BYU Cougars accept bid to 2013 Fight Hunger Bowl

By Kevin Kelley -

The BYU Cougars have accepted a bid to the 2013 Fight Hunger Bowl, bowl officials and BYU officially announced on Friday.

BYU will face a team from the Pac-12 at AT&T Park in San Francisco  on Friday, Dec. 27. The game will be televised nationally by ESPN at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET.

“What an exciting opportunity for the Cougars to travel to the great city of San Francisco for the Fight Hunger Bowl and to play a strong opponent from the Pac-12,” BYU director of athletics Tom Holmoe said. “Our coaches, players and fans will love the holiday season in San Francisco. It’s great to be able to add to the wonderful bowl tradition that is long associated with BYU football.”

The Cougars became bowl eligible last night after defeating Boise State 37-20. BYU is now 6-2 on the season.

BYU will be playing in their 32nd bowl game and ninth under head coach Bronco Mendenhall. The Cougars currently hold a 13-17-1 record in bowl games and have won four straight.

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WOW, boy how Independence has worked for the Cougars. Instead of conference titles and trips to Vegas they now go to Fort Worth, San Diego or San Francisco every year

Well lets see… BYU plays in the Mtn West they get to play in the Las Vegas Bowl against a PAC 12 team, If they play in San Francisco they play…. a PAC 12 team as well. So since theyve played in Las Vegas a ba- zillion times now I vote San Francisco. As for the Poinsettia Bowl as I recall it is a Mtn West bowl and we took out your co-champion on their home field in that one… not sure what your point is exactly unless you are dissing your own conferences bowl games. I dont think you are getting the point though. You are talking about 1 game, if you look at the whole schedule BYU is now playing a highly difficult BCS schedule as an independent. Insted of playing Air Force and Wyoming BYU now trades that in for Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Houston. They keep their traditional games with Utah and Utah State and for fun still get to play the Mtn West traditional champion Boise State for the next few years (did you catch the boxscore last week on that one ?) They have a much better shot at getting ranked and respected nationally by playing this schedule and dont have to make excuses for a weak schedule by being part of the Mtn West as well. All I know is Saturdays have become alot more fun to look forward to. Its a challenging opponent each week and gives us a national reputation…..and we are on National Television (ESPN, NBC ect) each week insted of versus and the mountain network…do you really need me to educate you further?

Oh I forgot to mention one more team that we got to play in Provo and show just how good our team is to a national audience……. You may have heard of this team, the Texas Longhorns. We didnt just beat them it was a cattle slaughtering festival. These types of schedules never would have been possible playing in the Mtn. West.

Oh …and talk about bad destinations to play a bowl game, as members of the Mtn West we were given the opportunity to play in the New Mexico Bowl against UTEP… that was a fun one ! I noticed it is still in the Mtn Wests bowl lineup along with the Potato Bowl in Idaho……. You really need to do a little homework on this before posting comments that dont make sense.

Judging from the photo, George won’t have any problems getting tickets for himself or his wives.

Only one wife there Billy Bob, and shes absolutely gorgeous….. I guess you arent familiar with Utah or Mormon culture if you think we practice plural marriage here. I think you watch to much HBO programming and just think you got it all figured out … or you are just an idiot… My guess is the second. When people cant beat us on the field they resort to the religion card… but just so you know you cant beat us there either. Get sober, and start drinking the blue kool on the bandwagon thats taking us to the BCS at large berth this year.

Actually its the only true religion you re going to find on the face of this green planet. Christ himself leads this church and if you have questions feel free to ask him yourself since he wont be shy about answering that prayer himself ! But id rather pick on your football team than you …….but it appears you dont have a team (or none would have you) since you arent even talking football on this all sports site. Why dont you take your hate mail and use it where someone might actually care what you have to say.

Every cult says they are the one true or to use George Stewart’s term “religion”.

What blows my mind is how BYU recruits black players to play for them, considering how the Mormons think of them.

Bill- OK here we go again… if we must pursue this – Question -In Christs time there were how many true churches. Answer – 1, even though there were many religions at the time like we have now. So it stands to reason that Christ wouldnt try to confuse his children and their salvation by having conflicting views on his own gospel and church, right ? He certainly didnt mince words in his time about their being only 1 true church. So I stand by the statement that their is only 1 true church. As to which one that is ill let you figure that out on your own !

Josh- Not sure what you think we believe about African- Americans but several of my good friends are of this ethnicity so dont be jumping to conclusions about that. Players come because they want to be in a clean and uplifting environment where coaches treat them with respect and where they can get a degree without getting in trouble regardless of their ethnicity. Parents feel safe sending their kids to BYU (proudly voted #1 stone cold sober school in the US !) African Americans are not denied any priesthood office in the church and there are many missionaries, bishops, stake presidents, mission presidents and general authorities who are African American currently serving in the US and worldwide. There are even members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who are black and Gladys Knight also joined. In sports the projected #2 pick in next years NBA draft (Jabarri Parker from Chicago) is also LDS and African American. The church is actually growing quickly in Africa right now and temples are being built in Africa. They are ours equals in every way. There are several good articles about this. Curtis Brown BYUs all-time leading rusher who is African American (and convert to the church while attending BYU) has an article about his experience written up in the Deseret News. Theres another on Ziggy Ansah BYUs defensive lineman who was a 1st round draft pick of the Lions last year who is actually from Africa and joined the Mormon church there.

Jabari Parker crossed BYU off his list and narrowed his choices to MSU, Kansas, and Duke. Three schools with awesome basketball teams and plenty of sex, drugs and rock and roll,

Bill- You dont have to go to BYU to be a good Mormon. Just like you dont have to go to Notre Dame just because you are Catholic. Taysom Hill (our quarterback) initially committed to Stanford and Unga ,our defensive captain is an Oregon State transfer . The way the Utah Jazz are playing however my guess is that Parker will end up in Utah one way or another. We should be in the lottery this year!

I guess when coffee, beer and cola are all prohibited you drink a lot of Kool-Aid.

On this point you are correct Billy Bob. We dont need drugs to get us out of bed and to keep us awake in the morning, we can stay awake on our own since we arent hung over in the first place….we dont need need to pass out, and stink to high heaven to know we are having fun. We dont have to deal with DUIs and beatings from out of control family members whose anger is a direct result of their alcohol doing their talking for them. We drink Kool-Aid my friend ….preferably BLUE Kool Aid ! Your not winning this debate on or off the field my friend.

Now Georgie Bob…don’t get your official Jesus-approved Mormon panties in a bunch. The 99 per cent of people on this earth who don’t give a rats butt about Joey Bob Smith’s hallucination are doping just fine. And for the record, there are plenty of beatings and DUI’s in the Mormon community too; you guys just like to sweep those things under the rug.

Bill- If you are “doping just fine” with the 90 and 9% of your friends and want me to be ok with that and not judge you -then why are you caring so much about our health code that we believe just as strongly about and which isnt hurting anyone…. I honestly want to know why you even care unless you are just truly wanting to know more and are prodding me so you can see what its really all about ! If this is so- the website is :) The missionaries can be over shortly to teach you all about it!

Because your “health code” is a crock of shit. Ever been to Wendover, Nevada. It is just off of I-80 at the Utah/Nevada line and exists largely for Mormons like you and Dr. MacNeill to go do all the things that Mormons aren’t supposed to do.

Or have you ever been to a Smith Food and Drug store? These large supermarkets, dounded by one of Joey Bob Smith’s 92 bajillion ancestors had no problem getting rich by having well stocked coffee and liquor departments.

Hypocrisy rules Utah.

Actually its Kroger Corp. thats getting rich off of Smiths Food store since they are the ones who have owned it for some time now… and are getting rich off of all those stocked shelves. And Salt Lake proper is less than 50 % LDS which Wendover is feeding off of… (and they are probably mostly stocked with all those Univ of Utah fans !) . Again you are confusing the schools !

I’m just Happy we don’t have to see BYU play San Diego State,UNLV,Wyoming,Air Force,or Colorado State,any more:)Finally BYU plays real team:) And does it better then UofU :)

And and its Good Luck to lose to UofU:) BYU gets yet another bowl game bid where None for UofU and even when the #5 team losses to UofU It only took 2 weeks and that team is back to #5 lol

BYU Cougars – First Congrats on the bowl bid invitation!!! That is were it usually starts, at the beginning of the season almost every team wants to be invited to play in a bowl game at the end of the season. I agree with BYU choosing an Independent status. It has worked to their advantage allowing the Cougars to play games against a different caliber team from numerous conferences, thus making them an all around better team, hence, stiffer competition. Playing games against teams like some of the following – ( Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Boise State, Utah, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Houston ) seems to provide a different level a talent then playing against the normal teams in their old conference Yeah, one could say that this team stinks, and that opponent is down this year, but you don’t know that at he time that the AD make the schedules. You have to paly who every is on your conference and then in the end, beat the opposing team in the bowl game your team was selected to play in, Then in the end everything else should fall into play. In Short, Congratulations BYU cougars!!! Joe

PS: Go Navy!!! Excellent game against Pittsburgh Panthers at home!!!

BYU will be one of the two teams to be playing in the last Fight Hunger Bowl ever to be played at San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Next year – the new Levi’s Stadium in the San Jose suburb of Santa Clara will start serving as the site for the Fight Hunger Bowl game.

it’s about time they quit playing a bowl game in a baseball stadium, what with many FB facilities within 40 miles of each other………are you listening, Tampa?

So Tom- Why isnt BYU being invited to be a rotating part of of the new site for the Hunger Bowl. It sounds like they were disappointed that this is only turning into a one time opportunity.

Guys – just FYI George Stewart is not a real BYU fan. He is a University of Utah Fan troll who loves to troll us with his “over the top religious and football takes”. He does this on other articles as well.
I agree it is weird for some reason George and some other of their fans go all “little brother” this time of year.
Great website, thanks for all you do.

Well Ed………..I certainly am a BYU fan. I grew up in Provo and as a matter of fact I graduated from high school in Provo. The University of Utah (or the team up north as we like to call them) fan would definitely not be complimentary of BYU in any way , shape or form… so a Ute fan I definitely am not. As to my comments if you want to take a closer look at the posts listed above all I was doing was writing about and defending my teams independent status, and for some reason ive noticed that if you try to write anything positive about BYU, people come out of the woodwork to pounce on the Mormon religion with venom. I know my pioneer ancestors had to deal with this kind of hate and bigotry but im suprised in this supposedly enlightened and tolerent society where religious freedom is held dear that im still seeing it now. I guess im not used to that type of hatred of our religion since I live in Utah where the majority is LDS. We are also not a cult, we accept Christ and his teachings with fervor, this church also just surpassed the 15 million mark and is one of the largest churches in the US and the world. The all volunteer full time missionary force is around 85,000 people strong now. We are active in defending the family and traditional marriage as eveidenced by our successful support of Prop 8 in California. But when attacked like I was above my personality is to not put up with it and take it sitting down like others do. So since they wanted to change the subject to religion from the sports side of things I was happy to contribute. If things are true and correct, they just are, so there are no apologies for them. I will defend my faith……..and my hometown team.

Yes Georgie

People pounce on your religion. Most people don’t buy religions, magazines or solar panels from the huevos who go door to door selling the product. You want to have wacko cult ideas, but you don’t want anyone pointing out your wacko cult ideas.

And while you mention “Freedom of Religion”; you seem to have a problem with other people having the freedom of speech to point out how bizarre you people are.

BTW Here in the normal part of America we don’t drug our wives in bathtubs and have our girlfriends move in 8 days after the funeral like you Mormons do.

I have absolutely zero idea of what you are even talking about…. am I supposed to understand what you are referring to ? The only story like that I know of is a scary Harrison Ford movie from back in the 90s where he plays a University Professor and tries killing his wife. Maybe thats what you were thinking of…. am I right?

This has been a very entertaining thread. And yes, George is very typical of BYU fans. All criticism is viewed as prejudicial and the work of the adversary. While it it true that any Mormon found in a plural marriage is soon excommunicated, it is also true that Utah pliggies base their beliefs on Mormon teachings which continue to allow Mormon males who survive their wives to marry other women in the Temple in a ceremony which seals them for time and eternity. God allows plural marriage in Heaven. Sorry for the commentary about religion, but with BYU football is always mixed with religion.

Joe- It only turns religious because you guys try to turn it that way so maybe you should just apologize now so we can get on with the business of football ! BYU deserves to be ranked , and thats the discussion id prefer to have. They only have 2 losses and have beat Texas, Boise State, Georgia Tech and Utah State… not to mention a previously undefeated Houston team. That should be enough to get anyone ranked. One of the computer rankings has them at #16 now. We should be up for the at large BCS bid now insted of being on the outside looking in. What gives ?

Geo, the Cougars are a fine team and play a worthy schedule. They’re on the bubble right now with a lot of other 2-loss teams. Let’s see how BYU does vs. Wisconsin.

Here are my rankings for this week. (you can rank BYU #22 if it suits you…)
1. Alabama: Champs until beaten. Looking better every week.
2. Florida State: can they bully Miami?
3. Oregon: Sloppy early, dominant late. Back to #2 if they beat Stanford
4. Baylor (+1 from last week): Unstoppable? Next 3 games will say for sure.
5. Ohio State (+1): Stylin’ at last! Vs. lightweights until @ Michigan Nov 30.
6. Miami (+2): Rising thru attrition. Big test @FSU Nov 2
7. Stanford (+2): Will remain best 1-loss team if they beat Ducks Nov 7.
8. Oklahoma (+2) Super Thursday Nov 7 @ Baylor
9. Missou (-5): Still a top-10 team. Can they win with a broken heart?
10. Clemson (+3): roadie rebound just what these Tigers needed.
11: Auburn (+1): Too many cupcakes will make you fat.
12. Texas Tech (-5): Time to bounce back into top 10 vs. Okla St next
13. Texas A&M (+1): best 2-loss team in the nation
14. South Carolina (+9): Back in hunt for SEC East
15. LSU (+1): Sluggish lately – even early vs. Furman. @’Bama in 2 weeks
16. Oklahoma State (+5): it gets tough in November
17. UCLA (-6): can’t stay with big boys yet, but rising young team
18. Fresno State: still unbeaten, but ripe for an upset.
19. UCF: Playing for a chance at big bowl game
20. Michigan: Big O, little d; at East Lansing next week
21. Michigan State (+3): Big D, little o
22- 25. Readers’s choice (pick 4): Louisville, Arizona St., Arizona, Oregon St., NIU, Ball St., Nebraska, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Minnesota, Duke, Houston, BYU, VA Tech, Texas

I don’t know how the Mormons can profess their religion as pure without believing in the virgin birth of Jesus.

We do believe this. God himself was his Father. Not sure why you think we dont believe this.

Bill, Joe D and others…
George is a University of Utah troll with free time.

I agree it is really weird to hide under a BYU fan facade and post on sites like this … Just say I root for team X and hate BYU and here is why…

I have had season tickets to BYU for 7 years, I have never sat anywhere near someone with his “beliefs” on religion or football. I sit around cool people, some from visiting teams, usually BYU fans. George is not typical of BYU fans or I would not renew.
If I had 65k guys like George surrounding me on saturdays, I would just stay at home and watch on ESPN ;)

Just realize when you are reading George, you are not reading from a BYU fan… You are reading a disgruntled University of Utah fan with an agenda.

George on a serious note, hang in there. You are in a tough spot recruiting and with talent but you just have to win 2 more and you will get to go bowling too. Colorado and WSU seem winnable.
I am rooting for you guys!

Ed- My tickets are right next to yours buddy. Never know who you are sitting by do you ! Also not sure why you think UofU fans would be disgruntled. They beat BYU for the past several years. Nothing to be disgruntled about… I guess ESPN just got a new viewer, ill miss seeing you at the games ! Also 7 years isnt even a start to how long ive been going to Lavell Edwards stadium, I started going back in 1979 when it all was just getting started so I guess you could learn a few things about being a Cougar fan from a true fan. Ill bring you up to speed next time I see you.

Please discontinue the religious discussion or this thread will be closed. This is a football site and football post for discussion and/or arguing about football.

Hi Kevin- Its good that the guys that write the articles actually read the posts that get attached to their articles. That suprised me. I appreciate your coverage of BYU with your positive slant on their accomplishment. Its appreciated !


You think has a “positive slant” in its coverage of BYU? No, actually, this website just covers the facts.

You University of Utah trolls need to get a life.

Kevin. Thank you for your post! I couldn’t agree more. Glad to see a grown-up in charge! I’d rather see the thread closed than see see personal attacks on people, religions, schools or teams or anything else. Those are not appropriate here.

George, is there any connection between the Mormon church’s mission and their commitment to this game? Any extra significance to BYU’s tie to the Fight Hunger Bowl?

Also, if the Cougars win out and get an invite to a BCS bowl (Fiesta, say), would they upgrade? Or will they likely be stuck playing the LOSER of tomorrow’s Oregon State-USC game?

Hi Oddsoxx- BYU has said in articles ive seen that they have written in escape clauses to some of their bowl tie ins in the event that this became a possibility. They wont release however which bowl games it was that had that out option given to them. They are a loyal school however so im sure that they would make sure that an adequate replacement was in place prior to making the jump.

As to the significance of the tie-in, as an independent there are very few bowl options that arent tied to conference affiliation, so BYU has been trying to find bowls where they can fit into the mix as more than just a one time option. As far as the mission part of things, I think one of the reasons they went independent was to not be tied to a conference and to be able to showcase their team to members (and non members) around the country. When Utah left for the PAC 12 their traditional rival was gone, and with TCU leaving, there wasnt much incentive to stay in the Mountain West. So when ESPN came calling along with a big pile of money and gave them all the TV exposure ( min of 8 games on cable) they could handle and told them they would help them with their scheduling it really was a no brainer. The Fight Hunger Bowl tie in I think had more to do with our ADs relationship with the Bay Area then your thought about the religious aspect of BYU taking on the San Francisco area with their Prop 8 position. The ADs name is Tom Holmoe and he played professionally for the San Francisco 49ers and was the head coach of Cal. He is also a California native I believe. So when the bowl group approached him about playing in their game (it was them inviting us , not us asking to be invited on this one) he jumped at the opportunity to have a chance to go back to a place that has been a big part of is life. I think thats the real reason for the acceptance of this paticular bowl invite.

Mormon’s set alerts about any stories involving LDS – they come in droves, only comment on that story, defend their religion against all things logical, and are never to be seen again. I’ve seen it time and time again, there are websites with RSS feeds (the reason I found it was by tracing back a poster at my university’s website – the people posting had absolutely no affiliation with my school but came for the story about missionaries.) They are all trolls and they don’t even know it.

I think its the other way around. You are the troll finding opps to comment on Mormonism. You dont seem to have an affiliation to this BYU article- like I do- (and you are talking about your universities website- so it obviously isnt BYUs) yet you are jumping in to say something negative about the church because you somehow tracked down the religious nature of the comments that were posted. I think you are obviously the pot calling the kettle black. But nice try to cover that up Shep. The fact that you know what RSS feeds are leads me to think you are most definitely a troll.