American football schedule format, opponents set for 2024 season

By Kevin Kelley -

The American Athletic Conference football schedule format and opponents have been set for the 2024 season, the conference announced on Wednesday.

Beginning in 2024, the Army Black Knights will join The American, while the SMU Mustangs will depart for the ACC. Army will join existing members Charlotte, East Carolina, Florida Atlantic, Memphis, Navy, North Texas, Rice, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa, UAB, USF, and UTSA.

Each American team will play an eight-game conference schedule with four non-conference opponents. Additionally, all 14 American teams will continue to compete in one division as the conference has the past few years. The two teams with the highest winning percentage in conference play will advance to the American Football Championship Game.

Listed below is the list of opponents for each American team for the 2024 season. The complete American football schedule for 2024 will be announced in February.

2024 American Football Opponents


Home: UAB, East Carolina, Rice, UTSA
Away: Florida Atlantic, North Texas, Temple, Tulsa


Home: UAB, East Carolina, South Florida, Tulane
Away: Florida Atlantic, Memphis, Navy, Rice


Home: Florida Atlantic, Navy, Temple, UTSA
Away: Army, Charlotte, North Texas, Tulsa


Home: Army, Charlotte, North Texas, South Florida
Away: East Carolina, Temple, UTSA, Tulsa


Home: UAB, Charlotte, North Texas, Rice
Away: Navy, South Florida, UTSA, Tulane


Home: Charlotte, Memphis, Temple, Tulane
Away: UAB, East Carolina, Rice, South Florida


Home: Army, East Carolina, Tulane, Tulsa
Away: Florida Atlantic, Memphis, Temple, UTSA


Home: Charlotte, Navy, South Florida, UTSA
Away: UAB, Army, Memphis, Tulane


Home: Army, Florida Atlantic, North Texas, Tulsa
Away: East Carolina, Navy, UTSA, Tulane


Home: Memphis, Rice, South Florida, Temple
Away: UAB, Charlotte, Navy, North Texas


Home: Army, East Carolina, Florida Atlantic, UTSA
Away: UAB, North Texas, South Florida, Temple


Home: Navy, Rice, Tulane, Tulsa
Away: Army, Charlotte, Memphis, South Florida


Home: UAB, Memphis, Navy, Tulsa
Away: Charlotte, Florida Atlantic, Rice, Tulane


Home: Florida Atlantic, Memphis, North Texas, Temple
Away: Army, East Carolina, Rice, Tulsa

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Comments (24)

Playing each other as a non-conference game so that it can continue to be played after Conference Championship weekend.

Unless they are playing the game as a non-conference game. Wake Forest and UNC pulled that number a couple seasons ago in the ACC – played each other as a non-con game.

They will continue to play their rivalry game as a “non-conference” game. So, in other words, they will never meet with it being a conference game because it falls after championship weekend.

They are playing each other, as a non-conference game.

Kinda wish it was a conference game, and that it was played on Thanksgiving weekend with the rest of the rivalries.

They will play a non-conference game every season during the week following conference championship week unless they finish as the two highest seeds in the AAC. Then their seasonal meeting be as the AAC championship game during the conference championship week.

You’re jumping the Gun.

Navy vs. Army is played after the regular Season.
That’s why the Academies have 2 have 6 Wins going into Thanksgiving weekend to be eligible 4 an Exhibition bowl.
In 2023 neither Team had 6 Wins before November 25.

In 2024, Navy & Army will play an 8 Team American Conference Slate… + each other after the conference Season.

I hope this helps.

They are playing each other as a non-conference game at the end of the season. That is unchanged by this announcement.

@KevinKelleyFB replied above.

+ Maybe within 4-5 Years Navy or Army will play well enough 2 compete 4 the American football Championship.

When they’re that good, the next weeks Game vs the other Academy will give them recency preparation 4 whichever Exhibition game they R scheduled 2 compete in.

These Federal Academies have Win-Win Opportunities.

I’d like to see the American adopt a variation of the 3-5-5 format for conference games, with Army-Navy not allowed to be a conference game, with the following protected matchups:

Army: Charlotte, East Carolina, Temple
Charlotte: Army, East Carolina, Temple
East Carolina: Army, Charlotte, Navy
Florida Atlantic: Memphis, South Florida, UAB
Memphis: Florida Atlantic, Tulsa, UAB
Navy: East Carolina, Temple, Tulane
North Texas: Rice, Tulsa, UTSA
Rice: North Texas, Tulane, UTSA
South Florida: Florida Atlantic, Tulane, UAB
Temple: Army, Charlotte, Navy
Tulane: Navy, Rice, South Florida
Tulsa: Memphis, North Texas, UTSA
UAB: Florida Atlantic, Memphis, South Florida
UTSA: North Texas, Rice, Tulsa

These games can then be played on Thanksgiving weekend:

Charlotte-East Carolina
Florida Atlantic-South Florida
North Texas-Tulsa

As a Temple Owls Fan I rather have USF over Navy as common opponent however I have 114% respect for Navy.

Trying to get that info, but not making much progress. Ball State is the only one I know of for 2024 that is confirmed canceled. UConn is a strong likelihood from what I’ve seen also.

I would like Navy to host Tulane on 11/9/24 3:30PM kickoff either CBSSN or CBS only should Notre Dame/Florida State plays evening on NBC & CBS have rare Big Ten evening game like Iowa at UCLA & NBC have 3:30PM Big Ten game like Washington at Penn State.