Boise State to host UT Martin in 2013

By Kevin Kelley -

Boise State BroncosThe Boise State Broncos will host the UT Martin Skyhawks in 2013, according to UTM’s official website.

UT Martin will travel to face Boise State at Bronco Stadium on Sept. 21, 2013. The game will be the first ever between the two schools.

The Broncos now have four non-conference games scheduled for the 2013 season. Boise State also hosts Southern Miss (Sept. 28) and travels to Washington (Sept. 7) and BYU (Oct. 26).

Unless the Broncos cancel one of their previously scheduled games, it appears they will play an 8-game conference schedule in 2013 when they join the Big East.

But due to the loss of West Virginia to the Big 12, rumors persist that the Big East is trying to entice the Broncos to join the conference in 2012.

Earlier this month, BSU President Bob Kustra had this to say in response to joining the Big East in 2012:

“It’s too late. I can’t imagine how anyone can pull that off. We would never want to pull it off in a fashion that dealt shabbily with our existing partners in the Mountain West. I don’t think that could ever work.”

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Yeah, UT Martin? I’ve never even heard if them before. I was hoping that the Broncos could have continued moving forward, not backwards.

Yea…..WTF?? Is that a new fly reel or a new rod?? What in the hell is a UT anyway? And where/what/who/when or how is a Martin?? This is not the time to give some really unknown a leg up.

whats with all the complaints? every other school does this every year. Its not like they are lined up with suitors willing to come to Boise and lose by 40.
@Brett they are adding seats I predict this game will have higher attendance than any game that has been played at Bronco Stadium previous to today.

You know, the big schools used to complain about having to play “no-name” Boise State. Just sayin’ BSU fans…never underestimate your opponent…don’t forget where we’ve come from. We blue-collar teams know better, don’t we?

I don’t see what the big deal is. Lots of teams schedule a game against an FCS school. In the 2012 season, LSU has Towson on their schedule, Oklahoma has Florida A&M, and Wisconsin has Northern Iowa. For Boise State, 2013 will be a big year for them as they start competing in the Big East. Yes, its not the SEC or Big Ten, but it is a step in competition from the Mountain West. So on top of the other non-conference games against Southern Miss, BYU, and Washington, they’ll have conference games against San Diego State, Houston, Southern Methodist, Louisville, Memphis, and 3 Eastern Division schools (either UConn, Rutgers, UCF, USF, or Cincinnati). Nothing really to sneeze at.

It’s their one FCS game. Most respected FBS school has one on their schedule.
UT Martin
Southern Miss
*San Diego

**Denotes Boise State will Play 3 of the 7 for conference Play…

Pretty good schedule I think…

Quit fussing, its their FCS game they play every year. Almost every other FBS teams play an FCS team once.

“Almost every other FBS team” also plays a much more difficult conference schedule. Boise’s conference foes are most generally a joke.

That is because almost every BCS team is a coward when it comes to playing Boise straight up….I mean,when will Georgia or Virginia Tech be coming in to give BSU a return game? Why didn’t Michigan State do a 4 game home and home set? Its not Boise State they are reduced to scheduling a SEC cupcake team…

ut what? Are you kidding me? And Boise is trying to shake the biased bs from espn and others and finally get the respect they deserve? What a crappy move dude! AD…I believe it is about time to get a pair..if you know what I mean and quit acting like Boise State is some little Big Sky team trying to make a little money by traveling to Alabama or something. But in this case of course Alabama wouldn’t want to play Boise, even if we went there twice. But yet as it is with some other teams who have chickened out Boise should be respected but the new AD apparently is trying to change that quickly. Oh and the Big East is going to end up a disaster for Boise. You just watch. Boise should act like the big shot school and sit down and put together their own twelve team conference which cold include most or all of the teams in the conference they are in now and then add maybe Utah State who has been turning their program to the good side for awhile…maybe…work on BYU…I don’t know but it seems Boise could put a better conference together and even possibly get some kind of tv contract with fox sports. It isn’t as big a deal as the other big ones but…it is a start and if you get BYU in as well as Boise, and others who have been doing better I think it would be good enough to get an automatice. Well at least it would be in the area where we are from..the west? Not the east. Just a thought. Oh well…go Broncs..oh yes..once again Chris..a kicker please?