BYU, UConn schedule 2014-15 Home-and-home Football Series

By Kevin Kelley -
Rentschler Field
UConn will host BYU at Rentschler Field in 2014. Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The BYU Cougars and the UConn Huskies have scheduled a 2014-15 home-and-home football series, SNYUCONN has reported. The two schools have never met in football.

BYU will open the 2014 season at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014. The Cougars will then host the Huskies at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo on October 31, 2015.

The Cougars, an FBS Independent, now have 11 games scheduled in 2014 and eight games in 2015. In 2014, BYU is set to host Virginia, Houston, Utah State, Nevada, Southern Miss, and UNLV and travel to Connecticut, Texas, Boise State, Middle Tennessee, and UCF.

The 2015 season will see BYU entertain Boise State, Utah State, Cincinnati, and UConn and visit Nebraska, Michigan, Southern Miss, and UNLV. Both schedules feature an good mix of BCS teams and mid-majors.

UConn now has their second scheduled non-conference game for 2014 and third for 2015. The Huskies are set to host Stony Brook in 2014, while Villanova and Tennessee visit in 2015. A trip to Tennessee looms in 2016, and Connecticut will also face Virginia in a 2016-17 home-and-home series.

“We are grateful to UConn for the opportunity to play this home-and-home series and look forward to the games,” said BYU Director of Athletics Tom Holmoe. “The Huskies have played great football as an FBS member, winning league titles and earning numerous bowl invitations.  Scheduling this game in the northeast gives our fans traveling to the game opportunities to visit places they may not have been before. We are also excited to welcome UConn to Provo for its first-ever visit to LaVell Edwards Stadium.”

“We are very excited to bring another nationally prominent opponent to Rentschler Field,” said UConn Director of Athletics Warde Manuel. “BYU has a long tradition of football excellence with prominent players that are known around the country. With Michigan playing at UConn in 2013 and Tennessee in 2015, we feel that we have a very strong non-conference schedule for the next several years and plan on continuing that practice.

“I also think UConn fans will enjoy making the trip to Provo in 2015. Our loyal followers have established a tradition of traveling well to national non-conference contests and I think this will happen again when we go to BYU.”

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Should be a good matchup. I would love it if UConn and BYU basketball would also schedule a home-home series!

This is a huge get for us. BYU is a national name and they equal exposure.
2 games vs BYU = 2 games for UConn on national television.
Getting on ESPN is huge for the program, getting on there twice is even better. Great job Manuel!

Of course if BYU rejoins the MWC or UConn gets an ACC invite; these games will never happen.

The way BYU is filling up their independent schedule (11 games for 2014, 8 games for 2015 so far) it doesn’t look like they anticipate rejoining the MWC anytime soon.

I think we will see many matchups with the ACC and BYU in the future, especially once the Notre Dame scheduling deal kicks in. The ND deal will create holes in the ACC conference schedule that BYU should be able to benefit from.

And, BYU is not going back to the MWC. BYU already has 3-4 games against MWC teams per year for the next 3 or 4 years…so, BYU has what it needs from the MWC…and the Cougars don’t have to travel to Laramie.

Don’t worry Bill, these games will happen.
BYU is getting way too much exposure and is locked into a 8 year deal with ESPN. The MWC (even if it had an auto bid) would not be a draw for BYU. The only teams on National TV as much or more than them over the last 2 years was Ohio State, USC, Texas and Michigan. The MWC can’t offer that, only Independence can.

Apparently UConn released their football schedule today even though the Big East isn’t releasing it until tomorrow. The post has since been taken off their website, but I see you caught it.

Great matchup! UConn football is on the rise and scheduling BYU can give them a boost.

When did 2015 game move to Oct 2? Was this part of the BYU-USU move to end-of-season?