Big Sky announces future football schedules for 2025 through 2027

By Kevin Kelley -

The Big Sky Conference has announced their future football schedules for the 2025 through 2027 seasons.

The conference previously released their schedules for the 2022, 2023, and 2024 seasons last summer.

From the Big Sky release on Thursday:

The future 2025-27 schedules still feature eight league games that include two annual opponents and six rotating opponents. This format ensures that each football program will both host and travel to each conference opponent in this three-year period, never going more than one season without playing each conference team.

League schools had increased input into the scheduling process as well with the 2025-27 cycle, with each institution allowed to request their preferred annual opponents (every school was granted at least one of their requests) and one week per season during which they would like to be home or not at home (either away or open). The nine non-California-based teams will play one game each season at either Cal Poly, Sacramento State, or UC Davis, and will host one of those three every year as well.

Below are the conference football schedules for each Big Sky team for the 2025, 2026, and 2027 seasons:

Cal Poly
Sept. 27: at Sacramento State
Oct. 4: vs. UC Davis
Oct. 11: at Montana
Oct. 18: Open
Oct. 25: vs. Montana State
Nov. 1: vs. Portland State
Nov. 8: at Idaho State
Nov. 15: at Northern Arizona
Nov. 22: vs. Eastern Washington

Sept. 26: vs. Northern Colorado
Oct. 3: at Montana State
Oct. 10: Open
Oct. 17: vs. Idaho
Oct. 24: at UC Davis
Oct. 31: at Eastern Washington
Nov. 7: vs. Weber State
Nov. 14: vs. Sacramento State
Nov. 21: at Portland State

Sept. 25: vs. Montana
Oct. 2: at Northern Colorado
Oct. 9: vs. UC Davis
Oct. 16: at Idaho
Oct. 23: Open
Oct. 30: at Weber State
Nov. 6: vs. Idaho State
Nov. 13: at Sacramento State
Nov. 20: vs. Northern Arizona

Eastern Washington
Sept. 27: at Montana State
Oct. 4: vs. Portland State
Oct. 11: Open
Oct. 18: vs. Idaho
Oct. 25: at Weber State
Nov. 1: vs. Sacramento State
Nov. 8: at Montana
Nov. 15: vs. Northern Colorado
Nov. 22: at Cal Poly

Sept. 26: at Idaho State
Oct. 3: vs. Weber State
Oct. 10: Open
Oct. 17: vs. Montana State
Oct. 24: at Portland State
Oct. 31: vs. Cal Poly
Nov. 7: at Idaho
Nov. 14: at UC Davis
Nov. 21: vs. Northern Arizona

Sept. 25: at Montana State
Oct. 2: vs. UC Davis
Oct. 9: Open
Oct. 16: vs. Idaho State
Oct. 23: at Northern Arizona
Oct. 30: vs. Idaho
Nov. 6: at Sacramento State
Nov. 13: vs. Montana
Nov. 20: at Northern Colorado

Sept. 27: at Montana
Oct. 4: Open
Oct. 11: vs. Northern Colorado
Oct. 18: at Eastern Washington
Oct. 25: vs. Portland State
Nov. 1: at Northern Arizona
Nov. 8: vs. UC Davis
Nov. 15: at Sacramento State
Nov. 22: vs. Idaho State

Sept. 26: vs. Sacramento State
Oct. 3: at Northern Colorado
Oct. 10: Open
Oct. 17: at Cal Poly
Oct. 24: vs. Montana
Oct. 31: at Weber State
Nov. 7: vs. Eastern Washington
Nov. 14: vs. Montana State
Nov. 21: at Idaho State

Sept. 25: at UC Davis
Oct. 2: vs. Northern Arizona
Oct. 9: Open
Oct. 16: vs. Cal Poly
Oct. 23: at Portland State
Oct. 30: at Eastern Washington
Nov. 6: vs. Weber State
Nov. 13: at Montana State
Nov. 20: vs. Idaho State

Idaho State
Sept. 27: at Northern Colorado
Oct. 4: vs. Montana
Oct. 11: at Montana State
Oct. 18: Open
Oct. 25: vs. Northern Arizona
Nov. 1: at UC Davis
Nov. 8: vs. Cal Poly
Nov. 15: vs. Weber State
Nov. 22: at Idaho

Sept. 26: vs. Eastern Washington
Oct. 3: at Portland State
Oct. 10: vs. UC Davis
Oct. 17: at Sacramento State
Oct. 24: Open
Oct. 31: at Montana
Nov. 7: vs. Northern Colorado
Nov. 14: at Weber State
Nov. 21: vs. Idaho

Sept. 25: at Northern Arizona
Oct. 2: vs. Sacramento State
Oct. 9: Open
Oct. 16: at Eastern Washington
Oct. 23: vs. Montana State
Oct. 30: vs. Portland State
Nov. 6: at Cal Poly
Nov. 13: vs. Weber State
Nov. 20: at Idaho

Sept. 27: vs. Idaho
Oct. 4: at Idaho State
Oct. 11: vs. Cal Poly
Oct. 18: Open
Oct. 25: at Sacramento State
Nov. 1: at Weber State
Nov. 8: vs. Eastern Washington
Nov. 15: at Portland State
Nov. 22: vs. Montana State

Sept. 26: vs. Portland State
Oct. 3: at UC Davis
Oct. 10: vs. Sacramento State
Oct. 17: Open
Oct. 24: at Idaho
Oct. 31: vs. Idaho State
Nov. 7: at Northern Arizona
Nov. 14: vs. Northern Colorado
Nov. 21: at Montana State

Sept. 25: at Cal Poly
Oct. 2: vs. Weber State
Oct. 9: at Northern Colorado
Oct. 16: at Portland State
Oct. 23: Open
Oct. 30: vs. UC Davis
Nov. 6: vs. Northern Arizona
Nov. 13: at Eastern Washington
Nov. 20: vs. Montana State

Montana State
Sept. 27: vs. Eastern Washington
Oct. 4: at Northern Arizona
Oct. 11: vs. Idaho State
Oct. 18: Open
Oct. 25: at Cal Poly
Nov. 1: at Northern Colorado
Nov. 8: vs. Weber State
Nov. 15: vs. UC Davis
Nov. 22: at Montana

Sept. 26: at Weber State
Oct. 3: vs. Cal Poly
Oct. 10: vs. Portland State
Oct. 17: at Eastern Washington
Oct. 24: Open
Oct. 31: vs. Northern Arizona
Nov. 7: at Sacramento State
Nov. 14: at Idaho
Nov. 21: vs. Montana

Sept. 25: vs. Eastern Washington
Oct. 2: at Portland State
Oct. 9: vs. Sacramento State
Oct. 16: Open
Oct. 23: at Idaho State
Oct. 30: vs. Northern Colorado
Nov. 6: at UC Davis
Nov. 13: vs. Idaho
Nov. 20: at Montana

Northern Arizona
Sept. 27: at Portland State
Oct. 4: vs. Montana State
Oct. 11: at UC Davis
Oct. 18: Open
Oct. 25: at Idaho State
Nov. 1: vs. Idaho
Nov. 8: vs. Northern Colorado
Nov. 15: vs. Cal Poly
Nov. 22: at Weber State

Sept. 26: vs. UC Davis
Oct. 3: at Sacramento State
Oct. 10: at Northern Colorado
Oct. 17: Open
Oct. 24: vs. Weber State
Oct. 31: at Montana State
Nov. 7: vs. Montana
Nov. 14: vs. Portland State
Nov. 21: at Eastern Washington

Sept. 25: vs. Idaho State
Oct. 2: at Idaho
Oct. 9: at Weber State
Oct. 16: Open
Oct. 23: vs. Eastern Washington
Oct. 30: vs. Sacramento State
Nov. 6: at Montana
Nov. 13: vs. Northern Colorado
Nov. 20: at Cal Poly

Northern Colorado
Sept. 27: vs. Idaho State
Oct. 4: Open
Oct. 11: at Idaho
Oct. 18: at Sacramento State
Oct. 25: vs. UC Davis
Nov. 1: vs. Montana State
Nov. 8: at Northern Arizona
Nov. 15: at Eastern Washington
Nov. 22: vs. Portland State

Sept. 26: at Cal Poly
Oct. 3: vs. Idaho
Oct. 10: vs. Northern Arizona
Oct. 17: at Portland State
Oct. 24: Open
Oct. 31: vs. Sacramento State
Nov. 7: at Idaho State
Nov. 14: at Montana
Nov. 21: vs. Weber State

Sept. 25: at Weber State
Oct. 2: vs. Cal Poly
Oct. 9: vs. Montana
Oct. 16: Open
Oct. 23: at UC Davis
Oct. 30: at Montana State
Nov. 6: vs. Portland State
Nov. 13: at Northern Arizona
Nov. 20: vs. Eastern Washington

Portland State
Sept. 27: vs. Northern Arizona
Oct. 4: at Eastern Washington
Oct. 11: Open
Oct. 18: vs. Weber State
Oct. 25: at Idaho
Nov. 1: at Cal Poly
Nov. 8: vs. Sacramento State
Nov. 15: vs. Montana
Nov. 22: at Northern Colorado

Sept. 26: at Montana
Oct. 3: vs. Idaho State
Oct. 10: at Montana State
Oct. 17: vs. Northern Colorado
Oct. 24: vs. Eastern Washington
Oct. 31: Open
Nov. 7: at UC Davis
Nov. 14: at Northern Arizona
Nov. 21: vs. Cal Poly

Sept. 25: at Sacramento State
Oct. 2: vs. Montana State
Oct. 9: Open
Oct. 16: vs. Montana
Oct. 23: vs. Idaho
Oct. 30: at Idaho State
Nov. 6: at Northern Colorado
Nov. 13: vs. UC Davis
Nov. 20: at Weber State

Sacramento State
Sept. 27: vs. Cal Poly
Oct. 4: Open
Oct. 11: at Weber State
Oct. 18: vs. Northern Colorado
Oct. 25: vs. Montana
Nov. 1: at Eastern Washington
Nov. 8: at Portland State
Nov. 15: vs. Idaho
Nov. 22: at UC Davis

Sept. 26: at Idaho
Oct. 3: vs. Northern Arizona
Oct. 10: at Montana
Oct. 17: vs. Idaho State
Oct. 24: Open
Oct. 31: at Northern Colorado
Nov. 7: vs. Montana State
Nov. 14: at Cal Poly
Nov. 21: vs. UC Davis

Sept. 25: vs. Portland State
Oct. 2: at Idaho State
Oct. 9: at Montana State
Oct. 16: vs. Weber State
Oct. 23: Open
Oct. 30: at Northern Arizona
Nov. 6: vs. Eastern Washington
Nov. 13: vs. Cal Poly
Nov. 20: at UC Davis

UC Davis
Sept. 27: vs. Weber State
Oct. 4: at Cal Poly
Oct. 11: vs. Northern Arizona
Oct. 18: Open
Oct. 25: at Northern Colorado
Nov. 1: vs. Idaho State
Nov. 8: at Idaho
Nov. 15: at Montana State
Nov. 22: vs. Sacramento State

Sept. 26: at Northern Arizona
Oct. 3: vs. Montana
Oct. 10: at Idaho State
Oct. 17: at Weber State
Oct. 24: vs. Cal Poly
Oct. 31: Open
Nov. 7: vs. Portland State
Nov. 14: vs. Eastern Washington
Nov. 21: at Sacramento State

Sept. 25: vs. Idaho
Oct. 2: at Eastern Washington
Oct. 9: at Cal Poly
Oct. 16: Open
Oct. 23: vs. Northern Colorado
Oct. 30: at Montana
Nov. 6: vs. Montana State
Nov. 13: at Portland State
Nov. 20: vs. Sacramento State

Weber State
Sept. 27: at UC Davis
Oct. 4: Open
Oct. 11: vs. Sacramento State
Oct. 18: at Portland State
Oct. 25: vs. Eastern Washington
Nov. 1: vs. Montana
Nov. 8: at Montana State
Nov. 15: at Idaho State
Nov. 22: vs. Northern Arizona

Sept. 26: vs. Montana State
Oct. 3: at Eastern Washington
Oct. 10: Open
Oct. 17: vs. UC Davis
Oct. 24: at Northern Arizona
Oct. 31: vs. Idaho
Nov. 7: at Cal Poly
Nov. 14: vs. Idaho State
Nov. 21: at Northern Colorado

Sept. 25: vs. Northern Colorado
Oct. 2: at Montana
Oct. 9: vs. Northern Arizona
Oct. 16: at Sacramento State
Oct. 23: Open
Oct. 30: vs. Cal Poly
Nov. 6: at Idaho
Nov. 13: at Idaho State
Nov. 20: vs. Portland State

Comments (5)

The Big Sky Conference should form two divisions for its twelve members. The divisions would align as follows:
North Division: Eastern Washington, Idaho, Idaho State, Montana, Montana State, and Portland State
South Division: Cal Poly, Northern Arizona, Northern Colorado, Sacramento State, UC Davis, and Weber State

Each team would play five division games and three-non divisional games every year. The non-divisional games would rotate every two years to avoid repeating the same teams annually.

The two division winners would meet in the Big Sky Conference title game. The North Division champion would host in even years and the South Division Champion in odd years. The winner gets the automatic bid to the FCS playoffs.

That north division would be stacked. Shouldn’t the team with the better conference record host (like in other the conference championship games)?

No point in having a conference title game since FCS playoffs start Thanksgiving weekend. Plus, as Kenny said, the North division would be stacked. As a Cal Poly alum (and therefore Big Sky football fan), I’m not against having divisions for scheduling purposes, but Weber State and Idaho State are only 2 hours driving away from eachother, and have played annually since 1962, but they wouldn’t play eachother 2 out of 4 years under that alignment. Another possible divisional alignment could be:
West: EWU, PSU, Sac St, UCD, CP, Idaho
East: ISU, Web St, NAU, Mont, MSU, N. Colo
But that would break up Idaho/Idaho State, an annual in-state rivalry matchup.

If I understand this format correctly, you have 2 permanent opponents, then out of the remaining 9, you play teams 1-6 in year 1, 7-9 and 1-3 in year 2, then 4-9 in year 3, and then the process repeats. While I like it, I think the Big Sky should have implemented a 5-3-3 format, which means 5 permanent opponents, 3 opponents for even years, and 3 opponents for odd years. That way, schools would go no more than a year without facing eachother, and you would still get annual matchups like EWU/Montana which would likely determine the conference title. I think only 2 permanent opponents is too few.

FCS football programs reach solvency by playing, and for the most part (~91%), taking a beating from, a FBS schools. You are suggesting an extra game that will be a guaranteed money loser and put reaching their solvency level in jeopardy. This is a non-starter idea.

The Big Sky has gone to the *old old* SEC schedule system back before Tulane and Tech left… Only a couple or few locked annual opponents, the others rotate. The 2-lock 6-rotate is clever. That way you only skip a team every third year.
The CAA needs to do something similar now.
Divisions and conference championship games are a mistake in FCS unless you’re in the SWAC/MEAC system.