Report: BYU Cougars to host Idaho State Bengals in 2013

By Kevin Kelley -
LaVell Edwards Stadium
Idaho State will reportedly play at BYU in 2013. Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The BYU Cougars will host the Idaho State Bengals in 2013, Matt Gittins of KPVI News 6 announced via Twitter.

The game will be played on Nov. 16, 2013 at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo. It will be the fifth meeting between the two schools, but only the second since 1951. BYU leads the series 4-0.

Middle Tennessee was slated to play at BYU on Nov. 16, but that game will likely be moved to one of three open dates on BYU’s schedule: Sept. 14, Sept. 28, or Nov. 30.

The Cougars also have an open date on Nov. 2 which falls between a home game against Boise State and a road game against Wisconsin. It is presumed that BYU would like to keep that date for a bye.

BYU is also slated to travel to Hawaii on Dec. 7, but that game will likely move to one of the three aforementioned dates. Since San Diego State is remaining in the Mountain West, the conference now has 12 teams and will likely stage their championship game on that date (Dec. 7).

The addition of Idaho State gives BYU 12 games on their 2013 football schedule, and the Cougars can play 13 since they are traveling to Hawaii. Either way, it appears their schedule is complete according to comments made by BYU director of athletics Tom Holmoe.

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Never happening. No way they make the kind of money or have this kind of exposure in those conferences than they are playing independent. NO ONE in the MWC or C-USA are going to play a sched as tough and respectable as the Y’s in ’13.

c’mon BYU, how does this game help your school’s profile or program recapture elite status. You lost to Utah State and SJSU this past year. You’re perhaps not even on par with MWC programs now.

While I’m not too excited about Idaho State on the schedule, I CERTAINLY am not going to complain at all about what’s on slate this year. So tell me, Dusty, is it not enough to play Virginia, Texas, Georgia Tech, Houston, Boise St, Wisconsin and Notre Dame? I think BYU should be applauded for putting together its most respectable schedule IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY.

BYU lost to Utah State? Didn’t BYU beat co-MWC champions SDSU? And isn’t BYU getting about 3X more sports revenue from its TV deal alone than a typical MWC school gets in sports revenue?

Ummm…BYU BEAT Utah State. Shows how much you’re paying attention to the program.

Every single FBS team schedules at least 1 lower-divison opponent to balance the schedule. BYU is playing their most difficult schedule BY FAR in ’13. Look at Alabama, who won the championship – they had Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic AND Western Carolina this year. I’m okay with this.

Idaho State? Well, that was anticlimactic. I was hoping for Mizzou, Syracuse, or Wake Forest. It’ll be fun for BYU fans in Idaho, though. BYU’s Idaho campus in Rexburg is maybe 70 mins from ISU. The Boise State game is in Provo this next year.

Are you being sarcastic, darktick? The MWC has such a terrible TV situation. As an independent, BYU’s getting more national exposure and revenue than ever before. If they join a conference, it’s going to be the BIG 12 or PAC-12–and only if one of the said conferences gives them a TV revenue deal comparable to what they have now. There are many BYU fans in PAC 12 cities that would attend games. Also future games with our favorite rival, the Univ. of Utah, would both be secured and in November, when they ought to be. The BIG 12 might be a better option, though, exposure-wise, considering some of the information in this article: ( ).

I say “option” half-jokingly. The PAC-12 has no love for BYU.
(Rant: They chose Utah over BYU, while it has half the fan base/TV revenue potential. And if you’re gonna say it’s about wins, Utah most certainly did have two huge BCS bowl wins in the past 10 years–but so did Boise St., and they weren’t even in the PAC-12 discussion. Some have cited “cultural fit” problems as part of the BYU slight. I think cultural friction makes things more interesting {see BYU vs SDSU men’s basketball series 2010-2011}. And this talk of it being “academically weak” is smoke and mirrors, too. Yes, there are less PHD programs, etc. at BYU, but the average undergraduate entrance GPA and ACT score are crazy high compared to most PAC-12 schools. And their JD and MBA programs are consistently ranked in the top 40 nationally. How Arizona State passes the test academically while BYU fails is beyond me. Religion is the real concern. The LDS Church’s support of Proposition 8 in CA in the 2008 election has plenty to do with the slight, I think. And then, of course the no playing on Sunday, which is a legitimate concern with basketball tournaments, etc.)

The BIG 12 seems content with what it has, for now. I could see the BIG 12 make an offer a couple of years down the road if there was a second team to invite to make 12 again and have conf. championship. Who could that be? There’s absolutely no way Notre Dame would join just for football right? (The distance would probably be a bother for other sports {though West Virginia seems to have survived}.) What if they got to keep their share of the revenue and keep their home games on CBS? Maybe?? Potential benefits: better Texas recruiting, slightly easier to have a full Nov. schedule, potential conf. championship game, slightly better bowl access (in the event of a season like Wisconsin’s this past year).

The mountain west has a option to renegotiate the TV deal i think. You have to think that the mountain west is at least equal to the big east. While i agree religion did play a small role(as byu does not play basketball on Sunday(some pac 12 games are from Wednesday to Sunday.)It also has to do with the conference tournament.The WCC favors the higher seeds more then the PAC 12 does. Next year with the WCC adds Pacific and there are talks about having the first round on BYU TV(7vs10 and 8vs9) This year BYU TV gets the first 2 rounds of the tournament. due you think the pac 12 would allow a separate byu tv station? In short term the WCC is good for BYU for non football sports and independence is better for football. I think the mountain west would be best for BYU granted they do not restart the mountain network.(had no real san diego coverage due to not having a deal with time warner to carry the channel) I also don’t think theat BYU would want to give up it’s personal TV channel.

Stanford and Cal will NEVER allow a religious school. If they balked at Baylor(which prevented Texas and Oklahoma from joining the Pac-10,12, whatever)do you really think they would ever consider BYU?

The problem is Syracuse and Mizzou were both looking for BYU to be on the road for 2013 and we already have 6 road games scheduled. Any sane person would have been expecting a “minor” opponent for the 12th game.

Biggs, to correct you, all SDSU games that aired on Mtn and on CBS Sports Network aired live on 4SD. It was the Mtn games that didn’t feature SDSU that didn’t get shown in San Diego.

Just got off the phone with a friend fairly high in the BYU Athletic Department, He is normally very tight lipped about these and then will tell me the specifics after they are announced. I asked him point blank “is BYU going to play Syracuse, Missouri or Air Force this year?” He laughed and said, “Keep guessing, You know I can’t tell you who it is… But as a fan, I am excited about it and as a season ticket holder you will be thrilled with the final additions to the 2013 schedule.”
So excited to see who it is, but it looks like it won’t be MO, AFA or SU :(

Called same guy tonight, he said he can verify Idaho State as their 1AA game this year since it is already being reported online…Still said “Hold tight, you are going to love the strategy, appeal and intrigue of the final schedule when it is officially released by Tom.”
Since I had been hearing rumblings of Hawaii going away. I asked if Hawaii dropped out, He said “just wait, its being released this month, you will be stoked.”

I am looking forward to the announcement.

Any word on a rescheduling of the BYU – Hawaii game?

The Mountain West is now going to have 12 teams for 2013 and will have a conference championship game, presumably the weekend of December 7 (which is currently when the BYU-Hawaii game is scheduled).

I’m not thrilled with Idaho St, but I am thrilled with the overall 2013 schedule. It’s easily on par with schedules for PAC12 and Big12 teams. As long as we can continue to keep the schedule on par with the 2013 schedule, I’m all in for staying independent.

The only reason to go back to the MWC is if we can’t put together a schedule on our own. I wouldn’t even mind seeing a deal with the MWC like Notre Dame has with the ACC where we play 5 games against MWC each year. We’re almost there anyway with scheduled games against Boise, USU, Hawaii and UNLV.

Both BYU and Nebraska have open dates on Sept 28. With BYU opening at Nebraska in 2015, I think it would be great for the Huskers to come to Provo on Sept 28. An anomaly of Nebraska’s OOC games are that they are all at home in 2013. Usually, the Huskers play 3 home and 1 road OOC. Nebraska can make it work by dropping South Dakota St. on Sept. 21, thus making that date open and using their current open date of Sept 28 to play at BYU. As a Husker fan, I would want to see that.

BYU now makes more money in one game that they did the whole season in the MWC. And they now get more exposure in one season than they did in 8 years in the MWC. Whether independent or in MWC, they’ll pretty much have to go undefeated or one loss to have a sniff at a BCS game. So they’ll stay independent.

If the MWC is looking for more Independent teams – Notre Dame and BYU will both stay independent. They have big stadiums, tons of fans and have TV deals with their own networks to get them national exposure weekly. Nothing against the conference but what is in it for Indys like BYU or ND to join? If they want Indys, Army and Navy might be willing to listen.

Any word on when BYU will reschedule MTSU? Really don’t want a road trip to Provo in November

It will either be 9/28 or 11/30, but not sure which one. And why no announcement on MTSU and FAU leaving the belt a year early?

The comment above relative to the Guy having a friend inside the AD Dept with the tight lips on BYU’s upcoming 2013 schedule, saying that he as a Ticket Holder, and fan, telling his friend that when TH Previews the Final Run on BYU’s 2013 Schedule, that he will be stoked when seeing the final additions. Well I will continue holding out based on all of the rumors around the country on different Teams Boards, The local media, and such, that the 9/28 game will be either another HG against Duke or Wake Forest, or the one rumor, I tend to believe most, and that is a Neutral Site Game against the Missouri Tigers either at Arrowhead Stadium in KC (home of the chiefs), or at Edward Jones Dome in St Louis (home of the Rams). 11/2 stays a Bye, 11/16 Home Idaho State, Hawaii moves to 9/14 Road Game cause of MWC Championship Game on 12/7, and MT moved to 11/30 Road Game. BYU will have 6-6-1, 6 Home, 6 Away, and one Neutral. This is why is friend says he’ll be stoked.

BYU / Mizzou Home and home with BYU hosting Missouri in September or October this year would be ideal.
7 home games 6 away games

Well, they just announced on Twitter that BYU and Nevada will play a 3-game series with 2013 in Reno, 2014 in Provo, and 2019 in Provo. This announcement seems to coincidence with the earlier report that BYU and Hawaii will drop the 2013 game, so BYU would have 6 home and 6 road games in 2013.

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