-13 Home-and-home Football Series

By Kevin Kelley -

The BYU Cougars and Washington State Cougars have scheduled a 2012-13 home-and-home football series, has reported.

BYU will host Washington State at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo in 2012 and travel to face WSU at Martin Stadium in Pullman in 2013. Exact dates were not announced.

Washington State athletic director Bill Moos also said that he has had preliminary scheduling talks “…with such schools as Nebraska, Michigan State and Texas A&M about playing home-and-home.”

BYU leads the all-time series against Washington State 2-1. BYU won the first meeting 38-36 in the 1981 Holiday Bowl. In 1989 and 1990, the schools split two games in Provo.

BYU now has a full schedule of 12 games for the 2012 season. In 2013, BYU needs three more games and can schedule a fourth under the Hawaii Exemption.

Washington State needed a third non-conference game for 2012 when Utah joined the Pac-12. WSU also hosts Eastern Washington and travels to UNLV.

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The schedule technically isn’t finalized for next year because there have been no official sources (outside of a screen cap saying Idaho would play at BYU in 2012) verifying Idaho at BYU next year. For all intents and purposes, 1 game remains to be scheduled next year.

Still, BYU will play at Utah, host Oregon State, and host Washington State next year. So why didn’t the Pac-12 invite BYU again?

Or maybe they wanted the Salt Lake City market instead. You misspelled Mormon by the way. You = ignorant

@Dan….I am with you….why the Pac 10 chose Colorado over BYU just doesn’t make sense….BYU’s football program is much stronger then Colorado overall and the hoops squad is also much better PLUS you have natural traveling partners in Utah and BYU. Someone dropped the ball here…

Pac 10 chose Colorado before Utah.
After five other Big 12 schools decided not to join Pac 10, Pac 10 chose Utah instead to make 12-team conference.
I don’t think Pac 10 would have considered about selecting BYU over Colorado.

The PAC 12 is a conference of bigoted schools. They don’t want any schools that have a religious affiliation — they’d rather enjoy feeding the mediocre athletic programs of Colorado, Cal &, sorry folks, WSU, than actually have a religious program, like BYU, that could actually add to the viability of the conference.

Guys, this isn’t solely about markets (and most certainly isn’t about on-the-field performance).

You see any things that the Pac schools have in common? Institutional fit matters to university presidents. The Pac simply isn’t going to admit a sectarian non-research university. If BYU wants to join the Pac, it’d have to become secular and boost its research/grad school tremendously. As that isn’t happening, stop dreaming about the Pac.

Non-conference is different. Western Michigan played 3 Big Ten teams a couple of years ago. That doesn’t mean the Big Ten will admit Western Michigan.

Okay, so it’s settled. 2012 home games against Oregon State, Washington State, Hawaii, Utah State, Idaho and Weber State. Two (bottom-feeding) PAC-12, three WAC and one Big Sky game. Worth a season ticket purchase?

BYU had better land in a decent conference quickly.

Would going back to the WAC please you? I’m sure they’d take us and let us keep our ESPN contract and rebroadcast deals. No Sunday play wouldn’t set them back either.

That home schedule isn’t too shabby….Oregon State and Washington State will be much better come 2012. The rivalry game against Utah State will be a good game as well and based on the last two years,create a big buzz in the state of Utah. Now Idaho and Weber State? Yeah,those will be hard to get up for…which is why you have Ebay for…
I am personally looking forward to seeing BYU come to San Jose State next year and hope ESPN will broadcast it again….it was a good game this year to watch..