Boise State and BYU agree to 12-year Football Series

By Kevin Kelley -

The Boise State Broncos and the BYU Cougars have agreed to a 12-year football series, the two schools announced today.

Boise State and BYU originally signed a four-year contract in 2008 for games between 2012 and 2015. The new agreement extends the series out to 2023 for a total of 12 games. The series will be home-and-home, with games in Boise, Idaho in even years and in Provo, Utah in odd years.

The Broncos lead the overall series against the Cougars 2-0. Boise State won 50-12 in Provo in 2003 and 28-27 in Boise in 2004.

“We are excited to extend our previous agreement to 12 years and be able to have a quality opponent like BYU play at Bronco Stadium,” interim Boise State director of athletics Curt Apsey stated.  “It is a great regional matchup that provides fans from both schools the opportunity to attend the game.”

“Boise State has established itself as one of the premier football programs in the country,” said BYU director of athletics Tom Holmoe. “Playing the Broncos regularly makes a lot of sense for two regional opponents with great football traditions. We are excited about the series.”

Listed below are the dates and locations for each game of the series:

Date Location
09/22/2012 Boise, ID
10/26/2013 Provo, UT
10/25/2014 Boise, ID
09/12/2015 Provo, UT
10/15/2016 Boise, ID
10/07/2017 Provo, UT
10/20/2018 Boise, ID
10/12/2019 Provo, UT
10/17/2020 Boise, ID
10/09/2021 Provo, UT
10/08/2022 Boise, ID
10/14/2023 Provo, UT

Football Schedules:

Comments (11)

This could become a conference game by the end of the original 4 game series to start in 2012-2015. So there is little “buy-out $$$” risk for either school since BYU looks to be going into the Big 12 next year and Boise State and TCU by 2014-2015 according to many reports.

That’s what I’ve been reading. I don’t think we are going to see a massive realignment, but a few more schools will be moving.

Missouri to the SEC seems to still be a possibility. And the Big 12 would like to add at least three schools to have a conference championship again.

The Missouri chancellor and interim Big 12 commissioner say it probably won’t happen, just Missouri’s chancellor, Brady Deaton needs an affirmation from the schools board of curators (same as a director/regent/trustee) to make a commitment to the Big 12. Three are some on this board who want to explore an SEC move, but it doesn’t have the support that A&M had, and if Missouri wants to change leagues I still think they’ll go after the Big Ten again since it’s a better regional and academic fit.

Yup. I totally agree. Seems like this news is indication enough that BYU and BSU are both going to the Big 12.

Now how about that lengthy series BYU signed with Hawaii? Hmm… What does that mean? I guess BYU could take a #13 game on the travel years. And then there’s Notre Dame. Whoa!!! Brain flash. Notre Dame *IS* going to the Big 12 after all!

Haha. I know that I’m sounding sarcastic. But in all seriousness, I actually do believe BYU is going to the Big 12 for sure, and when I saw this news, David’s theory (above) was the first thing that came into my mind as well. I hope it’s true. BYU and BSU to the Big 12 would be nothing short of awesome.

Word also has it the Utah game in football will be going on hiatus as both BYU and Utah “work out future league agendas” and Boise State is a replacement game for this since it is unknown at this point when the football series Utah vs. BYU will resume, but after 2012 I’m told bowl match-ups are the only likely possibility.

I don’t want Boise in the Big 12. I want BYU to join, and then the north division to remain a cake walk to the championship game. BYU needs no extra hurdles….

Divisions are going to be East/West I’m hearing:
Boise State Baylor
Texas Tech Missouri
Texas Iowa State
Oklahoma Kansas
Oklahoma State Kansas State

14 teams seems to be where Conferences are going so add Air Force and Houston and thats the #1 Conference in the country bar none

The Champion would come out of the west every year with what is posted above.

There appears to be a mistake for the date of the 2012 game. Should it be 9/22/12 instead of 10/22/12? 10/22/12 is a Monday.

I don’t want BYU to go to the Big 12. We have our own TV deal, our own station, games are lining up quite nicely, Our schedules are getting pretty balanced, why would we want to join a conference? Independence is awesome, and we can start our own rivalries, which we are already doing, we can play anywhere in the country, and we already have too many “non-conference” games set up right now for the next 6 years to join a conference anyway. We already have about the same chance of making a BCS game as anyone else in the country. If we are undefeated, or even lose only one or two games in a year, we still have a chance right now. If we join the big 12? We only get a guarantee if we win the championship, which is almost always won by an an undefeated team, or sometimes a 1 loss team. You don’t get it, independence is about the freedom to schedule whoever you want, whenever you want. We can keep signing up for our own bowl contracts as we already have. My question again is why join the big 12 and get stuck into something we don’t want again? It isn’t what BYU got into this for. Independence forever!