Big East approves 2-Division Football Format for 2013-14

By Kevin Kelley -

Big EastThe Big East Conference has approved a 2-division format for football for the 2013 and 2014 seasons, commissioner Mike Aresco announced today.

The winners of the East and West Divisions will meet in the Big East Championship Game, which will be held at the home site of one of the “participating teams.” The host will likely be the team with the best record in conference play, although the specifics were not announced.

“This new alignment gives the Conference and its fans the best of both worlds – national exposure that is a result of the BIG EAST being in six of the top 10 U.S. media markets – with a schedule that focuses on spirited regional rivalries,” said Aresco.

Below is a look at the East and West Divisions of the Big East for the 2013-14 seasons. Each team will play an 8-game conference schedule which will consist of five games within the division and three games from the opposite division. The home and away opponents for each school will be announced on Dec. 3.

East Division

West Division
Boise State
San Diego State

Commissioner Aresco also noted that the Big East will “revisit” the divisional alignment after the 2014 season when Navy and another school or schools are added.

ESPN reported this morning that the proposed divisions after 2014 are still the Red and Blue Divisions which are not geographical. The Red Division in 2015 could consist of Connecticut, Louisville, Memphis, Navy, San Diego State, SMU, and USF, while the Blue Division could consist of Boise State, Cincinnati, Houston, Rutgers, Temple, UCF, and the 14th team.

The cross-division rivals, as ESPN reported, will likely be Cincinnati-Louisville, UConn-Rutgers, Boise State-San Diego State, Houston-SMU, Navy-Temple, UCF-USF, and Memphis versus the 14th team.

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Comments (9)

Sorry to say, but this is not a conference of schools, it’s an alignment of football teams trying to mean something in college football. No one outside of these schools care and I would venture to guess most of the fans of these football teams (schools) could care less about this alignment. Good Luck Big (W)East on being counted.

I think I like the Red/Blue non-geographical alignment better. They could’ve gone that route right from the start instead of doing the East/West thing for 2 years then switch when Navy enters the league.

I think this is a joke of an idea, and what are they going to do if the big 12 decides to offer an invite to say Louisville, possibly cincy or Boise State?

If the Big 12 really wanted Louisville, they would have extended an invitation by now. The only conference that really wants Boise State is the Mountain West. Cincinnati is not going anywhere.

Last I checked, Philly (Temple) is further east than Cincy. If you want true geographic divisions, use a map.

Reason lousiville wasn’t taken before is the big 12 saw WV as a better selection to take first. The big 12 is going to need at lest two more teams to bring back its championship game. It is a conference wanting to compete with the SEC hence why the two conferences have formed the championship bowl with the two conference champs playing each other. It’s no mystery the big 12 wanted ND that’s not happening,and if they can’t sweet talk FSU and Clemson to join it will take the next ones. Conferences will not do realignment in midseason but what till after the football season. Lousiville’s run this year makes them look sweeter to invite. Geographicly adding both cincy and Louisville is smart, plus it will add more to the conference in basketball too.

What is the latest with the television negociations? I know NBC/NBCSN had an inside track a month ago.