Auburn adds Samford to 2019 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Auburn Tigers have added the Samford Bulldogs to their 2019 football schedule, the school announced on Thursday.

Auburn will host Samford at Jordan-Hare Stadium on Nov. 23, 2019. The game will be one week prior to Auburn hosting the “Iron Bowl” game vs. arch-rival Alabama.

In their most recent meeting back in 2014, Auburn defeated Samford 31-7. The two schools have met a total of 28 times on the gridiron.

Auburn now has three non-conference games scheduled for the 2019 season. The Tigers are set to open the season against Oregon at AT&T Stadium in Arlington and then host Tulane the following week on Sept. 7.

In SEC play in 2019, Auburn is currently scheduled to host Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss and travel to Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, and Florida.

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Comments (15)

Always nice to have the bye week before the “Iron Bowl”. Same routine performed by many. Hard to judge when so many schools in the SEC do the exact practice. Not a fan, but it is what is.

“It is what it is”, is not considered a bye week if Samford or any team is on the schedule before the Iron Bowl.

Just a case of smart scheduling by all who do this. This was caused by the SEC office when they dictated to the schools that they could not have an open week before the SEC championship game so schools moved their big year end games to the last weekend before the championship game and took the week before as an open week by scheduling an FCS school.

Except… Auburn playing Samford (or Howard as it used to be) goes back a century. They’ve played 28 times before. Long connections between the state’s land grant, and the state’s primary Baptist-affiliated school. So, sure, Samford is FCS, but it has long history with Auburn.

I have no problem with it, if you’re going to schedule FCS, least keep the money in state, that’s what the ACC & Big-12 does.

If we want to see an in-state school we can just go to that school and watch any game they play. Get someone from out of state that we do not have easy access to.

I won’t consider the SEC a legitimate conference until they stop allowing this garbage scheduling.

Not all SEC teams do that. Some have 2 power five teams for this year. i wish my team was one of those.

Yet certain ACC schools can play 2 FCS games in some (not all) years and the SEC haters say nothing.


Those teams are in the Big Ten. What does that have to do with anything?

Being in the Big 10 does not mean that you are a better quality team it just means you make more money.