Big Ten announces 2015 & 2016 Conference Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

Big TenThe Big Ten has announced their 2015 and 2016 conference football schedules. The Big Ten Championship Games will be played on December 5, 2015 and December 3, 2016.

Big Ten teams will continue to play an 8-game conference schedule after agreeing to a long-term scheduling agreement with the Pac-12. The B1G was previously slated to begin playing nine conference games in 2017.

Each Legends and Leaders division team will play each team within their division, three teams from the opposite division (one guaranteed cross-division matchup) and four non-conference games.

The guaranteed cross-division matchups are Iowa-Purdue, Michigan-Ohio State, Michigan State-Indiana, Minnesota-Wisconsin, Nebraska-Penn State and Northwestern-Illinois.

Listed below are links to each team’s 2015 and 2016 football schedule:

2015 Big Ten Football Schedules

2016 Big Ten Football Schedules

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When exactly is this Big Ten/Pac-12 scheduling agreement supposed to start? I’ve been looking at the Big Ten schedules through 2014, and it looks like more than half of them do not play any Pac-12 teams.

That starts in 2017 for football–earlier but not quite specified for other sports.